A disability not obvious

It’s impossible to navigate a disability where it’s not obvious and you don’t come across as particularly disabled, but you still have mental and emotional struggles you deal with that aren’t always obvious to the outside world. It would be easy for others to be confused.

But my blogs and book tell a different story as I highlight my mental and emotional struggles for the first time. As a small child, I felt like a freak, because my disability wasn’t obvious and because I didn’t fit into …

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18 Feb, 2020

Forms of Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or emotional, the intelligence and the ego to regain balance and bring about our body’s own healing mechanisms.

Therapies that incorporate ‘Energetic Healing’ include Reiki, Reflexology and Acupuncture amongst others. Energetic Healing also encompasses lesser known therapies including aura and chakra …

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17 Feb, 2020

My autistic smile

My autism is mild enough for me to live my life, and although it gets in the way of my day to day living, it has allowed me to work through and document my experiences. I don’t mind autism, but others certainly struggle to understand me.

For 56 years I have been trying to work out why every time I look at myself in the mirror, why my gaze is fixed and without a natural animation smile and I know why now. I hate that I have no animation to …

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16 Feb, 2020

A box of books

How did I feel receiving a box of books on publication day? Honestly, it felt surreal as though the books were being delivered for someone else, not me. Having them, brings up lots of emotions.

Touching the pages and looking through the book,  I am thankful. I never thought I’d get to know what my disability was never mind be able to write about it. It’s also tinged with irritability and sadness, but …

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13 Feb, 2020

Ego changes ideology

Ego changes ideology, changes our perceptions. The salient point is that the ego changes our ideologies, therefore it changes us and how we live our lives. How we see the world through our egos will never be the same as if we’re going it alone. Without the ego, our lives will be more successful, balanced, and fair.

The more we use our ego, the more it will continue to alienate us from our lives, the more it will make us confrontational. The ego gives us false hope, a false sense of security. If used continually it will …

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12 Feb, 2020

Autism, a social awkwardness

The social awkwardness of autism is the most difficult to deal with. I have never really thought about how I present.

Growing up, I thought my physical disability was responsible for everything. I didn’t know autism was responsible for my mental and emotional disabilities. Although I have mild autism and I’m not high functioning …

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10 Feb, 2020

Being mindful of your actions

Being mindful isn’t just about being alerted to something and then being mindful of your actions. It’s about paying attention to your environment and your lives presently.

It’s also not something we will all have in our lifetime, that part is always up to us. But being mindful is something you must hone, and something that can have a positive impact on both your personal …

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9 Feb, 2020