Being encouraged

To encourage is to feel and be encouraged. For those who welcome being encouraged, the encouragement they receive will never go unnoticed, contrary to what that person feels. When we’re not feeling encouraged, it’s easy to lose sight of what others do.

It is only when we look back that we see it. But being encouraged helps builds self-esteem and self-belief, encouragement makes us more determined, encouraged to do and give of our best. Encouragement with …

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31 Oct, 2017

Protecting our children

As parents, it’s our job to protect our children and for the majority of us, we get that right. But where some parents serve to protect themselves out of selfishness, it is the children that become the victims. Sadly, the recent sad story about Sherin Mathews reinforces that view. Beautiful angel.

My writing allows me to reflect on my own childhood experiences on what I had to deal with. My thoughts right a wrong. My blogs are a reflection tool, not so others will justify themselves, but so they can …

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27 Oct, 2017

Feeling a fraud

Watching George Michael’s ‘Freedom’ documentary drew me straight to my own set of circumstances and how I felt growing up without knowing about my disability and having to continually struggle.

In one part of the documentary George talks about how hiding his sexuality made him feel fraudulent. My not knowing about the condition until 46, made me feel the same way, that everything I did was a …

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26 Oct, 2017

Aerobic exercises

Although I have previously blogged one or two simple aerobic exercises which can help with aerobic fitness, I thought it helpful to put together a summary of those, together with some new aerobic exercises.


Walking can improve our health through better cardiovascular fitness, lowers blood pressure, lowers risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and increased muscle strength. It’s also a safe, low-impact …

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24 Oct, 2017

My different world

Because I deal with neurological impairments, all new circumstances are difficult, some of which I shy away from, some of which I go into with trepidation, anxiety and uncertainty, primarily because I have no choice.

If my new circumstances don’t visually look or feel right, it’s easy for me to panic and feel anxious. Sadly, as a child my parents taking responsibility for me didn’t take away new circumstances …

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22 Oct, 2017

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