It’s all in the tone

We set the tone, through our words and actions, how we get to live our lives. What we say, how we behave, the energy we bring, will either move us towards a desired outcome, or an outcome less desirable.

When we set the tone, we establish the way an activity, or event will happen. We set the tone; we shape what’s possible. But to set the tone, we must all learn to respect our differences, show a personal interest …

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31 Oct, 2019

Deep understanding

I have always had a deep understanding. From around the age of 9 or 10 I was already putting some of the pieces of my life together around my spiritual beliefs.

Although we may have a deep understanding of our lives, we may not always be ready or in a position to change our life. But what is important is that we have that understanding. Without the understanding …

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28 Oct, 2019

Let someone go

When we let someone go, we often do so with a heavy heart. It’s important not to look at what we’ve done but understand the reasoning behind our decision.

It is always much harder to hold on to the pain that accompanies the relationship than it is to let go of the person who caused the pain. Although we may not always be in a position to say how we feel, it is …

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27 Oct, 2019

My fate sealed

As a teenager, I remember overhearing a conversation between my parents, talking about my condition after my father had spoken with a family friend, who was a medical doctor with a severely disabled daughter who also had cerebral palsy and with whom my father would confide in from time to time. His friend was aware that my parents hadn’t told me about my disability.

I overheard my father talking to my mum, his friend having advised him when asked, that because my disability was mild, I didn’t need to be told about it. I now know that my fate was sealed for decades on the …

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25 Oct, 2019

Fate and Destiny

“Destiny is a word that implies an ending: a destination to one’s life. When two people were ‘destined for each other’, they’ve given in to a notion that the journey is complete. The best definition to fate that I’ve heard is that ‘fate is what happens.’ In other words, fate is reality.”- Wikipedia

Fate is reality, it is what happens. Fate is what we endure, until something happens to change the status quo. Destiny is different. Destiny implies an ending, a destination to somewhere. That our …

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24 Oct, 2019

Circulation Exercises

Improving your circulation through exercise is one of the best ways of improving and preventing cardiovascular and circulation problems is to exercise.

The British Heart Foundation statistics show cardiovascular or circulatory diseases cause over a quarter of all deaths in the UK each year. In England and Wales, this is an estimated 124,000 deaths and about …

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23 Oct, 2019