My podiatry consultation

A recent trip to the podiatrist has brought back some early memories I had disbanded with. I was hoping being asked to walk up and down the room without my shoes and socks on would have been easier this time around.

Although I managed not to show off this time, I found it difficult to walk up and down the room without thinking about whether the podiatrist was watching me. It has made me more conscious because …

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28 Sep, 2018

Valuing sanity above greed

I have always valued sanity above greed. As a child, I was unconsciously already laying down the foundations of a more spiritual life, but I didn’t consciously understand that’s what it was.

In the early years, family is the most important influence, until we begin to spread our wings. But as we grow up, it is important we continue to stick to our moral standing and values. It’s easy for our …

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26 Sep, 2018

Being misunderstood

I have always been misunderstood and misjudged. Throughout my life I’ve had others colour their assumptions of me because of a disability I didn’t know I had, through neurological difficulties and without any emotional support.

But from my own experience, being misunderstood isn’t just emotionally draining, it can be like living with total strangers, uncomfortable, awkward in parts and totally frustrating when you know it’s not …

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25 Sep, 2018

Prisoners of our perception

We interpret our life based on events of the past. Set in our subconscious and often out of reach we continue to judge and compare every thought that comes through our conscious that took place, days weeks, months or even years ago.

We perceive our thinking through realities taken from our past, based around a distorted version of how we see that experience. As we live our lives we continue to perceive our life through distorted realities …

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22 Sep, 2018

Coming to terms with injustice

Do we ever come to terms with injustice, or does it depend on what those injustices are? Although injustices are made, and apologies aren’t always forthcoming, I believe with understanding we can think about and come to terms with injustice.

We can wipe the slate clean and move forward, but for that to happen understanding must be part of that equation. As far as the universe is concerned, we will always be encouraged to find the understanding …

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21 Sep, 2018

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