Coping with change

We get one crack at life, therefore it’s important we learn to cope with change as part of that life. It’s important we live presently. For those of us live presently they will find change, their approach to change and coping with change easier.

We need to see change as something that brings something better, particularly if we’re not happy and we’re stuck on the other side of change. Change has to be better than where we currently may reside …

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30 May, 2019

Those who judge

Even though I grew up with physical and mental struggles, my spiritual beliefs were always there, and those beliefs allowed me to be more accepting of myself. Those times were hard, but being judged was even harder.

Because we are products of our environment and upbringing, judgments become part of those, how we think and feel, initially stems from how our parents think about themselves, what our parents …

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28 May, 2019

Narrative Fallacy

One of the limits to our ability to evaluate information objectively is called ‘narrative fallacy.’ We let our preference for a good story cloud the facts and our ability to make rational decisions based on those stories.

We also have a limited ability to look at sequences of facts without being able to find an explanation, work out an explanation …

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26 May, 2019

My own emotional support

It’s important we do more to emotionally support children growing up. From an early age it become obvious I had no support. I often felt on my own.

With a disability I didn’t know I had the road ahead seemed daunting. I was aware of some of my struggles, but wasn’t in a position to say anything that would make a difference. Where others weren’t listening …

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25 May, 2019

We are all equal

We’re all human. We have two eyes, we bleed, we feel pain, we cry. But in a world where we’re born equal, we’re far from equal.

But when it comes to social standards and ranking our equality, we’re not equal. Inequality stems from our personal perceptions of learned behaviour passed through the generations, from our grandparents …

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22 May, 2019