Our Higher Self

In spiritual terms, the higher self is an extension of us and part of the universal source of cosmic energy. It is an energy we can’t always see, but it links us to everything and everyone in the cosmos.

The higher consciousness, through this shared energy, is contained within each of us, which gives us access to knowledge from within ourselves and universal wisdom. Our ‘higher self’ is very much part of us. It is …

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27 Sep, 2021

Mindfulness Exercises

According to Professor Mark Williams, former director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Mindfulness is knowing and understanding what is going on inside and outside of ourselves at every given moment.

An important part of being mindful is connecting with our bodies, and the sensations they experience. This means working with your five senses, to live presently making yourself aware of what’s happening in the …

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24 Sep, 2021

Lifting Restrictions, Covid-19

Restrictions lifted in the UK, doesn’t mean Covid-19 is done. It is because the UK government have lifted restrictions that we need to keep those in place.

It has become even more important, because we’re not safe. Freedom of movement can only work if we continue to keep ourselves safe. It is also because I am home that I couldn’t be surer. But it is not enough …

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23 Sep, 2021

The Power of our thoughts

Everything that happens to us, good or bad, starts with a solitary thought. When we tap into our cognitive and emotional capabilities, to meet the ordinary demands of everyday life, and we are able to successfully function, we know we are emotionally and psychologically well.

As a child growing up without knowing about my disability that I would later find out about, I struggled with my mental health …

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22 Sep, 2021

Mentally Stagnating in Covid-19

Mental health in Covid-19 seems to be at the bottom of the pile and needs to come to the top. Mental health has been made more apparent in Covid-19 and for many of us it’s on the back-burner.

As a child, I was continually stuck in my head and wasn’t aware I was dealing with mental health issues. That became evident when as an adult, I was taken out of my comfort zone, a situation arose that I …

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20 Sep, 2021

Uncomfortable Emotions

Although initially it feels easier to hold back on our emotions, after a while it becomes harder when you’re continually holding back. It’s okay to feel angry when you’re irritated or mad at someone, or to cry when you feel sad.

From a young age, not knowing what a disability looked like, it was clear I struggled with my emotions. For me it wasn’t so much that my emotions felt uncomfortable, I wasn’t always aware in my childhood what I …

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19 Sep, 2021

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