Living the simple life

I’ve always bought into the simple life. I innately believe that living with simplicity gives us peace, over and above any materialistic wealth.

Living simply, means we can focus in the moment, with what we have rather than what we’d like. We must learn to focus on our understanding of what simplicity means so that we can add that to our …

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18 Sep, 2018

Being uniquely different

As a child, the only thing I wish I had were two legs and feet that worked correctly, but I couldn’t equate or see that because of my legs and feet I was uniquely different. I was too wrapped up in my emotions to notice what other people had. I also didn’t know about my neurological difficulties that made me uniquely beautiful.

But we are only human that when we see someone who is the opposite of us, perhaps taller, slimmer, more debonair, dark, pretty and sophisticated, we want what they’ve got. Because we’re all uniquely different …

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17 Sep, 2018

Projecting our insecurities

“Relationships fail when people take their own insecurities and project them as their partner’s flaws.” – Steve Maraboli

Quotes will either make us think about things, or will resonate with us in some way, either because we’ve seen it happen, or it’s been our own experience. Perhaps, therefore we need to ask the question …

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16 Sep, 2018

Sugar cravings

We might think we’re addicted to sugar because sugary foods taste so good, but it seems to be that almost all of the time, the real problem is a lifestyle imbalance. The good news is that once we address the lifestyle imbalance, the out of control eating quickly stops being an issue.

Take a look at the following lifestyle imbalances below that can lead to a sweet tooth and ask yourself if your sugar cravings …

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14 Sep, 2018

A confirmed diagnosis

The enormity of how I got to this place is clear from 8 years of writing blogs, particularly around a non-diagnosis, neurological symptoms and anxiety I didn’t know I had, they all point to what I know now.

My experiences have become a learning curve, no question there. But the flip side is that although I never made any of the connections as a child, I have the ability to write and work things out through …

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13 Sep, 2018

Dealing with my realities

My personal thoughts on my disability are never far away and is the reason I’m putting out another personal blog today.

The anxiety I deal with is centred around autism and is another issue I didn’t know I had. It’s something I’m going to have to deal with and manage for the rest of my natural life. It was also something I was …

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12 Sep, 2018