We shape our own future

As a child, every thought and spoken word you’re given shapes you and your future. In my own case, couple that with a disability I didn’t know I had, it can make for uncomfortable thoughts.

For us to come to terms with our lives, our ‘house must be put in order’ and this is what my blog does. I write about my experiences and although it doesn’t always make for comfortable reading for me …

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30 Jun, 2020

How to develop Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing attention to our experiences, occurring in the present moment without judgment.

It can be developed through the practice of meditation, or just spending time quietly in thought. Mindfulness is something we must have if we are going to have peace in our lives. It’s something we must …

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29 Jun, 2020

Just be nice

Be nice because you can. Be nice because you would want others to be nice to you and because being nice strengthens relationships and it’s the right thing to do.

There is no getting away from how I got to this place, mentally and emotionally neglected for many years. There was always expectation, and no appreciation on the things I struggled with. That’s not …

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28 Jun, 2020

Respect others

Although respect is an overall evaluation we give to others, we must respect others. We don’t have to agree, but it is important we are respectful.

Uniquely, we are different and individual. Most of us will have a moral compass guided by our own values, but that doesn’t mean others will be guided by our standards. Although respect is not a …

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26 Jun, 2020

My Book Journey

When I started to put my first book together, I had no idea what form it would take. My book journey started so that I could understand my life around a disability I didn’t know I had. Not knowing what my symptoms were, it was important I brought them together in a safe, self-contained and non-judgmental way.

Looking back on ‘My Book’ and using reflection, it would also have been easy for me to write about my experiences negatively, to continue to see those experiences negatively, to shout those responsible …

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24 Jun, 2020

Covid19, our changed lives

Living in lockdown hasn’t been easy, but it will be a waste, if we are to learn nothing from our experiences on why we went into lockdown in the first place. It wouldn’t be right for us to come out, and change nothing.

I write about Covid19 because it is important I understand from a universal point, everything there is to know about the virus and why it’s not the time for us to become complacent and think we can go back to …

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22 Jun, 2020

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