Child Obesity

Among younger children, the rates of obesity are alarming, with one in ten children aged four to five years now classed as obese.

National records have been kept in the UK since the mid 1990’s and these show that one in five 10 to 11-year olds are obese. If overweight children are also included, the figures show that around one in three …

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28 Sep, 2020

A positive slant on my life

Living through trauma isn’t easy, but how we see our experiences through the other end is important. No matter how negative my experiences or life was, it was important I didn’t sugar coat those, in terms of my mental health; it was important I was able to stay present and positive.

A Positive Mental Attitude allows you to assert yourself positively, so that no matter the situation your positive disposition …

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27 Sep, 2020

Looking after Nature

Bringing nature into our everyday lives will help us connect with ourselves and each other as well as think about and value nature, encouraging us to incorporate more sustainable behaviours.

It is desperately needed. Nature is struggling to survive and need our help. Nature and the human species share the same eco-system, therefore it is important we look after nature and start to experience nature …

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24 Sep, 2020

Rest and Exercise

Although it’s important for us to exercise, we should remember to take rest. Exercise is addictive, once we start, we tend to want to exercise more.

But exercise like everything else should be taken in moderation. Too much exercise may work against us and without rest may have catastrophic effects, such as increased susceptibility to colds and …

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23 Sep, 2020

Political Suicide

In 10 years of writing, the political landscape has changed. Through autism and so I feel comfortable with what is happening in the political landscape, I feel I am left with little choice but to write about what is happening. I need to feel better.

I am sorry these kind of blogs don’t make for comfortable reading, but the truth doesn’t not exist because we don’t talk about it. The truth is out there whether we accept it, or not. The political landscape …

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22 Sep, 2020

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