Brain Exercises/2

Well this is the second half of last month’s blog on Brain Exercises. It’s massively important that we continue to exercise our brains, particularly as we begin to age and our cells begin to deplete.

Read books aloud

Take turns reading and listening to a book with your other half, a friend, or a child. If that’s not feasible, alternate reading with listening to audiobooks. This engages the imagination in a different way. One of …

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21 Aug, 2017

Understanding the reasoning

We need to understand the reasoning behind another person’s actions, to understand why they choose to behave in the way they do.

Although they’re not off the hook and it’s wrong when they choose not to concern themselves, it’s wrong they choose not to accept what they’ve done. No one should be on the receiving end of another person’s …

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20 Aug, 2017

Disability & being exposed

My mind doesn’t seem to be far away from my disability. Sadly, anyone who deals with a disability may always be exposed, until disability becomes an accepted part of society, but it is getting better.

When anyone with a disability is cared for, the stress and responsibility is usually taken away from that person and placed on the person responsible for their care. When it comes to disability …

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19 Aug, 2017

Emotionally distressed

Other people’s distress may infect our emotions within moments of us being in their company. After some exposure to emotionally distressed people, we may begin to feel distressed ourselves. When we recognise our own stress, we will find it easier to recognise stress in others.

Some emotionally distressed people will remain distressed, rather than deal with their emotions: we all know that dealing with our feelings is not easy. But despite all attempts from us to help them, some …

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17 Aug, 2017

About SPD

Sadly for those of us dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder, even if someone tells us something is going to be alright, we don’t always know it’s going to be alright, until we see it’s alright. I am intending to write a little more about SPD, explaining how the condition can be best managed. It’s still something I have to work through, made all the harder through …

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16 Aug, 2017

Foods containing trans-fats

Trans fats, known as (‘Trans Fatty Acids’) made through the chemical process of hydrogenation of oils, is bad for us. Hydrogenation as it’s known, solidifies liquid oils, increases the flavour stability of oils and foods that contain them and also increases the shelf life of foods. It’s important to avoid trans-fats.

Foods that contain Trans Fatty Acids

In recent years, we have all heard a lot about trans fats, a type of fat that has been shown to lower levels of HDL, or good …

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15 Aug, 2017

A different understanding

Although I didn’t initially know I was going to have a platform to write about my symptoms and experiences, I never gave up hope on a diagnosis or understanding my symptoms and because karma would eventually want to correct that wrong.

Now 8 years into a diagnosis and I am still learning about how my symptoms present neurologically, I’m not done with it; why I present a certain way and why I will always be tied to my neurological symptoms …

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13 Aug, 2017

Never admitting fault

Those who will never admit they’re at fault, are usually the ones who are at fault. We all know of someone who will constantly blame their past, their experiences and their failings on everyone and everything, but themselves.

There are those who don’t think there’s anything wrong with them and will spend a lifetime, outwardly blaming others and won’t admit their faults. For example, they’ll tell you they failed an exam because …

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12 Aug, 2017

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