It’s okay not to forgive

If you’ve experienced trauma or neglect, you will understand when you hear someone say, you are supposed to forgive the perpetrator, but you’ve not quite got there.

We forgive because we’re guilt tripped into thinking we must. We’re afraid others may think we’re bad or unkind if we don’t, but not forgiving someone has nothing to do with us being bad or unkind, it’s not …

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10 Aug, 2019

Scrambling in the dark

Not knowing why something didn’t look or feel right growing up around a disability I didn’t know I had, was scary. It also heightened my anxiety through autism that I also didn’t know I had.

It was scary because I didn’t know why I felt anxious, scary when I felt panicked, scary when things visually didn’t look right, not easily forgivable, because there was no forgiveness from those who should …

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9 Aug, 2019

Cycle to Work Day

Today is Cycle to Work Day. This is the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event held every year since 2012. It is a day when people cycle to work to promote the government’s Cycle to Work Scheme.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a UK government scheme that lets you hire up to £1,000 worth of bike and safety equipment through your employer. The scheme is usually over a 12/18-month period …

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8 Aug, 2019

My struggle with stairs

Cerebral refers to the brain, palsy refers to the impairment or loss of motor function, therefore as we age with the condition, the impairment and loss of motor function gets bigger the more our brain cells decrease.

Since my brain cells dictate my physical movement with cerebral palsy, there was always going to come a time when cerebral palsy was going to be more difficult to deal with. I was never going to be free …

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6 Aug, 2019

Tobacco & Alcohol

Both tobacco and alcohol are highly addictive and have long-ranging health consequences. The effects of mixing tobacco and alcohol may include a shortened life span, interpersonal problems and respiratory problems.

This is because both substances can be dangerous on their own and because tobacco is a mild stimulant, while alcohol is a depressant. Both tobacco and alcohol are legal and widely available, making them …

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5 Aug, 2019


If like me you’ve been on the receiving end of being underestimated by others over the years, and it continued, it will always be a hard pill to swallow.

Others thinking I had less ability than I really had, has always been part of my life. It was never about what I was incapable of, more about what others thought about themselves, but it was never about me …

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4 Aug, 2019

Consequences of our actions

Every action causes a consequence, a consequence that will either make our lives easier, or will make our lives more difficult. Some of the consequences may be reversible, other consequences set in concrete, that changes our lives forever.

We live the consequences of our actions and other people’s actions every day. Our lives are the result of our actions, and of our actions of other people. That’s something we must all think about …

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2 Aug, 2019