Emotions & decisions

Because emotions dictate some of the decisions we make, it’s important we don’t rush into or make permanent decisions we can’t change, unless we’re totally happy with the decision. For us to do that successfully, we must be aware of how we feel in the moment.

Our emotions interpret, appraise and justify our experiences through out gut, which trigger feelings that we may become aware of, which we then get to respond on. Sadly, the thoughts that are stored in …

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20 Sep, 2017

My lifestyle blog

The CP Diary

While each blog I write represents a new way of thinking, which moves me on to a new thought process, I can see how my blogs could leave us feeling overwhelmed, as there are 7 years of blogs to read through. There are a lot of blogs.

Although a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis late on, was my reason for starting my blog and I still periodically blog about what I deal with around Cerebral Palsy, The CP Diary is a lifestyle, health and wellbeing …

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18 Sep, 2017

Overcoming mental blocks

We all have mental blocks, where we’re stuck and have no control over our thinking. It’s literally like we’ve forgotten our thought process. Sadly, my disability lends itself to mental blocks all the time, particularly when I’m trying to communicate and I can’t form or find my words, or think properly.

Whether we’re trying to solve an issue or look at ways to change an outcome, our creative thinking will always be crucial to that process, but to first begin the process, we must change our …

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17 Sep, 2017

A life reshaped by diagnosis

Over the years I have documented about my physical and emotional difficulties since I started the Diary, but one of the things I go back to every time is living a life that wasn’t true. You can’t be true to yourself without knowing the truth about yourself.

For 46 years I lived one way through the control, then when the opportunity arose for me to have an MRI scan, having my Cerebral Palsy diagnosis confirmed made me realise I wasn’t the person I …

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16 Sep, 2017

The right thing to do

If we’re given information that could go on to change a person’s life, we must put that person’s needs first before our own, even if meant our own scenario were to change. That is what the universe would expect us to do.

And even though it may bring uncertainty, perhaps there’s a different thought process that we must consider. The universe would always expect us to respond on the information we’re given …

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14 Sep, 2017

Healthy snacking

Snacking between meals can contribute to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet as long as those snacks are healthy; so it’s equally as important when considering snacks to make sure we also think about the right overall energy intake as part of a varied diet.

Although there isn’t much research out there on the effects of what we eat between meals, particularly when we snack, how we snack and why we snack; it’s important we think about the snacks …

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13 Sep, 2017

Blanking things out

Blanking something out doesn’t mean the thing we have blanked out didn’t happen. Sadly, we spend a lifetime blanking experiences and conversations out, so we don’t have to remember, as we continue to live in denial over those things.

I have always seen things as they are and how I know them to be. I remember circumstances when they happen, in the same way I remember conversations and that’s because my senses are even more heightened …

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12 Sep, 2017