My Anxiety Mantra

As a child, not knowing I was dealing with anxiety, or why I struggled with bad thoughts meant I continued to deal with both. Years on and what I began to chant, helps me ward off bad spirits.

There are many mantras out there. This is my mantra, “Manah trayate iti mantrah” means a mantra which is brought to mind again and again. The mind has to become the mantra. The mind has to be filled with the mantra, once that happens the worry is taken away.

My spiritual beliefs have also always been instrumental in how I see life, but because I …

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19 Jun, 2019

Failing expectations

My father had certain expectations of his children. I didn’t live up to what my father’s expectations of me were, but since I was dealing with a disability I didn’t know I had, with all of its implications it didn’t matter and I didn’t care.

But it didn’t stop me thinking about his expectations of me. That thought was never far away. I will never know now what he really thought about my abilities. He wasn’t an easy man to read, his expectations …

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17 Jun, 2019

Teachers who fail to enthuse

School is hard when you have teachers who don’t enthuse and fail to enthuse their students. In 2019, it would be great to think that teachers, their methods of teaching and their attitudes towards their students have changed.

When I was growing up, teachers failed to enthuse and that was the reason why so many of my peers failed to do well. Class sizes were also too big with 37 pupils to a class. Not all teachers were good ….

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15 Jun, 2019

Five Future Superfoods

I am writing about five future super foods that are good for you and the planet. Globally we rely on only a very small range of foods.

This has an adverse impact our health and the health of our planet. Rice, maize and wheat make up nearly 60% of calories from plants in our diets. While people may be getting sufficient calories, these narrow …

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14 Jun, 2019

It’s never easy

Because my head’s in a tail spin most days and because I deal with anxiety and autism, it’s never easy. I hate that I deal with anxiety, that I struggle with clarity. I hate how autism and anxiety makes me feel.

All I want to do is withdraw until such a time I’m back in control of my thoughts and I feel better again. It’s the nature of what autism is. It’s not something I welcome, but something that’s become a part of me …

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13 Jun, 2019

Capable of change

As parents, we worry when our children hook up with the ‘wrong’ people: the same thing happened to a friend’s son. My friend was concerned about his son’s friend and the influence he had on his son and spent years trying to split them up.

It was clear he wasn’t emotionally coping. Fast forward and a few years on, with work on himself, this boy turned his life around to became a model adult. Years later, when my friend bumped into him …

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11 Jun, 2019

Future plans

Three years ago I received a request for a guest post from an agency whose client asked to do a guest blog on my website, and it got me thinking about my blogs, about ‘my story’ and whether if I put pen to paper I could create a memoir.

The idea was that I encompass my blogs and adapt those to create a manuscript based around ‘my story’ and turn it into …

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10 Jun, 2019