Living in the past

We will emotionally and spiritually grow when we have dealt with our past and that means we’ll also start to live in the present.

Living in the present, means we’ll be emotionally happier, more content with ourselves and happier with our lives. It also means we’re less likely to want to revisit our past or reside there. Living in the …

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20 Jul, 2018

Balance Board exercises

Rocker and wobble balance boards have been used for decades to improve balance, coordination and postural control. I remember having to do this exercise at the Athletic Institute to help me with my balance and co-ordination. It brings back memories.

Wobble board exercises replicate what happens to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the feet, ankle and lower legs during running, and as a result build them up for the stresses that they …

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19 Jul, 2018

Please re-subscribe

Shortly, due to circumstances beyond my control and therefore not of my own choosing, I am having to change the software that distributes my daily and monthly newsletters. This means I cannot keep the original subscriptions.

Once the software is set up, you will see another invitation to subscribe which I hope you will accept. I will put another note out on my website as soon as the new system is up and running, to remind …

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18 Jul, 2018

My missing records

A back to back personal blog, but this was very much on my mind today. All my blogs are based on an experience, around a memory, stretching as far back as a little girl.

It will come as no surprise then for me to recall my experiences based around my yearly consultations. Even as a small child I was aware of each conversation. The conversations between my father …

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15 Jul, 2018

My hemiplegic symptoms

As a toddler I was originally incorrectly diagnosed with spastic monoparesis, because I have two limbs affected, not one. Since I started my Diary, it’s often been difficult to uncover the official correct diagnosis, but feel I have managed that now.

First discovering at the age of 46 that I had cerebral palsy and through my own research evaluating my symptoms, I finally have the correct diagnosis, which is ‘cerebral palsy hemiplegic.’ Hemiplegic …

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14 Jul, 2018

Deeper awareness

Having deep awareness within ourselves is the key to renewal and change. But for that to happen, we must be willing to transform ourselves through our inner thoughts, so that they reflect both our conscious and unconscious beliefs, in order to change the distorted energy patterns that become the cause of disease, ageing and infirmity.

It is our inner thoughts that  influence how we react to situation. But any transformation has to come from the soul. Infinitely, it is the soul that creates the body and the soul that gives us …

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12 Jul, 2018