Pushing an agenda

Perhaps it’s not news that being on the receiving end of someone’s agenda doesn’t help us, or our relationships. But it’s not only institutions that push agendas, individuals do it too.

For those pushing their agenda, they will come in and talk about the things they’re struggling with, not looking for advice or an opinion, but using us as a sounding block. On our part whether we hand out …

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8 Dec, 2018

Navigating peer pressure

We know that peer pressure is the direct influence on people by their peers, or the effect on an individual who is encouraged to follow their peers by changing their behaviours, attitudes and values, to conform to either one particular individual, or in a group.

I’m not sure how old I was when a friend coaxed me into going home with her after school because she’d said my mum had already agreed with hers that I could, and I believed her. By the time mum got to …

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7 Dec, 2018

Social v problem drinking

This month, I have decided to put out an extra couple of lifestyle blogs on Health and Wellbeing. I love and will continue to write about the things that affect us all, socially, mentally, and environmentally.

Alcohol is something we drink, something we get a taste for through social drinking, something we go back to, just to be social, but for those people with a predisposition to alcohol, they may not always be able to …

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6 Dec, 2018

Being accepted

I was a pleasing child looking for acceptance, because I was insecure. I was insecure because I was navigating a childhood with a disability I didn’t know I had.

However, you get, want or need to be accepted, it’s something we crave for at different times in our lives. When things are good and we’re making headway, we seem to want and need less acceptance …

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4 Dec, 2018

Anger clouds judgment

Anger not only tarnishes character but also clouds judgment. On the other hand, a healed and whole person will rise above how they feel and find ways to alleviate stress. They will always want to make the right choices, no matter how many times they’ve been wronged.

The angrier we become the more we are poisoned by anger, the less we are able to rationale our decisions, particularly those based on negative cumulative experiences. Being angry means we’re more likely to …

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3 Dec, 2018

Resentment & abuse

The more we hold resentment in our hearts, the more we will hand out abuse. Abuse starts at the point resentment starts to outweigh compassion.

If you find yourself dwelling on something that’s said by someone that you know has upset you, or your conversations are loaded, or if you keep going back to the same issue, you are holding resentment …

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2 Dec, 2018