Brainwashing Children

Brainwashing, also known as coercive persuasion, is the concept that the human mind can be controlled or altered by certain psychological techniques.

On the part of the child, they won’t always know they are being brainwashed by their parents, until they form relationships later on and emotionally they begin to struggle. Being brainwashed reduces our ability to …

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30 Apr, 2020

Good things come to those who wait

I have always been optimistic. I always believed no matter what happened around my disability, that good things would come. I had to wait. Innately that belief never left me. I needed to be patient. I needed to persevere.

That no matter what happened I couldn’t give up. Although I was an angry child, I never stopped believing in good things. Good things don’t just come, success doesn’t just happen, we must continue to work …

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27 Apr, 2020

Time to reflect

The more I move forward with my life, the more I seem to be reflecting. I am finding it difficult to get my head around the fact that not telling me was a wilful act, and that as a consequence it has taken me 57 years to piece my disabilities together.

I have also become more reflective because I have more time on my hands. Where we may meet with success, no matter what we deal with, no matter what we work through to meet with success, the truth …

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26 Apr, 2020

Our Corona lessons

Autism is the reason I’ve been in shock for the last 5 weeks being in lock down, but now it’s bringing a new thinking from me. Into the 5th week and it doesn’t feel scary. But the virus must bring a new thinking from all of us.

This back to back blog is important. The virus should be making you think about things. We have reduced our trips to the grocery store to one day a week, which means we’re buying more healthy food …

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25 Apr, 2020

Working through change

There are those of us who are always looking to change their lives or find something that challenges them and then there are those who hate change and will do everything not to have to face and work through change. Since change is inevitable, isn’t it about time we work through change?

So, there are two kinds of change, change that is forced upon us and change that we plan for ourselves, change that we have time to think about and prepare for. Change that is forced upon us (unexpected change) …

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23 Apr, 2020

Emotional benefits of running

Running certainly good for the body, but evidence reveals that it has many important benefits for the mind as well. Whether you’re a casual runner or a dedicated marathoner, your running routine can confer a number of positive mental effects.

Changes in the Brain

Running can help train the mind as much as it trains the body. You learn to focus and with determination can overcome …

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22 Apr, 2020

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