Writing intent

Writing my book although cathartic, was difficult; not a decision taken lightly, but coming to a realisation that without writing about my disability, I would still not know about my disability today.

I needed to get past just knowing I had a bad leg and foot. I needed to know about my mental and emotional struggles, why I was failing and why I got to this place without knowing. I needed to bring my life together …

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16 Sep, 2020

Biodiversity Loss

The way we live our lives is sending biodiversity into decline. Thank you Sir David Attenborough for continuing to bring Biodiversity issues to our attention.

Biodiversity loss is real, it’s scary and it’s all of our responsibilities. It is not good enough for us to talk about it and then just ignore it. We must all now change our living habits to ensure we reverse the …

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15 Sep, 2020

Foods for Hormone Balance

We are made up of a complex symphony of hormones including insulin, oestrogen, progesterone, thyroid, cortisol, and many more. These are our bodies chemical messengers which must work in harmony for us to experience optimally functioning, health.

However, many women deal with common hormonal imbalances that can lead to mood swings, irritability, brain fog, fatigue, and weight gain. Hormones are produced and impacted by the microbiota, so hormone …

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14 Sep, 2020

My autism woes

I was convinced I had something going on as a child, it was in my eyes, it was in my smile, my smile didn’t seem animated and where my siblings’ smiles were animated, my smile didn’t fit. It was something I kept going back to.

It is because I have autism. I have no problem with autism, I recognise it has given me a life through my writing, but I have an autistic look and I hate that. Knowing about it at the age of 56 has made it impossible …

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12 Sep, 2020


Sarcasm is a sharp, and cutting expression or remark, a bitter taunt or gibe and can when used, employ ambivalence.

Sarcasm isn’t right, made worse if you’re continually on the receiving end of someone’s taunts. It is a satirical remark tempered by humour, used by people to say the opposite of what’s true and to make …

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11 Sep, 2020

Independent thinking

My father would often say I was the most independent thinking. Being on the autism spectrum means I am alone with my thoughts 24/7 it’s easy to see why.

But even though in my mind I am independent thinking, I deal with predictive and sequential thinking, because I am on the autism spectrum. It is essential for me to use predictive thinking in a whole range …

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10 Sep, 2020

Anger Management

Anger is as a result of feeling blocked, a frustration that arises often out of desperation. It is a defensive response to underlying feelings or fear, around vulnerability and a certain powerlessness to be able to help ourselves.

Anger management is a psycho-therapeutic programme that helps, prevent and control anger. When it comes to anger management programmes, those running the course consider anger to be the motivator …

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8 Sep, 2020