My grandmother

I believe there is always one person in our life that we connect with, who emotionally understands us and who sees the world our way, even though specifics aren’t mentioned. For me that person was my grandma.

She was a good person with a kind heart, but was misunderstood. She was quiet and unassuming and didn’t take anyone or anything for granted. She was more of a practical person. Emotionally she said …

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20 Sep, 2018

Being uniquely different

As a child, the only thing I wish I had were two legs and feet that worked correctly, but I couldn’t equate or see that because of my legs and feet I was uniquely different. I was too wrapped up in my emotions to notice what other people had. I also didn’t know about my neurological difficulties that made me uniquely beautiful.

But we are only human that when we see someone who is the opposite of us, perhaps taller, slimmer, more debonair, dark, pretty and sophisticated, we want what they’ve got. Because we’re all uniquely different …

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17 Sep, 2018

A confirmed diagnosis

The enormity of how I got to this place is clear from 8 years of writing blogs, particularly around a non-diagnosis, neurological symptoms and anxiety I didn’t know I had, they all point to what I know now.

My experiences have become a learning curve, no question there. But the flip side is that although I never made any of the connections as a child, I have the ability to write and work things out through …

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13 Sep, 2018

Dealing with my realities

My personal thoughts on my disability are never far away and is the reason I’m putting out another personal blog today.

The anxiety I deal with is centred around autism and is another issue I didn’t know I had. It’s something I’m going to have to deal with and manage for the rest of my natural life. It was also something I was …

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12 Sep, 2018

Autism Spectrum Disorder

The answers I have on my diagnoses explain who I am, how I am and how I’ve been. They also explain my experiences to date. Those all fall into place now.

Every question, every uncertainty, every struggle has now been boxed and ticked through Autism Spectrum Disorder. I knew I was dealing with the disorder, when I came into contact with someone who …

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10 Sep, 2018

Piecing it all together

In one of my blogs I talk about comorbidity and how comorbidity works around cerebral palsy and why because I have cerebral palsy I have co-occurring conditions as part of the initial diagnosis. I am proud because in spite of my circumstances, I believe I have finally been able to piece my disability together.

Since my initial diagnosis at the age of 46, I’ve had to continue to work through my symptoms to piece my disability together. Before that I had nothing. It feels good to be able to finally place my difficulties …

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8 Sep, 2018

Using my blogs to reflect

I believe that although my more personal blogs outline issues that I’ve had to deal with over the years, or issues that I still have to deal with today, they serve a purpose for us all.

All my blogs carry an underlying message for us to think about so that we can look at our own issues and deal with those. My blogs are there for us to reflect on what we deal with, even though what I’ve written is …

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5 Sep, 2018

More pieces to the jigsaw

When it comes to us having and dealing with a disability, it’s important we understand our symptoms and how we present.

I am reading a book written by a parent and physician of a child with autism and it’s clear that some of my symptoms fit ASD (“Autism Spectrum Disorder.”) Some of my other symptoms also fit Asperger’s and since …

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4 Sep, 2018

Anxiety bothers me the most

The hardest part of my life looking back, is not the cerebral palsy, it’s not getting the help I needed when I spent my life living with anxiety, panic and overwhelming fear. The fact that I didn’t keep quiet about it should have raised alarm bells, but that was completely ignored.

The cerebral palsy element doesn’t bother me because I have understanding and am comfortable around those issues. There is no excuse for what went on around my disability, but it was my struggling with …

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1 Sep, 2018

New understandings

Nine years after my initial diagnosis of cerebral palsy at the age of 46, I am still putting pieces of the jigsaw together, but I now have a better understanding of my diagnosis. I have mild cerebral palsy hemiparesis (left side) caused by a bleed on the brain before I was born. That ties in with my mum’s understanding of her getting into difficulty.

Mild cerebral palsy hemiparesis is a weakness to one entire side of the body. It inhibits growth and development, impairment of the muscle and nerves controlling movement that presents as mechanical …



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29 Aug, 2018