Autism, my non-feeling world

“Do they understand how much I love them?” Paddy McGuiness talking about his children’s autistic diagnosis. I’m loving the fact that being in the public domain, he’s able to talk about it. I’m not so lucky that way. I have a blog where I can talk about my life with autism, but that’s where our similarities end.

Getting my autistic diagnosis at the age of 56 has been life affirming, life changing because it has opened me up to a world beyond a diagnosis, a name. It also meant for the first time I could come to terms with ‘how I was’ …

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29 Nov, 2021

Nothing will change, unless…

“We write our own destiny, we become what we do.” – Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, 1898-2003. Madame Chiang Kai-Shek was right and very insightful… the world is fatally writing its own destiny; the fundamental problems are the ego and culture. This refers to beliefs and patterns, attitudes, feelings, and habitats.

Through ego and culture, as we go about our daily lives, we think about ourselves and don’t stop to think about and put others first. We know what we know, we want what we want and ignore the bigger picture of how our lives impact …

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27 Nov, 2021

Putting my books together

I have heard authors say how hard it is to write when there is potential for criticism of their work. I started writing 12 years ago through my blog, The CP Diary.

I thought it might be helpful for me and others, to explain how I put my books together. It took me 3 years to put my first book together. Once it was published, I started to put the manuscript together for …

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25 Nov, 2021

Mental Health Struggles

Grappling with our unconscious thoughts are the biggest reason why we outwardly struggle. What is clear, we need to concentrate on ourselves, to work through what we need to work through so that how we feel about ourselves changes.

Emotions are complex and complicated. One person’s good day is another person’s mental struggle. How we each see our …

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24 Nov, 2021

Exercising with Limited Mobility

Exercise is important, whether you are disabled or not. Exercise is good for the heart and it can help to strengthen muscles. For some these improvements in strength and cardiovascular health can have an enhancement on our quality of life.

There are also positive mental health benefits. Exercise has a natural ability lift our mood as the endorphins produced exercising can help us to feel happier. In the long-term, in general those who exercise regularly …

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21 Nov, 2021

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