Experiences and Memories

Daniel Kahneman is an Israeli psychologist and economist most famous for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, for which he was awarded the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Kahneman argues that our decisions are based not our experiences, but on our memories.

He examines the reasoning behind our bad decision making and how we might make better decisions, even if those decisions  …

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30 Jun, 2021

Struggling to come to terms

Getting myself off the starting block for taking the vaccine, is near to impossible. Living with Covid-19 has sent my anxiety and autism into overdrive. For every reason I tell myself I can do it, I’ve already given myself ten reasons why I can’t.

With issues outstanding around the main two vaccines, those problems are sending my autistic brain into overdrive. I want to …

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28 Jun, 2021

Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed

Success doesn’t replace trauma. Neither does it mend your growing up struggles and things can become overwhelming when we least expect. Situations can change quickly, but situations that continue, can seem like they last a lifetime.

When things feel overwhelmed it is easier to do nothing. Mentally we may not react well to change and then nothing will change …

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26 Jun, 2021

My Unique Story

Writing blogs for The CP Diary, was the start of the process of me coming to terms with my experiences. Writing my book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ was the other part of the process. Up until that point, I didn’t understand what my disability meant in any detail, what my symptoms were, or how I presented.

Finding out about my disability at the age of 46, and writing about my experiences in a self-contained place, so I could finally come to terms with everything that’s happened, makes ‘my story’ unique …

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24 Jun, 2021

Children and Exercise in Covid-19

Experts are extremely concerned that the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on children’s physical activity levels. New figures from Sport England show the majority of young people failed to meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise in the 2019/20 school year.

There were 2.3 million children classed as ‘inactive’ as a result of lockdown restrictions, which means they were not doing even 30 minutes of exercise per day. The survey showed, Covid-19 has also …

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23 Jun, 2021

The Psychology of Expectations

Expectations are things you want to achieve, or things you believe life should grant you. Society, institutions, have a habit of placing expectations on us.

When we’re small, institutions like school expect great things. Children are expected to do well, and questions asked if they don’t. As parents we also place expectations on our children so they will grow up to be …

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22 Jun, 2021

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