Bringing 2018 to a close

With another year of blogs firmly behind me, my blogs continue to inspire, for me to write more so that I can continue to bring about understanding on the things I didn’t know, whilst continuing to give myself food for thought on how I can best live my life with everything I deal with and for you too.

I’d like to sign off my blog for this year with a massive thank you for all your support. I couldn’t continue to do what I do without your help, love and support, with a special thank you to friends who …

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31 Dec, 2018

Set the tone

The relationship we have with ourselves sets the tone we have with others and is the manner in which we will conduct ourselves. We don’t look at how we are, or how our past shapes the person we become. Instead, we base our relationship on our experiences and not on ourselves.

So, where we have been neglected, we will go on to unconsciously neglect others without understanding that’s what we’re doing. Where we have been abused, we will continue to abuse others. How we …

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30 Dec, 2018

Looking to the future

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” – George Bernard Shaw

An apt blog with four days to go until the New Year. Seriously though, looking to the future is more important than we think. Looking forward allows us to move on from our past, solely working from our present …

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28 Dec, 2018

My autism meltdowns

This was on my mind today. Having autism means there may always be an issue that’s not easily resolved that tips me mentally over the edge.

Dealing with anxiety means it’s easier for me to have meltdowns, particularly when I struggle to cope with an issue or situation that someone else sees as normal. My thinking has never been normal, around …

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26 Dec, 2018

Reflections at Christmas

I usually take time around Christmas to reflect on my year. It’s been a busy year. Having started work on my manuscript in June 2017, in February this year with the help of my editing agent, I set about putting my memoir together.

But this year hasn’t just been about putting a memoir together, I continue to work hard on my blog, working through and bringing about understanding on all of my experiences. Although I didn’t know …

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24 Dec, 2018

Mentality effects change

Too often, we operate on the assumption that someone else is the cause of a problem, and fail to think about our own behaviour, or consider that our mentality can effect change. If we consistently fall into this trap, we will fail to effect any positive change. It’s wrong to shine the torch on others when the problem may often lie with us.

It is our mindset, made up of thoughts, beliefs and expectations, which is the lens through which we see and think about things. Our life experiences affect how we will live and the decisions we will make …

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23 Dec, 2018

Benefits of Hiking

Walking is good for us and it’s a good mood motivator. Hiking, is essentially a long walk in the countryside.

Walking for long periods outdoors has many benefits and offers much more that nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature. Hiking is really good for us, too. While hiking is a powerful cardio workout …

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22 Dec, 2018

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