Learning to identify

We must allow ourselves to identify and make peace with ourselves, our past and with our present lives. By learning to identify with certain experiences, deal with and come to terms with parts of those experiences that form our past, we will begin to open our minds to life in its present form and all its future possibilities.

We learn and identify better through understanding our issues, past and present and then how best we can make the necessary changes. It’s important we learn how to identify what’s clearly bothering us. Not to will interfere …

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23 Oct, 2017

My different world

Because I deal with neurological impairments, all new circumstances are difficult, some of which I shy away from, some of which I go into with trepidation, anxiety and uncertainty, primarily because I have no choice.

If my new circumstances don’t visually look or feel right, it’s easy for me to panic and feel anxious. Sadly, as a child my parents taking responsibility for me didn’t take away new circumstances, or less familiar settings, I struggled with all of those.

I also remember continually having to deal with obsessions centred around …

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22 Oct, 2017

Making assumptions

It’s dangerous to assume or make assumptions about anyone. The fact that we take for granted or presuppose something about someone means we’ve already decided those things are true, before we have thought the situation through again.

How do assumptions work?

Assumptions are part of a belief system we believe are true. Those assumptions are then used by us to interpret the world around us. We justify our reasoning behind the assumptions we make and …

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20 Oct, 2017

White or wholegrain bread?

I’ve always been told and gone with the fact that wholegrain has to be better than white bread. For those of us interested in health, the results of a recent new study comparing the health effects of white bread versus wholegrain sourdough bread are very interesting indeed.

The study compared the effects of consuming white bread for one week, followed after a break by consuming wholegrain sourdough for one week, or vice versa. Those taking part in the study …

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19 Oct, 2017

An emotional vacuum

No one’s childhood is perfect. When we look back there’s always something we weren’t happy with, or would look to change and often do.

Having had to live in an emotional vacuum for 46 years is a long time no one should have to endure, let alone live. I think that out of all my experiences, this is the biggest one I’m finding difficult to come …

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16 Oct, 2017

Speaking out of turn

If we’re going to speak out, say what we feel, we must say it loud enough for others to hear, to express an opinion on the things that matter to us, on the things we care about.

It’s perfectly acceptable to say something and that’s different to speaking out of turn. But where does one start and the other end and speaking out of turn, is that really how it is? Or is it that where …

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15 Oct, 2017

Correcting attitudes

The uncertainty of what’s currently going on in the UK, in the States and in the wider world, forces us to rethink our mood, our lives, our families and makes what we get to deal with even more uncertain. Where things could change things and us be supportive, that’s clearly not happening.

On the back of what’s happening, I try not to watch or listen to what’s going on in the news. With yet more uncertainties, I don’t want to hone in on more than I have to deal with. The news has …

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14 Oct, 2017