Two Sides of Me

There have always been two sides to me, the side where I write with ease and the part that makes sense, then there’s the side of me that lives with continual struggles around anxiety and autism that never goes away.

Through my writing, I make things look easy, but my life and what I have to deal with around anxiety and autism are far from easy. Even if I had been given a name as a child, I still wouldn’t have had the tools to …

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31 Mar, 2021

Forgiving someone

There is no point in forgiving someone, say we have, and we’re still behaving hostile towards that person. That isn’t forgiveness. Forgiving means we literally wipe the slate clean and we start again.

Not forgiving someone doesn’t make us a bad person. It depends on whether we feel the other person is worthy of our forgiveness. Forgiving isn’t about forgetting, it’s about finding an acceptance, a place for …

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28 Mar, 2021

Covid-19, my pre-existing conditions

Whilst we may all be home right now, once we’re out of lockdown and the country begins to open up again, I will be more vulnerable to catching Covid-19 because I deal with a pre-existing condition.

The realities of living through the pandemic has been impossible at times, and although I haven’t been able to prevent emotional storms from cropping up, I am learning how to relate skilfully to each …

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27 Mar, 2021

Simple Home Exercises for Lockdown

All around the world people are in varying states of lockdown. While some are able to get out and about and exercise others can’t unfortunately.

With these simple exercises you have a home gym, making use of stuff you have lying around anyway or using nothing at all. There’s plenty that you can do with nothing more than your own body-weight and …

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26 Mar, 2021

Looking forwards

Looking forwards means not giving in or up, it’s also telling the universe we’re taking control of our issues, and of our life. It puts us in a healthier head space, as long as we’re not looking forwards to ignore the past on the things we have to deal with.

It means we’re mentally and emotionally in tune with ourselves. When we presently live life, it’s showing others our life matters and we count. It means we’re looking at the distance in the direction we’re …

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24 Mar, 2021

Emotional Validation

The reality of living through the pandemic is enormously difficult for us all and although I cannot prevent emotional storms from cropping up, with emotional validation I am learning how to relate to each challenging moment and thought.

Through emotional validation, it is important we acknowledge each other’s feelings so that we are able to feel comfortable in …

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23 Mar, 2021

Stop caring what others think

The thing that holds us back the most, is our concern of what others think; instead of thinking about ourselves and whether what we’re doing is right.

Other people’s opinions have everything to do with them, their past, their judgments, and their expectations. Your truth is your truth. No matter what you do, others may always have an opinion, but that has …

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22 Mar, 2021

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