Living a mindful life

We are responsible for ourselves. We are connected to each other, connected to everything in nature, and to everything in the Universe. Therefore, living a mindful life is important. This is ‘The Law of One, Truth that All is One.’

What we do to others, we do to ourselves. Therefore, we must be mindful of what we do. We must continue to promote self-responsibility and accountability for ourselves, protect others, and the universe for …

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28 Feb, 2020

What life teaches us

My life and experiences have shown me exactly what I am capable of and that I am a survivor. I am where I am supposed to be with my blog and my book.

Although as a child, it didn’t take away the confusion or the hurt, it does bring understanding for me that this was my life and that through the odds and they were very much the odds, I have come through …

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26 Feb, 2020

Making myself stronger

I love the fact that my website and book have made me stronger. Talking about my experiences in self-contained places that feel safe has changed my life.

Although my life has culminated in some bitter experiences, they have enabled me to unravel my thoughts, so I am able to be more positive. Through writing, my thoughts and feelings have enabled me to let go of …

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25 Feb, 2020

Check your motives

Not all of us will make the connections that the motives behind our deeds will have an impact on our future success. We may also not understand that the universe is well aware of our motivates, and that motives play a big part in how well our lives will turn out.

We cannot be one way to fit into our lives with ulterior motives and still expect our lives to work out. Motives must be honourable, we must want to be and give of our best, regardless of our past experiences …

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24 Feb, 2020

Walking away

In the early years, I had already worked out that walking away emotionally wouldn’t help me. That no matter how hard things got, I kept going. I unconsciously had already made the connections that I’d still have myself to deal with.

Walking away mentally or physically is never the answer to our problems, but it’s so much more character building when you stay and face your issues. Through the other end you get to change your life …

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22 Feb, 2020

Exercise and Mental Strength

Exercise is good for you, it’s also good for your mental strength. It helps enhance your mood, helps you build your mental strength, keeping the minds sharp, and you physically fit, outlined below:

Sharper memory and thinking

The same hormones that make you feel better also help you concentrate. Exercise stimulates the growth of new brain cells …

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21 Feb, 2020


Suffering is something we either do with diligence, or do it without. It is based on mental and physical pain and can be mild, or intolerable. The intensity of suffering, also depends on the duration and frequency of its occurrence. No matter your suffering, it is important to let someone know how you feel.

Suffering happens. Burying how you feel in the hope that what you’re suffering with, will go away doesn’t help. It goes away when we deal with the issue. It is important not to let what you’re suffering with, or …

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20 Feb, 2020

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