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Daily Blogs

The core theme to my Daily Blogs is life, life in general, my experiences and how I can make certain aspects of my life better. All of my blogs are based on my views, experiences and my perceptions on how I see my life in a less than perfect world.

My Daily Blogs help me understand my experiences and my life, whilst helping me help others come to terms with their issues and what they have to deal with in their own lives.

The use of quotes

23 Apr

I’m no stranger to quotes. I use them on my site and on social media too. I love quotes because they incorporate people’s truth and make others think about their lives, where they are. They resonate with us, they’re fantastic at bringing our thoughts into focus, allowing us to continue to think about our wants and needs.

They help shape our thinking and can also bring clarity and understanding into the equation, where we may not have either, but there is also a down side to them as well. Quotes only work if we …

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Helping change attitudes

20 Apr

The CP Diary will be 7 on the 17th May 2017, into its 8th year. I hope that in 7 years, my blogs and my experiences are helping to change attitudes, attitudes on how we choose to deal with ourselves, attitudes towards our lives and attitudes towards each other.

I hope that through my blog, I have shown that attitudes can change that we can all help change attitudes. That we can come full circle. That just because we start off in one place, doesn’t mean we have to stay in that place. That with the right support and the right people around us, we …

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The fuller picture

17 Apr

It’s only when someone is no longer in our lives that we come to understand the relationship we had with that person.

It’s also when that person is no longer in our life that we can fully equate how our lives turned out and how in hindsight there would have been lots we would have liked to change, but couldn’t …

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It’s good to talk

13 Apr

There used to be a British Telecom advert in the UK advertising for us to talk through their communication network with a slogan that said: ‘it’s good to talk,’ but I always took that as meaning, it’s important to talk.

Firstly, I believe that not talking about issues that matter that could change the course of events, doesn’t make those issues go away and secondly, ignoring our issues won’t make those issues go …

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Asking questions

11 Apr

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always asked questions. Had I not asked questions, I’m not sure I would ever have found out what was wrong with me. It’s being inquisitive that makes us focused and current.

It’s a good job because that information, which wasn’t available to me then, became available through my being …

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Never giving up

7 Apr

For every year that I was left in the dark, the unanswered questions remained unanswered, but in all that time I wasn’t prepared to give up.

It was the not knowing, the trying to understand, trying to get to grips with my physical and emotional disabilities, to understand my anger. Through all my dark days, too numerous to recall …

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My site

3 Apr

My site continues to prove, how on a daily basis we can change the way we view our issues and the world. My site continues to show me that whilst we can all change, we have to want to.

My site also continues to show us ways in which we can change our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. There is a ‘Golden Thread’ that runs through each blog that allows us to see beyond what we’re dealing …

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A good deed done

30 Mar

Although having a disability has allowed me to see a different side to my life, I don’t believe we need to have a disability to understand a different side to life. We just have to want to care.

Life’s too short to wish we had done things differently. I’m not sure how many of us will stop to think about that. We’re often too wrapped up in our own thoughts and issues to think about, or even care …

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Look for the understanding

26 Mar

I wasn’t an easy child, suffice to say I was very difficult, but perhaps it’s not so straight forward. We need to look at why people go on to show difficult character traits.

To be difficult for difficult sake isn’t right, but being difficult because you’re trying to get to grips with something you deal with, with no emotional support, is a whole different ball game, as far as …

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My late diagnosis

23 Mar

Although I was late getting my Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, I have still had to work through all of my many neurological symptoms, what they mean and how they have manifested themselves in me.

Even if I had have had my diagnosis as a child, the specialists wouldn’t have understood the neurological connotations, how my diagnosis would play out in comparison to someone else with the …

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