Living a lie

When we live our lives knowing something that we choose to keep, and deny it to someone even though we know it will affect that person’s life, we consciously make that choice. For those like myself on the receiving end and who spend years wondering, you eventually begin to read between the lines for your answers.

But when it comes to any form of lie, it requires a lot more effort to continue the facade, than it does to tell the truth. When we tell the truth, we remember what happens in the way it happens. Lying means …


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4 Oct, 2018

My experiences, my thoughts

My thoughts on my experiences, cerebral palsy, autism symptoms, the neglect and how I got to this place will never leave me.

But I am determined to see all of my experiences as positive. They can never right a wrong because there’s simply too many, but it’s important I place each conversation, circumstance, judgment and experience so …

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3 Oct, 2018

Mental health crisis

I recently watched a ‘Panorama’ documentary entitled ‘Kids in Crisis’ and my first thought was that could have been me. Through brain damage resulting in impaired emotions, I continually dealt with anxiety and bad thoughts as a child, around a disability I didn’t know I had.

The documentary was centred around children with mental health issues and the problems around services provided by the National Health Service in the UK. One parent who agreed to go in front of …

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2 Oct, 2018

A lack of trust & honesty

In 15 years of hospital visits, having my legs measured was the consultation. After a few years you begin to think there’s nothing else wrong.

Throughout that time I also didn’t think I needed to look outside the box because there seemed to be no cause for concern from my doctors or family. When I look back of course, I can’t believe that I was …

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30 Sep, 2018

My podiatry consultation

A recent trip to the podiatrist has brought back some early memories I had disbanded with. I was hoping being asked to walk up and down the room without my shoes and socks on would have been easier this time around.

Although I managed not to show off this time, I found it difficult to walk up and down the room without thinking about whether the podiatrist was watching me. It has made me more conscious because …

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28 Sep, 2018

Valuing sanity above greed

I have always valued sanity above greed. Unconsciously, I was already laying down the foundations to a more spiritual life, but I didn’t know that’s what it was.

In the early years, family are the most important until we begin to ‘dip our toes and spread our wings.’ The more our parents do for us and the more we’re given, the more we want. Equally, the more contact …

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26 Sep, 2018