A Mental Health Book for these times

I’m not a celebrity, but I do have ‘A Story’ to tell! My Book: Cerebral Palsy ‘A Story’ not only takes me on my own journey, but it takes the reader by the hand on their own journey too. It is perfect for Covid-19 times.

My book shows us a different way to be. It helps us to cope in these difficult times. Where you may be feeling tense and uneasy about the road ahead, it can bring about more calm and peace. Where you’re going …

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30 Oct, 2020

Sequence of Events

Having written for 10 years about cerebral palsy, and trying to piece my disability together, I am struggling to come to terms with the enormity of being left in the dark around a disability I didn’t know I had.

It goes something like this. You live with symptoms you didn’t know were symptoms, you struggle, you continue to fail, you struggle, and you fail again. There was no empathy or compassion around my disability …

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29 Oct, 2020

Ownership of Possessions, the simple life

We attribute meaning to the insignificant things and miss out on the significant things. By us living simply, the simple life as I call it, we can choose to put the right emphasis on aspects of our lives that bring about peace, harmony and stability.

Sadly, we accumulate things, things have become a religion substitute to those who like material things. We are no longer defined by our thoughts, but by things. We are defined by what we have rather than by …

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28 Oct, 2020

Living in the Pandemic

I have always looked at things positively to see how I can feel better about what I deal with and what I need to overcome. Thankfully, 8 months in and I am now feeling more comfortable about living in the pandemic.

In the early months I struggled to get to grips with it. It scared me so much that I couldn’t sleep or eat, luckily I had my blog …

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25 Oct, 2020

Supporting Mental Illness

Mental illness isn’t always supported and accepted. Not everyone will act like they are supportive, but will be quick to make those people who struggle feel bad. We must be supportive of everyone.

Mental illness is often invisible to the untrained eye, and unless you’re aware or you understand how mental illness looks, you may …

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24 Oct, 2020

The Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise for us all are undeniable. But the ‘new normal’ has meant less physical activity for many children of school age.

Children can still stay active and exercising will likely lift their spirits if they can go running, ride a bike or exercise at home. No matter what their fitness level, children can improve their overall health with …

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22 Oct, 2020

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