A – Z of Homeopathy

Ever since my children were small, I have always used Homeopathy on them to treat ailments, rather than resorting to traditional medicine. Homeopathy has successfully treated my family’s ailments, with common conditions such as coughs; colds, temperatures, strains and aches and pains etc.

I will be describing some of the basic remedies so you get a taster of what Homeopathy can do and their every day usefulness, but first of all I will go on to explain a little bit about Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a Holistic Health Practice, based on treating the patient as a whole, using highly diluted substances in tablet form that match the patient’s symptoms. Its job is to trigger the body into healing itself more efficiently with no side effects.

Homeopathy has always been based on the principle that you ‘treat like for like,’ which means administering the patient with the same substance as the substance that has caused the symptoms in the first place, but in much smaller diluted amounts.

It is based on the patient’s individual symptoms, with the most appropriate remedy administered to cure the patient from his/her symptoms. An hour’s consultation period is normally recommended, but not always essential if one is familiar with its teachings.

The remedies themselves come from plants, minerals and animals. Where as conventional medicine suppresses the immune system, regular treatment of Homeopathy is known to boost the immune system and can be taken in the safe knowledge that there are no side effects.

It is becoming more popular, but there is still more that needs to be known about it.

4 Feb, 2011

4 thoughts on “A – Z of Homeopathy

  1. I’ve used homeopathy for many years to treat serious and acute illnesses like muscular disorders and bronchitis. I’ve used it to heal nerve and skin damage caused by injuries and to prevent pain and swelling from dental work and dental problems. It heals safely and gently but dynamically. It’s inexpensive too.

    It’s been so successful that it’s my primary form of medicine.

    I use it with great success for the acute problems my animals have, things like boils, infections and itchy flea bites. It works beautifully and saves an expensive trip to the vet and the cost of drugs.

    1. Christy, thank you for coming on the site.

      I totally agree with your comments ‘about the use of homeopathy.’ It is my primary form of medicine too. There are also no side effects too, which is great, particularly when dealing with animals.

      Thanks for your post.

  2. Very good information.

    I would like to get into it more myself and come off conventional medicine I’ve been on for years, but it’s going to take time.

    As you said it, there are side effects with conventional medicine and you can’t just stop taking it.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Anyone can come off conventional meds but you have to be weaned off them first, it’s not something you should just stop.

      Alternative supplements have lots of additional health benefits and can work with conventional meds too. That would be something you could look into if you cannot come off all your meds.

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