The injustice of it all

There’s a photograph of me as a child that I often find myself peering at. I don’t know how old I was but I must have been about 8 or 9, sitting on a chair on my knees in a blue and white gingham dress with the window with our back garden behind me.

This photograph sits in my lounge. I love this photograph as it shows an altogether different me. I’m not looking at the photo in terms of how young I looked, but it was the look of innocence in my eyes …

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30 Apr, 2019

Shutting down

I have always known I emotionally shut down, but perhaps withdrawal feels more accurate. I withdraw when my sensory input becomes too much, where there is too much negativity, too many decisions to deal with and too little time to process it all. I’ve been doing it since I was a child.

Having autism means it’s almost compulsory, it’s easy for me to feel the withdrawal creep up. My mind switches, grows quieter, I hear nothing. I disconnect from the conversation when it becomes too hard …

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26 Apr, 2019

Climate Change Facts

I wanted to go into this in more detail. Climate Change is continually being talked about and is the biggest problem facing Governments around the world today that they must tackle. It is also the biggest threat to mankind and mustn’t be taken lightly.

The world is warming caused by a build-up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouses in the atmosphere. The gases trap heat by forming a blanket around the Earth – like the glass of a greenhouse and as they …

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24 Apr, 2019

A lifetime of disbelief

Given the degree of hurt and unnecessary suffering, I seem to have the same old thoughts whirring in my head, but it’s not surprising given my experiences.

Given ‘my story’ it would be hard for anyone to let go of these thoughts. I still cannot believe that through other people’s ignorance my difficulties, irritations, anger and confusion we’re ignored, growing up …

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23 Apr, 2019

Sleep exercises

If sleep is something you struggle with, these relaxation techniques should help you. Try one of the simple exercises below:

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery allows you to focus your attention on a story or image so that you feel you’re there enabling you to let go of your worries. Begin to visualise a memory, story or scene that made you feel happy …

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22 Apr, 2019

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