Hostile undertones

Sadly, hostile undertones are so familiar they’ve become part of everyday speak. They’re not funny, particularly if you’re on the receiving end.

Those who exhibit hostile undertones although they won’t always equate their tone as being hostile, if confronted they still wouldn’t agree. It’s usually us who is at fault. But on our part, we know the …


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21 Dec, 2017

Clean eating

The younger generation are being warned that faddy diets are putting their health at risk. We must consider things in moderation.

The National Osteoporosis Society survey in the UK found that a fifth of under-25s were cutting out or reducing dairy in their diet, which can affect their bones. The diet that in its extreme form …

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19 Dec, 2017

Our all too familiar lives

Sadly, being kept in the dark well into my forties continues to gnaw at me, particularly as I’ve had to work through my symptoms on my own. Now recently also finding out that I have 12 years of medical records missing is sadly adding to that.

It’s reinforcing what I’ve had to deal with and is also having a bearing on how I feel. It’s bad enough when any parent is self-absorbed, but add a disability and you’re looking at a whole new ballgame …

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18 Dec, 2017

Resentment & the truth

Sadly, persistent feelings of anger will always continue to harbour resentment in us. But what are we really doing when we hold on to a resentment and why is it in our best interest to let go?

As we begin to hold on to resentment, we begin to strengthen our identity and feelings as the one who was wronged, but in truth we’re unconsciously attempting to extract compassion and comfort from …

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17 Dec, 2017

Using introspection

My thoughts are never far away from my unconscious thinking. I’ve always had something to draw inspiration from and given my experiences, sadly that’s true. But introspection isn’t a one minute wonder. It’s something that must be honed.

We know what introspection is but why should we use it? Well sadly, without the examination or observation of our own emotional and mental processes, we can never grow. Without introspection …

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15 Dec, 2017

The spirit of The CP Diary

I started my blog 7 years ago because I wanted to talk about my late Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, to understand my life and my experiences to that point. It was to be my first positive step for change and this is what the Diary does.

I also needed to find a place for my emotions coming into an initial diagnosis so late. When people started responding on my blogs and together with my replies, I began to see there was greater potential …

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14 Dec, 2017

Turning poison into nectar

We live our lives swallowing poison, expecting others to swallow first. We hold on to resentment and upset from other people, as if our lives depended on it and yet it’s us who live with the struggle, why?

But no matter how many things are done to us we are the authors of our experiences, responsible or not, it’s up to us to create our own new experiences. No matter how unfair life is, we can’t change …

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13 Dec, 2017