Thoughts on handling Covid-19

I never dreamed when starting my blog, I’d end up having to write about a virus that would affect my life greatly, our lives in fact. I also don’t think I’ll come to terms with Covid-19 and its handling by the UK Government. When I think I’m getting there, a little voice in my head says ‘no.’

Having to deal with any virus on a global scale would send any government into a tailspin, enormously difficult to address and to get their head around. I get that. In the early days, just thinking about it would …

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18 Oct, 2021

Living in an able world

I live and deal with a mental disability in an able world. Being on the spectrum my world looks and feels different. I present differently. Where I may not see myself as having mental health issues because my autism is mild, the nature of what autism is, very much dictates the issues I face in everyday situations. It is difficult.

But around mental health, it is important society challenges outdated and socio-culturally biased assumptions. It is because society and institutions are diverse that we need to make sure everyone is inclusive …

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12 Oct, 2021

My Cerebral Palsy Progression

In the early days of starting my blog I would write about Cerebral Palsy, it was my way of understanding I had a disability, exploring my mental and emotional symptoms, understanding what those meant, understanding me.

Now 11 years in and I am still writing about my disability. There is very little written out there about cerebral palsy and how it progresses, but since it’s the least resourced condition and spoken about condition in society, it would be difficult for specialists to really know how as we age, cerebral palsy progresses.

Over …

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6 Oct, 2021

Keeping restrictions in place

I am back to blogging about Covid-19. Being able to talk about what is happening in the wider world, on my blog, is keeping my mind sane.

Months on from restrictions being lifted in the UK and with Covid-19 cases still rising, I and many like me who deal with a disability, have been forced back into our homes. I have no quality of life, I have no …

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2 Oct, 2021

Balancing life

Balance is something you create, it isn’t something you find. With a disability, or a mental illness it’s harder, particularly with something like autism, because autism creates hurdles, hurdles create anxiety, anxiety creates uncertainty and uncertainty means living with less balance.

Away from a disability, balance is something that should be worked on. In terms of work balance, we can achieve balance, we just have to want to achieve that balance and let go of the things that no longer …

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1 Oct, 2021

The Power of our thoughts

Everything that happens to us, good or bad, starts with a solitary thought. When we tap into our cognitive and emotional capabilities, to meet the ordinary demands of everyday life, and we are able to successfully function, we know we are emotionally and psychologically well.

As a child growing up without knowing about my disability that I would later find out about, I struggled with my mental health …

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22 Sep, 2021

Mentally Stagnating in Covid-19

Mental health in Covid-19 seems to be at the bottom of the pile and needs to come to the top. Mental health has been made more apparent in Covid-19 and for many of us it’s on the back-burner.

As a child, I was continually stuck in my head and wasn’t aware I was dealing with mental health issues. That became evident when as an adult, I was taken out of my comfort zone, a situation arose that I …

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20 Sep, 2021

Normalising my Every Day

I have spent my life living with a disability I didn’t know I had, trying to normalise things and most days failing. As a child growing up with a mental, emotional and physical disability, I struggled to cope in my every day.

Just trying to function every day was a mental and emotional battle. As I continually struggled with bad thoughts at night, during the day I would spend my days trying to normalise how I felt, living with a mental …

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5 Sep, 2021

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