A study of Brexit voting

In 2016 the UK was given the referendum vote, which 4 years on and is still courting controversy. According to the following research, Brexit has also brought about a certain arrogance, narcissistic, uncaring approach, one that may have not been there before, and if it was, it wasn’t obvious.

Scientists from the UK, Poland and Portugal have looked at xenophobia around Brexit and have since measured the effect of xenophobia on voting behaviour and found that it was strongly related to …

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27 Nov, 2020

The last piece of the jigsaw

The hardest thing for me is hearing the recent truth of how I got to this place. Now 11 years into my initial cerebral palsy diagnosis, there is one last piece of the jigsaw to add, that I couldn’t have foreseen or anticipated without looking at my life in detail.

Looking into what we deal with that we don’t even know about is hard, made harder when we learn the facts behind the deeds and come out with an altogether thinking about those who were responsible for …

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26 Nov, 2020

Covid Rule Breakers

We have an opportunity to change the world we live in and yet nothing changes. We are living through an unprecedented pandemic and it is clear from the media there are those who are behaving as if life is normal.

The virus is our wake-up call, a lesson for us to change our lives moving forward. We must all do more, or we will find out to our cost that it wasn’t enough for us to think about it, talk about it and not change …

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24 Nov, 2020

My Book of Connected Experiences

My book is not only a blueprint of my life and of my disability, based on my experiences and how I see the world, it also connects each of us together through universal truths. Universal truths teach others how to treat us, by what they know we will tolerate.

My book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ Finding the Calm after the Storm, gives each of us clarity, allowing us to make connections with ourselves, our lives and our experiences. It gives me clarity on my …

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23 Nov, 2020


Growing up, I didn’t have any preconceptions or opinions on my disability or what those meant. I had to wait until such a time I could find out what it all really meant.

I owed it to myself to understand what I needed to know about a disability I didn’t know I had. I also needed to come to understand how and why I got to this place, rather than rely on the information I had …

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22 Nov, 2020

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