Being rude to nice people

Why is that we’re rude to people who are nice? We know they’re nice and yet we can’t stop ourselves. It’s as though we hate that they’re nice, that they have their emotions together and we don’t.

Perhaps it’s because others haven’t been nice to us and we’re passing that hurt on to nice people, because we want them to hurt too. Perhaps it’s because we’re dealing with dark thoughts and feelings …

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18 Apr, 2018

Making your own difference

On the 17th May 2018, The CP Diary will be 8 years old, into its 9th year. Never having missed a day or a blog, I still continue to blog. I’ve clearly moved on emotionally and with my life, since those initial days.

Through my writing, I have proved that even through a history of events that shape us and our lives, we can unlearn and relearn a new way to be. The good thing about the human brain is …

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17 Apr, 2018

Learning to navigate life

What you have or see in your life, is someone else wishing was their life and perhaps that’s the point. What we have we don’t care for and what we don’t have, we want.

We stop caring because we don’t care about ourselves. When we stop caring, we mustn’t force it, but must ask ourselves and try to understand why. Perhaps that’s where we’re going …

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15 Apr, 2018

Mind games

Mind games would be a more appropriate term to describe how my disability played out over the years, particularly as there were times I had intimated that I wanted to talk about it. That I wanted to know what was wrong with me.

For years, manipulative behaviour was used back and forth intended to gain an advantage over me. My disability was something that needed to be emotionally addressed. And where my …

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14 Apr, 2018