Energetic Healing

Energy healing is defined as an aspect of complementary and alternative medicine. The energy field known as the ‘aura’ comprises a number of layers that not only surround us, but spread or flow throughout our cells and bodies.

The different layers of the aura have a different purpose. Our mind is made up of two parts, the conscious part (the part that in computer terms) is the ‘hardware’ and the aura which is the ‘software.’ They work …

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6 Feb, 2020

Accepting myself

I have never changed my resolve to know and understand what I deal with. Although it has taken time, over the years I have come to accept my cerebral palsy. It doesn’t change or define who I am, if anything, it has made my resolve stronger and me more determined. In the early years that would have been up for debate.

Given my circumstances around my disability, accepting myself has been difficult, but it has given me a life that has catapulted me into a different more positive head space, away from the early years. Although I …

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5 Feb, 2020

Mum’s intimations

I know my mum’s illness brought her to a place where she knew she could intimate about my disability with no recourse to herself. I never consciously made the connections with her words, but that’s all it would take for my journey to begin.

I remember thinking at the time it seemed a little odd and out of character for her, it was as if she was trying to unburden herself. Now with the bigger picture in front of me that is exactly what she was trying …

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4 Feb, 2020

Normal is an illusion

So, “what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” Our experience in any given situation will impact how we approach or view a task. Normal is different to each of us. What I consider normal, someone else will consider abnormal.

As individuals, we will always have a different approach, a different opinion, and choose different things, which makes us …

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1 Feb, 2020

Free from blame

There was one area of my life that I continually blamed myself for and that was my failing in school. Each day was a continual battle.

As I dutifully got dressed each morning, unconsciously I knew it was going to be another day of struggles. It wasn’t that I just didn’t get school, I had a mental disability that I didn’t know I had that …

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31 Jan, 2020

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

I know how my book helps me work through my stress, and anxiety. My book helps me understand my life, it helps me find ways through issues I struggle to resolve.

It helps me find clarity where I don’t  have clarity. As I take myself by the hand, I take the reader by the hand, so they …

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29 Jan, 2020