Through the Coronavirus

The more I reflect on where we are with the coronavirus, the more able to reconcile the reasons we got to this place, the more I shudder. We’ve not done ourselves any favours.

We must use this time in lock down to think about how we got to this place and must now change ourselves and our lifestyles. It’s not enough for us to think others will change therefore we don’t have to. We must all come through the coronavirus changed people, so future generations may have a life.

Global warming is our biggest threat. The use of our cars, how we …

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7 Apr, 2020

Understanding spirituality

My spiritual beliefs have always been with me. Spirituality is not always fully understood and it needs honing; it is something I have come to know. For those like me who are spiritual, but not religious, we reject traditional organised religion.

Being spiritual is not the same as being religious. Religion is about worship, a system of belief, and involves a code of ethics and believing in god. Spirituality is the quality of being spiritual, non-physical spiritual …

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5 Apr, 2020

Feeling safe

As a child I had a right to feel safe and secure. Children and adults alike all have a right to feel safe. It is the responsibility of parents and family members to create and make sure we’re in an emotional and physical safe environment, but not all parents have the know how or capacity to fulfill that responsibility.

But safety isn’t just someone protecting us physically from harm, making sure we have a roof over our head, or feeding us, safety also means protecting us emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, which are …

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30 Mar, 2020

Living with anxiety

It’s normal to feel anxious every now and again. But living with anxiety because you deal with an impaired emotional disability makes it harder. Autism is a disability in itself.

Bad thoughts, not being able to switch thoughts or let go of bad thoughts, are all part of the same scenario, combine that with cerebral palsy where the cerebral cortex is extensively damaged and it’s near to …

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28 Mar, 2020

Why reflection is important

Using reflection and looking back on my experiences, I see a very different version of me, the angry child is no longer staring back at me.

There is a point to us reflecting because without it we’re less likely to make any necessary changes and changes are necessary, if we are to adapt and move forward with our lives. Reflecting helps us identify …

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21 Mar, 2020

Being outspoken

Being outspoken isn’t helpful. It can get you into trouble, particularly when you’re not engaging with your thoughts or words.

As a child I wasn’t so much outspoken, rather angry. I didn’t have an opinion, unless I was asked a question, then I would answer. But being outspoken isn’t always the best way to be. Instead we must think …

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17 Mar, 2020

My autism nemesis

I was always aware my eyes made me different. There was just something about my eyes I didn’t like. Fast forward to January 2019 and with autism testing safely behind me, it’s in the eyes and the facial muscles.

Now with a year into my autism diagnosis, I’ve still got some mental catching up to do. But as a child, it’s something I would often go back to, something I never quite understood, something that still seemed …

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11 Mar, 2020

Other people’s wrongdoings

Being 60% mentally disabled means I am 40% physically disabled. Considering I didn’t know I was disabled at all, it’s a lot of numbers to get my head around. Others not caring enough to help me work through my disability is hard.

It’s not the life I wanted, but it’s the life I got. Luckily for me my blog and book have made me stronger. I have understanding now. Although my life’s been tough, it’s why I’ve had to live this life that I struggle with the most.

Ignoring my disability’s very presence, is the catalyst to my mental struggles …

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7 Mar, 2020

My version of autism

Having been diagnosed with Autism in 2019, this is my version of autism. My core symptoms are anxiety and fear, restricted repetitive behaviours, sensory issues including over-sensitivities to sounds, touch, smells and pain.

Autism combined with cerebral palsy means I have daily mental health challenges. I also have difficulty with making eye contact, gestures, tone of voice, verbal communication, facial expressions …

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4 Mar, 2020

The bare facts

Even if I had known about my diagnosis at 2, my circumstances would have had to change for the outcome to change.

My team of specialists had already pointed out my potential learning difficulties. They had concerns and I slipped through the net. They needed to make sure I was getting the help. They needed to follow …

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1 Mar, 2020