Recognising others’ issues

It is far easier to know how to help others, than it is to help ourselves. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that other people’s problems aren’t our problems.

That said, some of us are good at sorting our own issues out and tend not to over-complicate things, where others may complicate things. It also depends on whether the issue we have to deal with is life …

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28 Nov, 2017

My Spina Bifida diagnosis

Although I initially dismissed having spina bifida because I had no obvious symptoms, my medical notes clearly state that at the age of fourteen in 1977, that is what I had.

In that same consultation, and again in my notes, the specialist confirmed that I would have some mental retardation, the extent of which he wished to assess through my development. In today’s society …

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27 Nov, 2017

Angry people hurt people

Angry people hurt people. It takes strength and courage from us to take a step back and remind ourselves that being angry, or hurt because we are hurt, doesn’t mean we have to hurt others.

Whether we’re on the receiving end, or we’re handing out the hurt, all our reactions stem from past experiences that lead us to certain assumptions we believe are true. We must remind ourselves that other …

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24 Nov, 2017

Unlocking our thinking

We will either spend a life disengaging, then engaging, reacting inappropriately, get that wrong, then disengage again.

Unproductive actions lead us to nowhere, instead of us using our time productively to unlock our thinking, engage our thoughts, then create conversations that allow us to think about present or future possibilities …

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21 Nov, 2017

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