A story of positivity and hope

Living with so many thoughts in my mind, has made writing my memoir easy. Having now signed the book off, I’m now on to publication and that part doesn’t seem so easy.

My book tells ‘my story,’ in a way that helps resonate. It’s powerful, emotional and heartfelt. It’s a story without recriminations. It’s a fair and balanced account of my experiences, growing up without knowing …

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30 Nov, 2019

Positive Environmental Impact

Coldplay have taken the initiative and put their plans to tour on hold, while they consider how to make their tours environmentally friendly. We must all take the initiative too.

Last week, the British band stated that they will not go on a world tour to promote their latest album, citing environmental concerns. Indeed, the band have said it will not tour again until the shows can be …

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28 Nov, 2019

Accepting universal truths

I am aware that without my writing, I would be no nearer to understanding my disability. I certainly wouldn’t have gone down the knowing what I have route.

But if like me, you believe in universal truths and you believe your life turns out the way it does, it would always have taken me this long to get to this point with everything I’ve had to deal with and …

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26 Nov, 2019

Childhood trauma

The word trauma describes continuous negative events that are emotionally painful that long-term interfere, with a child’s ability to cope – ‘Google.’

Children who are continually exposed to abuse will be affected by trauma. The types of trauma that have the greatest psychological effects are those related to intentional trauma, including childhood neglect …

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25 Nov, 2019

Late bloomer

I was a late bloomer. There were times growing up when I didn’t think I’d bloom at all. In my formative years, I merely existed.

As a child, I didn’t know what my purpose was, or whether it was something I could achieve. But if something is meant to be it will always find a way to happen. In a world that has become obsessed with …

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24 Nov, 2019

Exercise and positivity

Exercise isn’t just about keeping us fit physically it is also associated with being proactive and us staying mentally positive.

Keeping fit through exercise is known to help us stay positive and motivation and positivity are known to help us lead healthier, happier lives. Going to the gym can make you feel strong, motivated and positive …

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22 Nov, 2019

Multiple genes

Many people know about single-gene disorders, but few of us know that these conditions are actually much less common than the numerous disorders that result from the relationship between multiple genes and the environment.

Even with single-gene disorders in which a mutation in one gene leads to the condition, it is often the case that modifier genes contribute to the severity of the disease. So, reports suggesting that …

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21 Nov, 2019

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