Bad habits

Anything we repeat in succession or go back to and then continue to repeat is a bad habit. Bad habits are negative behaviour patterns that we continue to play out on a daily basis, such as watching too much television, or using cell, or mobile phones.

But as habits are formed, they can be broken. It all depends on where we are emotionally and how determined we are to change our attitudes and our lifestyle. Part of the problem with a bad habit …

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20 Jul, 2019

Feeling good about writing

Writing for 9 years, never having missed a blog is a big achievement for me. I have never associated my writing with autism, or saw it as an autism trait.

Whilst it’s true anyone with autism is single minded, up until I started my diary, I never had any interests and never finished anything. I would start things and not finish them. I didn’t know I could put …

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19 Jul, 2019

Understanding is important

I knew I had a bad leg and foot that was obvious because you could see a problem, but I didn’t know about my disability, I didn’t know about my learning difficulties. I also didn’t know about scoliosis, or autism.

And whilst some of us may feel as though life has let us down, it’s not good enough for us to ignore what others deal with. Trying to get into the mind of others is difficult, even more so when you deal …

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16 Jul, 2019


It’s very rare I do a back to back blog but when I do, it’s usually around a personal blog. I was curious. Eager to learn about my disability.

Being curious kept me interested. I was inquisitive about my disability. I had a strong desire to learn about myself. I wanted to know about myself, know about my disability, I wanted to be able to function …

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13 Jul, 2019


As a child growing up with a disability I didn’t know I had, I wasn’t self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency wasn’t on my radar, let alone part of me, or my life.

Fast-forward to today and being self-sufficient is what I am. As a child, with no mental or emotional support, I taught myself how to be mentally self-sufficient. In my mind I was independent, an …

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12 Jul, 2019

Coping with life changes

When something big happens that change our life it can become life changing.In fact anything that changes how we feel about someone or something. Coping with life changes is something we must all learn to do.

Any form of change can take its toll on our mental health. It’s easy for us to become fixated on events that we we feel we have no control over. If you stand back and look at the bigger picture, you will find …

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11 Jul, 2019