Personal success

As a child, growing up I never thought about success or whether I would become successful. I learned very early on what others’ expectations of me were.

It was expected that I would grow up, marry, and have a family. School was a mere formality, with my struggles, there was no encouragement or guidance, I still struggled to learn and get ahead. I got through …

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9 Sep, 2019

Running scared

Running scared. We run because we think we can’t cope, that we won’t cope. We feel intimated, panicked, as if we’re fleeing, giving up.

We don’t think about our problems in any great detail. We don’t think about or equate that our problems need solutions, or that they need clarification. In our mind, not everything we deal with needs to …

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7 Sep, 2019

Nature vs nurture

Nature refers to the genetic and hereditary factors that influence who we are, from our physical appearance to our personalities, whereas nurture refers to all the environmental factors which impact who we are, including our early childhood experiences, how we were raised, our social relationships, and our surrounding culture.

The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest debated topics in psychology. Different branches of psychology have tended to take a one versus the other approach. The longstanding debate …

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5 Sep, 2019

Ego & resistance to change

We know that the ego is a place where untruths prevent us from confronting reality, but when we take the ego away, we manoeuvre ourselves into reality. We work with our own thinking.

It is our reality that has the answers our ego doesn’t want us to confront. But working from the ego means we will continue to make excuses for the things we don’t want to do, preventing us from seeing our …

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3 Sep, 2019


“True remorse is never just a regret over consequence; it is a regret over motive.”- Mignon McLauglin.

In other words, remorse is when we do something that is calculated, something that we know isn’t right, when we do something intentionally, knowing it’s going to hurt someone or bring someone down …

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2 Sep, 2019

The things that I hate

I hate that with autism my issues are issues until they become non-issues. I hate that with autism every issue is a problem until it’s dealt with and that’s not as easy as it sounds and others sometimes think we’re paranoid.

I hate having no control over my anxiety through autism and hate even more that I have no control over bad thoughts. I still hate that this isn’t just an autism problem, but brain damage brought about through …

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1 Sep, 2019