Going out for the first time

t’s been 15 months now since the UK initially went into lockdown in March 2021 due to Covid-19, and with the outside world feeling beyond my reach mentally and emotionally, today is a pinnacle moment. I managed to go out.

Yes, going out for the first time to a grocery store, I feel as though I have reached the top of a mountain and I couldn’t be prouder. I hope I can continue to move forward and feel confident about going out as and …

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20 Jun, 2021

Autism and fear

When it comes to informative blogs such as this, I research the facts to make sure that what I know is what the facts recall. The pandemic felt massive, I had no control over how I felt, how I saw it. The principal emotion of autism is fear. It is because I deal with autism that I have fear. There is no getting away from that.

Writing about autism in my book Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm’ understanding how I think and what my struggles were, adds a different perspective to the book, one that I …

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19 Jun, 2021

Exposed to different elements

Mental health is the umbrella term used to describe “a state of emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities, function in society, and meet the ordinary demands of everyday life.” – Google.

When we’re small we’re exposed to different elements and those elements may become a problem around our mental health. Being exposed to the different elements starts when you’re undervalued, under loved …

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18 Jun, 2021

Growing up with a determination

Had everything come together, and everyone done their job with my disability and learning difficulties, I would have been put into a special school, so my life would have been worse in that respect, but I still never grew up the way I wanted to.

Although ignoring a disability must never be something society ignores or condones, in my case growing up with no mental or emotional support, over the years I became more determined to find out about my …

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16 Jun, 2021

Wilful Behaviour

We would have to have our eyes closed not to see someone that presents with wilful behaviour. Even if it’s not obvious at first, it quickly becomes obvious and is often difficult to avoid. When it happens in families, it’s more difficult to understand.

Wilful behaviour is calculating, it’s behaviour that if that person had their time again would do the same thing again. Wilful is not premeditated. It is usually brought about through unconscious thoughts …

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15 Jun, 2021

Reducing our carbon footprint through food

Reducing our carbon footprint through the food we eat is important. It is now accepted that greenhouse gases are warming the Earth’s atmosphere, directly leading to more natural disasters, shifts in weather patterns, and rising sea levels. Less well known is the link between adopting a climate-friendly diet or a low-carbon diet to reduce humans’ carbon footprint.

A 2018, study by the University of Oxford, concluded that adopting a vegan diet would reduce a person’s carbon footprint by 73%. This is far more significant than cutting down on flights or buying an electric car …

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14 Jun, 2021

Energy Healing

My book, Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ has given me a voice, an understanding for the first time of a life struggled, of a life lived, but more importantly, an understanding of my experiences and why what happened to me, happened.

In my current book, I write in a way that brings understanding to all of us, not just me. I tap into the universe to write, to bring an insight to the issues that affect us all. Being stuck in my head over the years …

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12 Jun, 2021

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