Anger & irritability

We bleat things out first without any joined-up thinking, but how many of us really know those are critical undertones and that they’re often brought about through anger and irritability?

But where undertones are one of dishonesty, we should perhaps worry. Perhaps those handing out the dishonest undertones should think about why they’ve chosen that path. Critical undertones …

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28 Feb, 2018


Because I deal with Sensory Processing, I am already prone to anxiety, overthinking and negative repetitive thoughts. Those continue to be my biggest challenges.

The great thing about what I deal with is that I get to document it. That helps me get my thoughts out into the open and that helps me feel better. Anxiety isn’t something we consciously think about …

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26 Feb, 2018

Being our own worst enemy

We dwell and continue to pull ourselves down, comparing ourselves to others we think are perfect, with the reality being they’re no more perfect than we are and we’re by no means perfect. ‘We can be our own worst enemy.’

It’s the self-critical voice that’s defeating before we’re off the starting block, or perhaps it’s the self-loathing, but perhaps not to that degree. I’ve been there. But if anxiety or depression are …

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24 Feb, 2018

Being helpful

When I was growing up it didn’t matter what dispute we had, whether the dispute was with a shop or a business, people were just willing to put things right and that spilled over into our personal lives.

Attitudes were different back then. The phrase, ‘the customer is always right’ that was originally coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s Department store in London …

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22 Feb, 2018

Exercise & belly fat

It is well known that prolonged periods of inactivity and a diet high in saturated fat and high sugar can lead to us storing fat in our midsection that surrounds our internal organs, known as ‘visceral fat.’

Some of the fat from these fat cells get into the main vein that supplies and delivers blood to our liver and then ends raising our cholesterol levels. It can also cause a variety of health issues like increased …

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21 Feb, 2018

Understanding our parents

It is only when we start to raise our children that we begin to have a newfound respect and compassion for our parents, unless you were subjected to a different form of parenting that made you indifferent to your experiences, growing up.

We tend to gain a perspective of our childhood with our parents and siblings, but even with a perspective it’s not easy to change what we see. If through your childhood you had a sense that your parents were …

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20 Feb, 2018