Being true to myself

The more I have learned about my disability through my book, the more real it became, the more understanding of my disability I became. But how I got to this place so late, is something I will never understand.

Not to know who you are, or how and why you present the way you do, or what makes you the person you are with your difficulties is incomprehensible. We can tackle anything when we are informed …

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14 Jul, 2020

Healthy Hydration Guide

This blog will be published in two parts. Water is essential for life. It is important we get the right amount of fluid to be healthy. However, there are lots of mixed messages about how much, and what to drink and this can be confusing.

Why do you need water?

We need water to help regulate temperature, transport nutrients and compounds in the blood, remove waste products and act …

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12 Jul, 2020

Trying to find acceptance

This was on my mind today. When I look at my life in the whole, I can’t believe that as I continue to write and talk about my experiences that this was my life.

Then I reconcile that it happened that I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing, but it’s only ever short-lived. After 57 years what I find difficult to accept are the relationships I had around a disability …

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9 Jul, 2020

Coping with Covid_19

The autism in me has struggled to recognise Covid_19 or connect with its facts. The pandemic isn’t going away, but we all have to live alongside it. We must take care and be responsible for ourselves.

The life we had isn’t the life we have now. Times have changed and we must change with it. There will be times when we have to go out, in those times mask and glove up and when you’re not gloved up, use hand …

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8 Jul, 2020

The intentions of my Book

When I started writing and putting my story together, ‘My Story’ wasn’t going to be about blame, a kiss and tell story, what he said, what she said, what I said, it also wasn’t going to be a negative book.

There are many positive reviews of my book, one of those reviews is below:

Review by Author & Activist, T.R. Bauer –

5.0 out of 5 stars – Not just an exceptional piece of work, this book is a lifeline!

“King Solomon once lamented that there is nothing new under the sun. The great author, T.S. Eliot, famously wrote, “Good writers borrow, great writers steal.” In the case of this book I believe Ilana Estelle …

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7 Jul, 2020

Confinements of lockdown

I continue to write about Covid_19 on my blog because I’d cope less not getting my thoughts out there. With lockdown finished the UK Government has forced those like myself who are high risk back into our homes.

With pubs already open and restaurants and bars due to open today, I have no choice but to stay home. I shall continue to stay safe. With too many lives already lost due to this Government’s handling, we can …

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6 Jul, 2020