Self-development is something we’re probably aware of and something we probably need to start doing. Not everyone will work on self-development.

With self-development comes emotional and spiritual growth. It has everything to do with our core values, beliefs and lifestyle. But if we persevere for long enough, personal growth can lead to new …

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31 Mar, 2019

Understanding motives

When you can look deep into another person’s soul and their motives and you learn more about them, it becomes easier to understand why they would choose to do something. Being able to forgive doesn’t apply in all cases.

I know that what happened to me wasn’t personal. Although conscious decisions were taken to ignore my disability, I understand …

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30 Mar, 2019

Looking at the positives

Some of us will see life negatively before we take the positives from it, others will simply see life negatively and continue to see life negatively. Instead, we must be thankful we’ve come through the other end.

It’s often difficult to see why our lives map out a certain way, or what the purpose of the experience was. Whatever happens, there is also no point in looking back wishing our lives were different, because that …

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29 Mar, 2019

Unintentioned decisions

When you’re able to look deep into another person’s personality and you come to understand his or her motives and intentions, it’s easy to then understand why their decision was the decision they took, although that’s not true in every case.

I know what happened to me wasn’t personal. Although conscious decisions were taken to ignore my disability, it was never intentioned. When I peel back all the layers, I can see the reasoning behind …

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27 Mar, 2019

Embracing humanity

Something inspirational:

“One of the most spiritual things you can do is embrace your humanity. Connect with those around you today. Say, ‘I love you,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘I appreciate you,’ ‘I’m proud of you’… whatever you’re feeling. Send random texts, write a cute note, embrace your truth and share it… cause a smile today for someone else… and give plenty of hugs.”


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24 Mar, 2019

Ignoring issues

I could have ignored my biggest issue, not knowing what my disability was. I could have told myself ignorance is bliss, I’m probably better off not knowing, the truth will only hurt but that’s far from what the truth does.

We all have issues, but we must have control and change our attitude to our reasons for ignoring our issues. Where we’re fearful of change, we must work on our fear, where we have uncertainty we must …

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23 Mar, 2019

Repressed emotions

I still find it hard to believe ‘my story’ was my life. It feels too raw. It happened over a period of years, but those years could have been rolled into yesterday: that’s how raw it feels.

Learning how to handle our feelings is challenging. Our reactions depend on the situation and who is involved. As a child, I didn’t repress my feelings, instead I would explode by negatively expressing myself …

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22 Mar, 2019