Embracing autism symptoms

I came to terms with the fact that I was different a long time ago. I didn’t know why I was, because nothing was ever said. I knew I had a bad leg and a bad foot.

Although I was a deep thinker as a child, fast forward to my early 20’s and although I still didn’t know about my mental symptoms, I was getting to grips with a full-time job. I would while away the hours, looking …

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30 Nov, 2018

Our relationship with anxiety

Anxiety is uncomfortable. It’s an undercurrent that brings about intense feelings that for some of us may create panic. What matters is how we change our relationship with anxiety.

But it’s not realistic to think we can have a life without anxiety. It’s about being able to co-manage anxiety so we control it, it doesn’t control us. It’s about us creating a greater sense of space in the mind …

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29 Nov, 2018


How ‘My Story’ panned out is remarkable, but the fact that it took me so long to get to this point and for me to learn about ‘My Story’ and symptoms so late in life, is also remarkable. The fact that I’m still standing is even more remarkable.

Since my diagnosis at the age of 46, the more symptoms I have stumbled across the more irritated I have become. I have worked out that for thirty years, I have also been chronically and acutely ill. I was born …

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28 Nov, 2018

Cognitive Therapy

This was on my mind today. Since I was a child, I was always aware I struggled emotionally, although I didn’t know my emotional struggles were part of a disability I didn’t know I had.

I have been in different types of therapy. My website is also a platform for me to talk about my experiences, the things that matter to me, anything and everything that will help me and others too bring about a …

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26 Nov, 2018

Accepting each other

I was impressed Anne Hegerty from ‘The Chase’ chose to star on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here,’ reality t.v. show, because anyone with autism will know it’s not an easy decision to make.

Anne was clearly upset with her new surroundings, daunted by the challenge she’d set herself. But anyone with autism symptoms know that new circumstances in a new environment, will leave us with a certain …

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24 Nov, 2018

Feeling lonely

It’s not always easy to understand how we can be surrounded by people and yet we feel lonely; all we know is we’re not happy.

Feeling lonely and being alone are a state of mind and our mind can always be changed, but first we need to know how and where to start. It usually starts with us in childhood and will depend on how we …

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23 Nov, 2018

Bringing perceptions together

The fact that I am around 70% emotionally and mentally disabled, means I continue to live with anxiety. If I was to place my anxiety on a scale of 1-10, I would probably place it at around 6 or 7.

It is my neurological impairments that trigger my anxiety. I then have to deal with the thoughts that accompany it, my physical reactions to it and the strong urge that leads to panic if the issue I have, isn’t dealt …

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21 Nov, 2018

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