Yet another let down

I didn’t give myself cerebral palsy. It was something that was done to me, there is no getting away from that. I didn’t ask to be born with a disability, but I have it anyway.

According to the World Health Organisation (‘WHO’) the virus isn’t going away. If we come out of lockdown permanently, I have concerns on how I will cope trying to get back into my life. I can see myself …

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31 May, 2020

Covid-19, it’s time to change

There are moments in life that are etched into our memories forever. The world grinding to a halt to help slow the spread of COVID-19 is undoubtedly going to be one such moment, and it is precisely moments like these which change how we think about the world and about our place in it.

It is easy to feel invincible in a modern society in which we live longer than ever before and yet, despite all of the technological advancements of the last century, we are still powerless to prevent floods …

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29 May, 2020

Autism in lockdown

With a compromised immunity and cerebral palsy I am high risk Covid_19, made difficult because I have autism. After 2 months of lockdown I feel I am finally adjusting better.

Until I am able to make the connections there is no joined up thinking. With our liberty being been snatched away, my regular autistic routine has slowly been replaced with a different routine that …

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27 May, 2020

Benefits of selflessness

There are benefits to being selfless. Being able to do anything selflessly means you’re helping to expand your sense of self, sense of who you are. It means you’re less jealous, less vanity focused and less mean.

When we act selfishly, we limit ourselves to a thinking that only benefits us. Where selfish acts hinder emotional and spiritual growth, selfless acts build on emotional and spiritual growth. Being selfless …

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25 May, 2020

Exercise benefits children

Two new studies published recently in the journal Paediatrics, show how exercise can help children combat depression as well as behavioural disorders.

Physical activity strengthens a child’s muscles and bones, prevents excessive weight gain, and reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, and other conditions. However, physical activity is also beneficial to the …

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24 May, 2020

Other people’s beliefs

As a child growing up, I accepted other people’s beliefs as my own, beliefs that were right for them, living those beliefs as if they were my own.

Like me, you may also have been expected to take on those beliefs unconditionally, without question. My parents’ beliefs became my beliefs. They were beliefs given to them by their parents, never questioned by …

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23 May, 2020

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