Injustice can make us feel bitter, and unless we deal with and move on from that feeling, it can turn into anger. We must decide how best to handle ourselves and our situation.

Bitterness is something we dwell on. It can be worse than anger, because bitterness can eat away at us psychologically. We must …

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30 Jun, 2019

My book

After 3 years of completing a manuscript, it has become somewhat of an anti-climax and as a result I have become more reflective.

At the start of the process, I was determined to get it done. It was something that would bring more clarity into my somewhat chaotic mind, living with a disability I didn’t know I had and I couldn’t be …

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27 Jun, 2019


When we feel the need to have self-importance we’ve given up on the spiritual life. Self-importance is usually about two things; money and power.

What drives self-importance is status, prestige, power and authority, together with an oversized ego brought about through other people’s lust for power and their sense of entitlement, which may then spill over …

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26 Jun, 2019

Believing I was normal

This wasn’t an easy blog to write, I hope I’ve done it justice. I grew up knowing only about a bad leg and foot. That much was obvious because it was something you could see. Wearing skirts made it more obvious, because you could see me walk toe heel, and because I walked with a limp.

Growing up and throughout my life, I was led to believe I was ‘normal’ and whilst I was still living at home that didn’t seem to …

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25 Jun, 2019

Exercise for mental health

I have often heard it said that as little as 10 minutes of regular exercise can help alleviate depression. But even professionals don’t always make the link between mental and physical health. There are many reasons that physical activity is said to help mental health. It boosts mood, relieves stress and improves sleep.

Although the long-associated stigma attached to mental illness has faded in recent years, the services set up to provide assistance are still stretched and underfunded. With the caveat that exercise alone …

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23 Jun, 2019

Understanding Autism

It’s not always easy to understand Autism and how we may present. Unless you have autism, it’s not something anyone without the condition will completely understand.

But Autism is a disability and no two people with the condition will present in the same way. How it plays out will differ. A cross-wired brain will always be a cross-wired brain. Trying to fit a square peg …

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22 Jun, 2019

Why we need humility

Humility is the act of being modest, it is the opposite of being arrogant. It is part of being spiritual. We can never successfully forge ahead without it.

Since everything we do is based on how we act and react, we must always act and react with humility. It makes what we put out there real. Humility helps build trust between people, in families, in society …

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21 Jun, 2019

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