Learning to adapt

Whenever anyone withholds information from someone, it’s usually because it suits them not to know, because that way they don’t have to deal with it, but that will always bring a different thinking from us.

What that person is telling us is that they not only have a problem with the information they’re withholding, because it means them having to come out of their comfort zone, but they have a problem …

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31 Jan, 2018

Our journey’s purpose

There is a spiritual belief that trauma and difficulties around traumatic experiences are the symptoms of us having lost sight of the purpose of our journey.

But perhaps it is not always us who have lost sight, but it’s those who inflict trauma who have lost sight of their own purpose. I didn’t lose sight of my journey, what I had to deal with was the purpose of my …

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29 Jan, 2018

My Silver lining

There is no doubt in my mind that I had have been told about the early diagnosis, I wouldn’t have had my website. I also wouldn’t have needed to have had my MRI scan.

I also wouldn’t have started writing. That came on the back of not knowing anything. I am grateful to have had the foresight to do both. I know that without me being who I am, my diagnosis and knowing …

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28 Jan, 2018

Narcissistic behaviour

For those of us who have lived and been brought up around narcissistic behaviour, the cycle of abuse never ends until that person gets help.

With that kind of behaviour, it’s often difficult to know where the good mood starts and ends, because narcissistic behaviour morphs into other behaviour traits. As a general rule, we don’t put much thought …

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27 Jan, 2018

A parent’s trust

When any parent hides the truth and continues to hide the truth, it’s hard for any child to have to deal with that, particularly when it comes to a diagnosis centred around a disability the child doesn’t know about. Not only did I not know what I had, as a consequence, I didn’t know about myself either.

The trust between a child and a parent is based on a parent’s ability to be open and transparent about what that child deals with and for that parent to take sole responsibility for looking after …

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25 Jan, 2018

Walk the walk

Spirituality expects that however, our life works out, we are responsible. If we don’t change anything that is also our responsibility.

It’s not enough to talk about an issue, replay the same messages without redressing the issue, or move on from our experiences. We must also think about and come to understand other people’s part in our …

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23 Jan, 2018

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