Open about my life

I’ve always been open about what I deal with, even before The CP Diary was introduced. It was my way of trying to understand, deal with and look for answers on my many issues that weren’t being addressed.

As they say a problem halved is a problem shared and although I still deal with issues, it feels easier when others can do relate. If I struggle I write a blog and if I find a way through, it’s in …

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31 Aug, 2017

Our self-righteousness

I thought it helpful to elaborate further on this. Sadly, the self-righteous will always be blindsided by all that life offers. They will never learn anything about other people or other people’s lives, because they’re too focused on their own. Their life is about them.

Their holier than thou attitude, their moral superiority, taken from a sense that their beliefs and actions are of greater value than those of the average person stops them from learning about life, their …

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28 Aug, 2017

My struggles with SPD

Out of everything I deal with, my senses still bother me the most. Unless I find a resolve quickly on a particular issue, I usually have to physically remove the issue, so that it doesn’t leave me panicked, anxious and living in fear.

The same thing can happen around change. Although I am good with change, certain changes, which seem relatively little to someone else, can bring about problems through Sensory Processing issues.

Sadly, since Sensory Processing Disorder is something I will have to live and deal with for the rest of my life, it’s …

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27 Aug, 2017

Perceptions & responsibility

From a young age, we develop our own identities, through self-image and through that self-image we create perceptions of how we view ourselves, our beliefs and our world.

We genuinely believe we see the world realistically and act in rationale ways. Sadly, when our own thoughts and behaviour are challenged, or accusations are thrown at us, the self-image we have developed …

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24 Aug, 2017

The ignorance of it all

I find it difficult to believe that I was kept in the dark for 46 years, not knowing I had Cerebral Palsy. I compare my experiences to that of a TV programme I recently watched about a 6-year old boy who had Spastic Quadriplegia and was having his home adapted to support his needs with his parents and sister, who could not have done enough for him.

Emotional stability is important at all stages of a child’s life, even more so when it comes to disability. I can’t believe I went to the hospital every year for 15 years and didn’t know why I was going …

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23 Aug, 2017