Walking away

In the early years, I had already worked out that walking away emotionally wouldn’t help me. That no matter how hard things got, I kept going. I unconsciously had already made the connections that I’d still have myself to deal with.

Walking away mentally or physically is never the answer to our problems, but it’s so much more character building when you stay and face your issues. Through the other end you get to change your life …

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22 Feb, 2020

Exercise and mental strength

Exercise is good for you, it’s also good for your mental strength. It helps enhance your mood, helps you build your mental strength, keeping the minds sharp, and you physically fit, outlined below:

Sharper memory and thinking

The same hormones that make you feel better also help you concentrate. Exercise stimulates the growth of new brain cells …

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21 Feb, 2020


Suffering is something we either do with diligence, or do it without. It is based on mental and/or physical pain and can be mild, or intolerable. The intensity of our suffering, will also depend on the duration and frequency of its occurrence. No matter your suffering, it is important you let someone know how you feel.

Suffering happens. Burying how we feel in the hope that what we’re suffering with will go, away doesn’t help. It goes away when we deal with the issue. Don’t let what you’re suffering with, or what you’re …

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20 Feb, 2020

A disability not obvious

It’s impossible to navigate a disability where it’s not obvious and you don’t come across as particularly disabled, but you still have mental and emotional struggles you deal with that aren’t always obvious to the outside world. It would be easy for others to be confused.

But my blogs and book tell a different story as I highlight my mental and emotional struggles for the first time. As a small child, I felt like a freak, because my disability wasn’t obvious and because I didn’t fit into …

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18 Feb, 2020

Forms of Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or emotional, the intelligence and the ego to regain balance and bring about our body’s own healing mechanisms.

Therapies that incorporate ‘Energetic Healing’ include Reiki, Reflexology and Acupuncture amongst others. Energetic Healing also encompasses lesser known therapies including aura and chakra …

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17 Feb, 2020

My autistic smile

My autism is mild enough for me to live my life, and although it gets in the way of my day to day living, it has allowed me to work through and document my experiences. I don’t mind autism, but others certainly struggle to understand me.

For 56 years I have been trying to work out why every time I look at myself in the mirror, why my gaze is fixed and without a natural animation smile and I know why now. I hate that I have no animation to …

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16 Feb, 2020