New understandings

Nine years after my initial cerebral palsy diagnosis at the age of forty-six, I am still putting pieces of the jigsaw together.

Thankfully, I now have a better understanding of my diagnosis. I have mild cerebral palsy hemiparesis (left side) caused by a bleed on the brain before I was born. That ties in with my mum’s understanding …

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29 Aug, 2018

Look at how far you’ve come

Generally, we tend not to look, see or think about how far we’ve come. That usually only happens when we consciously look back at our life and we can see how far we’ve come.

But looking back is important and something we need to think about. Perhaps it’s also got something to do with our past, a past we’d rather forget, or a past we’re stuck in and that’s the reason we can’t move on …

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28 Aug, 2018

No standard to work from

Growing up not knowing I had cerebral palsy meant I had no standards or base line from which I could judge by experiences, or which I could work from.

Not knowing anything about my disability, meant that it was also difficult to explain how my symptoms or disability presented in everyday life, just what people saw and then how they chose to deal with me …

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27 Aug, 2018

Stay humble

In a world where we’re encouraged to be anything but humble, choose to be humble. Being humble in a world that is fast changing, makes you totally unique.

Feel a sense of humility and judge no one. In a world where we’re expected to prove ourselves, the only test is to yourself. When we place two feet firmly on the ground, we will become grounded in that moment …

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24 Aug, 2018

Wilful acts & forgiveness

It’s taken me 8+ years and counting to work through my experiences and my life. But the one thing I’m sure of is that I wasn’t in the same emotional space before I started writing. I’ve come a long way.

It’s only when we work through our experiences and we’re looking at the bigger picture that we come to understand our experiences and other people and how those people came to make their decisions …

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23 Aug, 2018

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