Probiotics & anxiety

I’ve always used a probiotic supplement to help me with Reflux and digestion problems, but did you know they can also be used to help alleviate stress, mild depression and anxiety?

According to a recent study, the abundance of microbes living in our guts not only affect people’s physical health, they may also influence mental health too. A study on mice, shows that changes …

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11 May, 2018

Keeping thoughts in check

I was once told by a family member that I was lucky because my Cerebral Palsy saved me, but it wasn’t Cerebral Palsy that saved me. It was my ability to dissociate and rationale in every little detail my experiences growing up, everything I needed to understand not to take my life and my experiences personally.

My experiences were never about me. But we must learn to understand other people’s behaviour if we are to stay and keep our thoughts around our experiences in check. I know that even thought I didn’t …

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9 May, 2018

My Kenophobia symptoms

Looking back on my symptoms over the years, it’s obvious I have been dealing with stress and anxiety since I was a small child and they’re something I continue to deal with.

I have also been dealing with symptoms very similar to Kenophobia and have been since my mid-thirties. Kenophobia is an irrational and persistent fear of buildings that have a big sense of scale to them …

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8 May, 2018

We live our karma

If like me you believe in karma, you will know that however we choose to live our life, we will also get to deal with karma. You will also know that where Karma is concerned, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Karma is energy, therefore the energy we create by an action must be returned. It cannot be avoided. Karma doesn’t wait until we pass over to spirit. It is present in our daily lives that what we …

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7 May, 2018

My over-compensating senses

If I woke up tomorrow without Cerebral Palsy, I wouldn’t be able to write in the way I do now and therefore wouldn’t have my website. Because of my specific neurological differences, where some of my senses have over-compensated, I can now write.

When the senses are impaired, the brain does more with the information it gets from the remaining senses. The brain relies more on information from our working senses. The brain doesn’t simply …

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5 May, 2018

Health & working long hours

A study recently published in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’ identifies a link between working hours and our health. It is thought that the stress of long hours can trigger biological changes in the body, which leads to disease.

The study found that working just one extra hour a day, increases the chance of suffering a stroke over the next eight and a half years by 10 per cent, while people who work in excess of 55 hours/week  …

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4 May, 2018

Emotionally balanced

Being emotionally balanced being ’emotionally stable’ is something we all need to be, but it’s not something we think about unless we’re struggling, but without it we will begin to struggle.

Emotional stability is the equivalent of us being grounded and not panicking when things go awry. The other side of emotional stability is resilience, both needed by us to withstand hardships …

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3 May, 2018