My emotional struggles

I never really understood my emotions and why I struggled to feel until I’d worked through the process, starting with my diagnosis.

Although I was aware of how I presented as a child, I didn’t understand why or that it had anything to do with my emotions and why my brain wasn’t able to connect with those emotions. I didn’t know I had brain …

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17 Nov, 2018

No apology

If like me you’ve gone through life having had things done to you without so much as an apology for those things, then we need to think differently.

Perhaps we’ve got to get better at accepting the things we cannot change and put less energy into expecting or fighting for an apology we know we’re never going to get from those who simply choose not to offer …

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16 Nov, 2018

A life through lies

The life I have lived has been as a result of others living a lie, knowing what my disability was. It wasn’t my lie, but it became my life.

The human mind is flawed and ignoring the truth will always have devastating consequences, particularly when others choose to keep something from us. But ignoring what is the truth won’t settle  …

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15 Nov, 2018

Children living with abuse

The World Health Organisation distinguishes four types of child maltreatment, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and emotional and psychological abuse.

The “WHO” shouldn’t have to distinguish between the four types of maltreatment, we should want to be and do better, but as my own story shows having had my own difficulties to deal with, regardless of what …

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13 Nov, 2018

More topical blogs

Although when I was growing up there was little in the media about food and the relationship between food production and the environment, it’s processing and our links to food; but I believe it’s important we think about the world, our place in the world, what it means and why we must start giving back.

Through my writing I have become even more conscious of how things are supposed to be and those are the things I write about. In the next few months I will be writing and adding more blogs on topic that …

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12 Nov, 2018

Mercury in our seas

According to an article dated 6, August 2014 in The Guardian newspaper, the amount of mercury near the surface of many of the world’s oceans has tripled as the result of our polluting activities, with potentially damaging implications for marine life as the result of the accumulation of this toxic metal.

Mercury is accumulating near the surface of seas as the element is released to the atmosphere and seas from a variety of sources, including mines, coal fired power stations and sewage. Mercury is toxic …

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11 Nov, 2018


We tend to ignore our tone and how we communicate with others, but we shouldn’t because how we communicate is the catalyst and key to respect and trust in our relationships.

Our tone, style and voice for how we communicate is important, because what we say is ingrained and permanent. Conversations aren’t something we can just undo. Our tone shapes not only what we say …

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9 Nov, 2018

Extra pieces of the jigsaw/2

As a continuation from my ‘Extra pieces of the jigsaw’ blog, as part of the co-occurring conditions I get to deal with I can also add, the next items to my list.

Symptoms of Sensory Processing disorder

Children and adults who have sensory processing disorder cannot properly process the sensory stimuli from the outside world and will have trouble interpreting information from one or more senses …

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8 Nov, 2018