The Lifting of Masks

I took the opportunity to go out to a local retail park with my mask on, before the lifting of masks becomes compulsory on the 19th July.

The Manager explained that once the measures in place to protect us are lifted, all shop staff will continue to wear masks for a month and customers will be given the choice as to whether they mask up. Mandatory screens will stay for a month and then the shop will reassess. Social distancing and the sanitising of hands are going too.

The Scottish Government have taken the view as other countries have that …

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16 Jul, 2021

My Parents’ Validation

The Spirit World is our real home, it is a divine place where we come from before our physical experiences. Our loved ones who go back to spirit once their physical journeys are complete will continue to be in touch with us in our every-day lives.

If like me, you believe in the ‘spirit world’ you will know about synchronicity, the coincidental occurrence of events. You will also know that the spirit world is part of our world, as we are part of theirs. The spirit world is parallel to this one, where our loved ones go after their physical …

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13 Jul, 2021

The Universal Way

Even as a small child with my problems around a disability I didn’t know I had, I unconsciously held on to the belief that I was more than I was dealing with, in the wider world, the bigger context of who I was. I was sure I would have a lot to offer other people.

But for years I honed-in on my ‘bad leg and foot’ and ‘my education’ and couldn’t get past those. I would continually blame myself until I began to see that I wasn’t to blame. I could see that blaming myself …

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9 Jul, 2021

UK’s handling of Covid-19

Living with the pandemic has sent my anxiety into overdrive and with autism, I still have my struggle days. It’s difficult, because for every reason you tell yourself you can do something, you’ve already given yourself ten reasons why you can’t.

With a normal thinking brain, issues are slightly easier to navigate. In Covid-19, a normal thinking brain will say let’s get on with it, it’s here, an autistic brain will struggle to comprehend or move forward …

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6 Jul, 2021

Why we hold on to anger

“Anger is defined as an emotion characterised by tension and hostility arising from frustration, real or imagined injury by another, or perceived injustice” – Google

Anger is a spontaneous response to an issue or situation that is being ignored and is continual. When anyone feels anger they are non-cooperative. We don’t actively choose to carry anger, it is our circumstances …

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1 Jul, 2021

Struggling to come to terms

Getting myself off the starting block for taking the vaccine, is near to impossible. Living with Covid-19 has sent my anxiety and autism into overdrive. For every reason I tell myself I can do it, I’ve already given myself ten reasons why I can’t.

With issues outstanding around the main two vaccines, those problems are sending my autistic brain into overdrive. I want to …

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28 Jun, 2021

Going out for the first time

t’s been 15 months now since the UK initially went into lockdown in March 2021 due to Covid-19, and with the outside world feeling beyond my reach mentally and emotionally, today is a pinnacle moment. I managed to go out.

Yes, going out for the first time to a grocery store, I feel as though I have reached the top of a mountain and I couldn’t be prouder. I hope I can continue to move forward and feel confident about going out as and …

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20 Jun, 2021

Growing up with a determination

Had everything come together, and everyone done their job with my disability and learning difficulties, I would have been put into a special school, so my life would have been worse in that respect, but I still never grew up the way I wanted to.

Although ignoring a disability must never be something society ignores or condones, in my case growing up with no mental or emotional support, over the years I became more determined to find out about my …

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16 Jun, 2021

Autism, free-falling into a tailspin

When my gut and intuition are in sync with my understanding I do bring clarity to my issues, otherwise I free fall into a tailspin. As a child, where my parents-initiated decisions, I lived with no stress in that regard.

Living with autism is difficult, because unless you have understanding, you can fail to get past your issues or whatever you …

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10 Jun, 2021

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