Children playing parents

Children learn from a very early age how to play their parents just so they get what they want. Children tend to learn very quickly how things work with their parents, particularly if their parents are having problems.

They learn that just because their mum might say ‘no,’ doesn’t mean their father will. They also learn that if they were to ask for something, that something will usually appear. A child may adapt …

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30 Mar, 2018

A change of path

Sadly, I don’t get to change my life up the point of finding out I had Cerebral Palsy at the age of 46, but I do get to reflect on a few things.

Given my upbringing and environment I always assumed I wouldn’t amount to very much, because I wasn’t expected to have aspirations. My life was mapped out for marriage and children …

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29 Mar, 2018

Massaging someone’s ego

Massaging someone’s ego is worse than the ego itself, so why do we insist on doing it? Perhaps making someone think they’re better than they are is the very reason why we should refrain from giving them more praise.

That’s different to when someone struggles with confidence issues and we choose to praise them. To massage an already inflated ego, makes a person’s ego even more inflated. Massaging someone’s …

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28 Mar, 2018

A measure of love

My early thoughts are often in the forefront of my mind but I think that’s okay. It enables me to revisit conversations to see whether my feelings have changed. As children we don’t know we’re loved until we’re told we are.

Some parents may be better at expressing their love where as other parents may be more practical. Being practical shows a parent’s love differently. Other parents may struggle not only to tell …

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25 Mar, 2018

The wounded psyche

I wanted to elaborate further on my ‘Reaching an acceptance’ blog where I referred to the psyche, because the psyche is very much the catalyst for our behaviour traits. I shall explain.

The psyche is split in two. The part that we don’t want to see or feel, is called the ‘Shadow’ and the part that we accept is called the ‘Persona.’ The shadow is the bad or dark side of our personality. In reality …

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24 Mar, 2018

Reaching an acceptance

When any parent chooses not to talk about certain things with their child that their child needs to know about, they are actively making a response that will inevitably have negative connotations and a ripple effect throughout that child’s natural life.

Where you’re born with something wrong and you know something’s not right and your emotional needs aren’t met that’s something not easily accepted. I also spent years as a child struggling …

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22 Mar, 2018