Accepting what I know

I will never know now if my cerebral palsy diagnosis as a child will have helped me understand my presenting symptoms. I do know for sure I will have known about my inability to learn and about my intellect.

Unless things have changed and doctors have moved further on in their approach, once you have a diagnosis, consultants don’t look at all the presenting symptoms, unless it’s a symptom that’s obvious …

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7 Aug, 2018

Why we ignore our behaviour

We’re quite happy to point out other people’s faults, but will conveniently fail to acknowledge our own. Why we do that is clear cut more than we think. It’s far easier for us to ignore our behaviour, than it is for us to confront and deal with our presenting behaviour.

We would rather confront or pick someone up on their behaviour instead. We’re not great at admitting we’re at fault. We’re also biased by the narrative that goes on in our heads. And when confronted …

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5 Aug, 2018

Look for the silver lining

I often take time to reflect on my experiences and know these experiences were always meant for me, but it’s not okay for those responsible to think it’s okay.

No one should be subjected to neglect or abuse, but I do believe there is a silver lining to our experiences, whether we’re able to see the silver lining or not. There’s a message, a lesson that through each experience we come through stronger, more rounded individuals.

I have always chosen to look at my experiences through a positive lens, even if it’s been negative. The neglect, …

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4 Aug, 2018

A Casey Stengel quote

Something inspirational:

“All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for… reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration.”


Proud to have reached my 3,000th post.

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2 Aug, 2018

Calling upon my experiences

I use my experiences both past and present to change certain aspects of my thinking and life so that I can move forward. My Diary is and continues to be my own moral compass.

It continues to be a reference tool, in a unique and different way to other blogs out there. My thoughts bring my blogs to life in a way that continues to challenge my perceptions and experiences on what …

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1 Aug, 2018

Grappling with insecurities

The more we grapple with insecurities, the more we will lose the ability to believe in our abilities, the more insecure we will be and the more we will ignore how we feel.

But feeling insecure means we will take the love and care that we can, disregard both and then look for more. That’s usually how it works. Looking to others to make us feel secure or looking for a solution …

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31 Jul, 2018

The art of surrender

I tend to deal with the things I have control over and the things I have little to no control over, I let go of those things. But I’ve not always done it that way.

As a child, I held on to everything, primarily because I lived with guilt and that guilt had no where to go. But the control we have is rooted in fear. There is no doubt in my mind this is where it comes from …

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30 Jul, 2018