Thinking for ourselves

Looking at what I have managed to achieve through my website, it would be quite hard to believe that as a child I was a shy and insular child, underneath the anger.

I was scared to venture out of the bubble that had been created for me. Going to camp was a struggle. I’m not even sure I lasted a night there before my parents were told to come and pick me …

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21 Jan, 2018

The CP Diary Newsletter

I have now added a Newsletter to The CP Diary brand to add to my website. I am sure some of you who visit the Diary will have noticed a pop up for you to subscribe to my Newsletter which is to be a regular feature of the Diary.

I hope many of you as possible will subscribe, so the Newsletter can be a regular feature on the Diary. Those of you who have already subscribed you should have received my first Newsletter of …

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15 Jan, 2018

Learning about me

It’s true that parents don’t always give their children the tools they need to be able to function in their lives, but for me to have to join and cross everything on my own is a different matter altogether. I find it sad that I’m still having to work things out for myself.

I’ve done it to understand what I get to deal with, something that wasn’t afforded to me as a child. As parents, we may not get the parent thing right all the time and that’s accepted …

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13 Jan, 2018

My irrational fears

Anyone who has Sensory Processing Disorder may potentially know they deal with irrational fears through anxiety and stress that can also leave them feeling panicked. I get to deal with all three.

It’s very hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t understand what it is exactly that we deal with. Others will offer their opinions, think they know what we deal with and how we present, because they’re …

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9 Jan, 2018

We can lament or move on

We can cry about life, how things have worked out, where we are and what we’ve not achieved, or we can rationale and work on any changes we need to make. In my own case, I chose to move forward. There is no point lamenting over a life lost.

Even if we could have done things differently, there’s no point to dwelling on the things we can’t change. It’s only when we look back at our experiences that we actually see that there is nothing …

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7 Jan, 2018

Still exposed

I’m never far away from the hardship of what has been life. Not knowing I had Cerebral Palsy, let alone dealing with its many symptoms, meant that I was continually being exposed.

The more something is ignored and driven underground, the more that thing becomes exposed in other ways. I think that is what has made it all the harder. Through the Diary, the platform …

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5 Jan, 2018

Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018. A time for reflection again. For those of us who have already made amends to continue in the New Year and for those of us who haven’t quite managed to start, to try to give things a go.

Although the New Year can bring challenges, it can also bring positivity where we didn’t think we could be positive. It’s a new start, one day into the New Year and it needs a different approach …

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1 Jan, 2018

Keeping up the pretence

I’ve talked about my life being a lie, but it wasn’t just about the lie, it was also about having to keep up the pretence through a non-diagnosis and others still expecting me to conform as if nothing was wrong, without me being allowed to question my physical and emotional issues.

The sad thing is that I never understood my issues, but conformed anyway, because I had no choice, but I know that even with a bigger picture in the frame at that time, I would never have been in a position …

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27 Dec, 2017