Thinking for ourselves

Looking at what I have managed to achieve through my website, it would be quite hard to believe that as a child I was a shy and insular child, underneath the anger.

I was scared to venture out of the bubble that had been created for me. Going to camp was a struggle. I’m not even sure I lasted a night there before my parents were told to come and pick me …

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21 Jan, 2018

Exercise, diet & tummy fat

Due to our sedentary lifestyles and stressful jobs, fat can easily build up and can be very hard to shift. Sadly, fat deposits around the tummy are linked to serious health issues, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Below are a few simple suggestions:

Resistance training

Everyone knows that regular exercise is key to losing weight, however not everyone is aware that resistance training is one …

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20 Jan, 2018

The cycle of abuse

The sad reality is that because we don’t consciously see or equate people’s bad behaviour with abuse, we continually accept the behaviour we’re presented with.

But being aware of what is considered abuse, is the first step to understanding what abuse looks like. A person’s undertones, being intimidating, and where they make us feel nervous that is abuse …

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19 Jan, 2018

Why we may fail

Just because we choose to block things out, doesn’t mean those things didn’t happen, in the same way failing to acknowledge another person’s success doesn’t mean that person isn’t successful.

Blocking it out doesn’t make it so. Sadly, as we continue to block things out we will not only fail to recognise other people’s success, but our potential success too. Perhaps society, family and our …

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16 Jan, 2018

The CP Diary Newsletter

I have now added a Newsletter to The CP Diary brand to add to my website. I am sure some of you who visit the Diary will have noticed a pop up for you to subscribe to my Newsletter which is to be a regular feature of the Diary.

I hope many of you as possible will subscribe, so the Newsletter can be a regular feature on the Diary. Those of you who have already subscribed you should have received my first Newsletter of …

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15 Jan, 2018

Learning about me

It’s true that parents don’t always give their children the tools they need to be able to function in their lives, but for me to have to join and cross everything on my own is a different matter altogether. I find it sad that I’m still having to work things out for myself.

I’ve done it to understand what I get to deal with, something that wasn’t afforded to me as a child. As parents, we may not get the parent thing right all the time and that’s accepted …

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13 Jan, 2018