Tai Chi exercise

We know that Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that combines movement and relaxation, which is good for both the body and mind.

Tai Chi, knowing as “meditation in motion” is made up of a series of graceful movements that slowly transition smoothly into the next. It combines slow, deliberate movements and incorporates breathing exercises and meditation.

Tai Chi is not designed to raise your heart rate or burn calories, but helps circulation, balance and alignment. Tai Chi also helps restore your energy, called chi. Its low impact moving …

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18 Mar, 2019

Siblings & disability

Although there is no set rule of how siblings should be raised around a brother or sister with a disability, it is important parents encourage or insist, siblings play an integral role in the lives of their sibling with the disability.

The nature of a disability means there are several common issues faced by a child with a disability, but their siblings may emotionally struggle too. It is not uncommon for that child’s siblings to be at risk of …

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17 Mar, 2019

When children are ignored

I grew up in an era where children were ‘seen and not heard.’ Whatever squabbles or aggrievances I had, I was told ‘we were as bad as each other.’ There was no mediation, so my protests went unheard.

It was at a time when parents didn’t seem to care whether their issues became their children’s. But whatever stress our parents are under, their stress shouldn’t be ours. It is important children have their emotional …

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15 Mar, 2019

Children & junk food

Children eating to much junk food has been an increasing health issue for some time. Government’s have recognised it as a major problem supported by an ever increasing number of studies linking excessive consumption of junk food with significant health problems.

The Daily Telegraph reports that every hour a child spends on line increases chance of buying junk food by a fifth …

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14 Mar, 2019

Putting a lid on abuse

A recent documentary about the victims of Michael Jackson made me think about my own circumstances and how in a relatively short space of time we come to normalise our experiences of abuse.

When we think about abuse everything about it begins to feel normal. It’s easier that way, rather than us having to confront the inevitable. But that can’t make our life easier, if anything it makes it harder …

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13 Mar, 2019

A disability buried

Living with a disability isn’t easy. But living with symptoms you know you have, but know nothing about is even harder. Knowing you have symptoms and not understanding your symptoms or struggles are even harder still.

A disability being brushed under the carpet, buried… never spoken about, meant I would never get to talk about my physical or neurological difficulties growing up. It’s not what any child should have to go through …

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11 Mar, 2019


Having brain damage and Autism means I struggle with things like humour and therefore deal with sensitivity more than most.

Sensitivity means the state, or quality of us reacting to being sensitive to something that’s said, an emotional reaction where we become offended or upset, sensitivity to a drug, or to an external allergen. It is …

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10 Mar, 2019

Finding a little comfort

No matter how many years it’s taken for me to get to this point, it still feels raw. In nearly 9 years of blogging, the hardest part has been for me to come to terms with the reasoning behind not knowing about my disability, my diagnoses and being forced to accept this was my life.

Even with the bigger picture in the frame, it has brought little comfort, knowing those responsible cared more about themselves than they cared about me. But I also know that without the life I’ve had I wouldn’t …

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9 Mar, 2019