Grappling with insecurities

The more we grapple with insecurities, the more we will lose the ability to believe in our abilities, the more insecure we will be and the more we will ignore how we feel.

But feeling insecure means we will take the love and care that we can, disregard both and then look for more. Looking to others to make us feel secure, or looking for a solution from others without us helping …

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31 Jul, 2018

The art of surrender

I tend to deal with the things I have control over. The things I have little to no control over, I let go of those things; but I’ve not always done it that way.

As a child I held on to everything, primarily because I lived with guilt and that guilt had no where to go. But the control we have is rooted in fear. We worry that without control we will struggle to function …

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30 Jul, 2018

Learning to introspect

Following on from my ‘Introversion for mental health blog,’ we know that introversion or introspection is the act of observing and thinking about ourselves and our lives objectively.

Both are used as a tool to enable us to look at our lives from the outside in. Introspection is us having a conversation with ourselves. With introspection we are able to look at how we talk, what we …

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28 Jul, 2018

Introversion for mental health

I have seen how life can be snatched from us in the blink of an eye. There is no doubt in my mind that had it not been for the use of introversion, I too would have succumbed to illness many years ago.

I have seen first-hand what happens when we don’t confront our issues. What is evident to us, isn’t always evident to someone else, but the emotional and physical cost is almost too great to ignore …

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26 Jul, 2018

Co-existing with anxiety

My thoughts about anxiety are never far away. Being a parent myself, I find it hard to equate that my anxiety as a child was completely overlooked. Although I didn’t know the bad thoughts I had as a child were from anxiety, it is hard to imagine now years on that my life could have been made easier.

As the anxiety I deal with is down to my disability, I must continue to find ways to manage it. I still struggle with the concept of having had worked blindly, the deceit and other people’s judgments …

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24 Jul, 2018

Forgiveness & discretion

When someone ignores something, and they do it consciously with full knowledge and deliberation, that’s when we have a choice about whether we choose to forgive.

Because we have a choice to change our decisions and make a different choice, our decisions then become a whole new story and forgiveness is no longer justified. The deed can no longer be an open and …

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23 Jul, 2018

A gift from Cerebral Palsy

I remember helping a friend work through some issues when the conversation moved to my blog. I used to think everyone could write, but through our conversation, it became clear that my ability to write, came as a gift with my disability.

Without cerebral palsy I wouldn’t have a gift, but through autism my senses are heightened. Whilst I failed at most things as a child and was embarrassed to talk about or even own up to those, those failings …

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22 Jul, 2018