Forcing others to adapt

We force others to adapt. It’s not just around disabilities, but in other walks of life too where we’re expected to fit in. Society, people’s cultures, social change are all part of this scenario. We expect others to conform, adapt to the norm.

Life is hard, even harder when we’re expected to run with things and physically, mentally and emotionally, we know …

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30 Dec, 2017

Keeping up the pretence

My life wasn’t just about the lie, it was also about having to keep up the pretence through a non-diagnosis and others still expecting me to conform as if nothing was wrong, without me being allowed to question my physical, mental and emotional issues.

The sad thing is that I never understood my issues, but conformed because I had no choice, but I know that even with a bigger picture in front of me, I would never have been in a position to change anything …

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27 Dec, 2017

Holding on to hope

There’s something inside of us that holds on to hope, as if our lives depend on it. As we journey through life, we unconsciously continue to hold on to hope that somehow our lives will change.

Hope is an inner feeling that stays with us. It’s a shining light not yet shone, it’s a desire that something positive will happen, or if we need something to change that something will change. Hope is a place …

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26 Dec, 2017

Tight shoulder muscles

Sadly, the more problems we have with our muscles, the less likely we are to exercise. Tight shoulder and neck muscles are very common. It’s particularly common when we overexert ourselves, or we’re stressed.

The tightness can extend to the upper back, arms and neck and sometimes, headaches can develop from the tight muscles in the neck. Sometimes sitting at a desk for long periods, working out …

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23 Dec, 2017

A reflection, 2017

It’s at this time of the year that I get to put my thoughts together. How I see the year up to this point and reflect.

There is so much to think about when it comes to Christmas, the build-up to this time of year is incredibly stressful. I liken it to going on holiday because that’s how it feels. We’re exited to go, look forward …

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22 Dec, 2017

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