Hiding Behind a Mask

It is because I live with anxiety that I have chosen not to hide behind a mask. As a child I wanted to talk about things. It is the only way I know to feel better about things. It lightens the load.

I’m probably not the norm. Generally, we may hide behind our imperfections, our emotions, because we’re not comfortable in our own skin, but for anyone hiding, it means they’re hiding from themselves …

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3 Mar, 2021

Talent v Hard Work

Talent and effort equal hard work equals potential success, but even with effort hard work may not always equal success without a modicum of talent.

Not everyone who works hard will meet with success and those with talent who don’t work hard, may only need to rely on their talent to get them through. It’s not always fair when people who work hard, but …

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2 Mar, 2021

Judged and Misunderstood

It’s been 10 years since Susan Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, and wowed global audiences. In January 2021 she was interviewed for Entertainment.

Since Susan’s first appearance she’s gone on to sell millions of records worldwide. In 2012 she was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and says she feels she continues to be judged and misunderstood, by people …

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28 Feb, 2021

Questions about Covid-19

How does Covid-19 spread and how did it manage to mutate into three strains? I ask because I have concerns and feel questions still need to be asked by politicians, and scientists alike. If we understand how the virus works, we will understand how to reduce Covid-19, instead of going into it blindly.

The UK government has laid out the Covid-19 recovery road map and wants children back in school by 8th March, there are now obviously concerns from worried parents that unless teachers and assisting staff are …

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26 Feb, 2021

Root of Unhappiness

Too many expectations will always be the root of our unhappiness. People live with expectations placed on them every single day. As small child, parents have expectations that their children will achieve and will do well.

Through institutions like school, expectations are placed on parents for their children to do well. With realistic expectations of what we can expect, what we want to happen, we continue to place expectations …

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24 Feb, 2021

The Importance of Exercise for Children

Given Covid-19, children are spending more and more time on their phones and tablets and less time playing outdoors, or in any physical activity. The resulting problem of childhood obesity is a huge concern in the UK, throughout Europe and the US.

Given what’s happening with Covid, it has never been more important than it is now to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle in children from a young age to try and reduce the amount of inactivity and …

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23 Feb, 2021

Continuing my Book Journey

My follow-on book, charts my spiritual and healing journey, coming through a disability I didn’t know I had. I also take the reader through their own ‘spiritual and healing’ journey. My new book is based on ‘spirituality and healing,’ it is universal, meaning it exists everywhere, it involves everyone.

It’s something we can all aspire to. Spirituality gives us purpose, it allows for healing; spirituality and healing go together, with both in our life, our challenges, struggles and lives become easier, without either …

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22 Feb, 2021