Confinements of lockdown

I continue to write about Covid_19 on my blog because I’d cope less not getting my thoughts out there. With lockdown finished the UK Government has forced those like myself who are high risk back into our homes.

With pubs already open and restaurants and bars due to open today, I have no choice but to stay home. I shall continue to stay safe. With too many lives already lost due to this Government’s handling, we can …

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6 Jul, 2020

Too many years to erase

Being a parent, I am still trying to get my head around the fact that my disability was ignored for so long. The fact that it was ignored, and I continued to live my life without knowing anything about my disability has taken its toll.

There is no coming to terms with it, too many years passed without me knowing. As a child, just being able to put a name to how I physically presented would have helped. Knowing would have given …

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4 Jul, 2020

We shape our own future

As a child, every thought and spoken word you’re given shapes you and your future. In my own case, couple that with a disability I didn’t know you had, it’s indefensible and can make for uncomfortable thoughts.

For us to come to terms with our lives, our ‘house must be put in order’ and this is what my blog does. I write about my experiences and although it doesn’t always make for comfortable reading for me …

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30 Jun, 2020

Just be nice

Be nice because you can. Be nice because you would want others to be nice to you and because being nice strengthens relationships and it’s the right thing to do.

There is no getting away from how I got to this place, mentally and emotionally neglected for many years. There was always expectation, and no appreciation on the things I struggled with. That’s not …

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28 Jun, 2020

Covid_19, our changed lives

3 months in lockdown, it will be a waste if we learn nothing from our experiences on why we went into lockdown in the first place. On each of our parts, it’s selfish to come out and change nothing.

I write about Covid_19 because it is important we understand from a universal point, everything there is to know about the virus and why now is not the time to become complacent and think it’s full steam …

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22 Jun, 2020

My life after Covid

A back to back. With lockdown easing and shops in the UK open, fast forward and my attention turns to me getting back into my life, after lockdown.

I don’t agree with the lockdown being eased, particularly as we’re already seeing spikes. Countries like New Zealand who were 24 days clear of the virus, now have two cases. Where it’s not on other people’s …

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18 Jun, 2020

Change brings growth

Change brings growth and new potential. That’s a fact. As children we’re given facts by our parents and through institutions like school.

As a child I didn’t stop to question what I was being told. I took what was being told as fact and stored those facts as my own beliefs. But as the adult, I believe we must reassess what we’ve been told and …

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17 Jun, 2020

Neurological issues and covid

hrough cerebral palsy I have neurological issues, so hearing that most hospitalised Covid_19 patients have neurological symptoms isn’t resting easy. #COVID_19 is a very real issue for me.

In March, Carlos Manuel Romero-Sanchez MD, of Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Albaceta in Spain, and co-authors in Neurology, reported that Neurologic manifestations were seen in …

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9 Jun, 2020

Beyond angry

I could have chosen to stay ‘beyond angry’ about my experiences and how I got to this place, around my disability, the injustice, but what would have been the point?

Anger just eats away at you, making you bitter. Anger doesn’t dissipate, we won’t experience catharsis by unleashing our anger. It doesn’t make our anger easier to manage. It increases the intensity of …

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6 Jun, 2020