Complicit in deceit

There is no getting away from the fact that a diagnosis around the age of 2 of cerebral palsy, over the years there are those players who were by the very definition of knowing my diagnosis before me were complicit in deceit.

I’m not sure what’s worse, someone or others being complicit in deceit on something we’re not made aware of and should have been, or us having to live with the connotations of not knowing that …

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20 Aug, 2018

More on Mental Health

Whilst it’s true that in the course of our lifetime, not everyone will experience or struggle with a mental illness, but everyone will struggle or have challenges with their mental wellbeing (mental health) in the same way we may have challenges from time to time, with our physical wellbeing.

The sad reality is we don’t stop to consciously question our thinking. Instead we subconsciously accept our experiences, and those become the catalyst for our mental health issues. This is the reason why we …

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19 Aug, 2018

Another jigsaw piece

I’ve been very open and honest about my struggles. I still continue to be open about my struggles and although I am okay, it comes at a cost when I continue to find out yet even more about myself.

I’ve also been honest about and not hiding from the fact that until the age of 46 I didn’t know I had cerebral palsy, even though I had been diagnosed at 2. But instead of ignoring my issues, I look in the …

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17 Aug, 2018

Make gratitude your default

In spite of my childhood, I still came through feeling gratitude. Make gratitude your default. It can change your life in more ways than you’ll know.

Gratitude is something we ignore, but something we need to adopt if our lives are to become more peaceful, if we’re going to become more successful, or give ourselves the chance or opportunity to meet with …

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16 Aug, 2018

A Charles R Swindoll quote

Something inspirational:

“Precious few are those who can live in the lap of luxury… who can keep their moral, spiritual and financial equilibrium… while balancing on the elevated tightrope of success… there is about one in a hundred who can dance to the tune of success without paying the paper named compromise.”


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14 Aug, 2018

Working with my intuition

Although I didn’t always make the correlation between my inward and outward thoughts growing up, I innately believed there was an external force around me, although I didn’t know what that meant.

Whenever I was dealing with anxiety and bad thoughts, I would try to chant those thoughts away in the hope that something would help me take those thoughts away. As time moved on, I eventually …

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13 Aug, 2018

Is the glass half empty?

‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’ Do you see life as a reason to celebrate, or has your life become an everyday chore? But there is no doubt, we will achieve very little with a half empty glass.

No matter the experience, it’s important we look for and think about opportunities as well as constraints to try to balance the glass being half empty or half full. Our perceptions and how we see and …

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12 Aug, 2018