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Daily Blogs

The core theme to my Daily Blogs is life, life in general, my experiences and how I can make certain aspects of my life better. All of my blogs are based on my views, experiences and my perceptions on how I see my life in a less than perfect world.

My Daily Blogs help me understand my experiences and my life, whilst helping me help others come to terms with their issues and what they have to deal with in their own lives.

Signs of our loved ones

21 May

Whether you believe in spirit guides or not, our spirit guides deliver little signs that our loved ones are trying to communicate with us, that they’re still around us. When something good happens or we’re struggling and just need help, our spirit guides deliver signals that remind us that our loved ones aren’t far away. That never diminishes.

Something I’d been working on with my site came good. Whilst taking a trip out to Boston Spa that same day, little messages began to show me that my parents weren’t far  away. The car driving …

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My path

17 May

The CP Diary is 7 years old today, into its 8th year and still never missed a blog. I had no idea at the time of course that starting my blog would be my path, my journey.

My not knowing I had Cerebral Palsy, the wanting to know, my many questions asked that led to closed doors, the stress, the anxiety, the dark moments. The continual reflections, the anger, the bitterness …

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Bridging the gap

14 May

The problem with Cerebral Palsy as I see it, is that none of us will ever have an explanation of exactly how our particular brain damage manifests itself or works.

Even with a diagnosis, the Specialists don’t know exactly how our brain damage presents. With Cerebral Palsy, a diagnosis doesn’t end there because each Cerebral Palsy brain is affected differently …

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A high pain threshold

10 May

I’ve had two foot operations, acute appendicitis, fallen down the stairs at the age of 9 and as a consequence ended up in hospital with a black eye and nearly lapsed into a coma and through all of that I used to think that I had a high pain threshold.

That’s not the case at all. What it simply means is that when I hurt myself I feel the pain more than someone without heightened sensory issues. To be able to tolerate that I have a higher pain threshold.

Every time I have something that I have no understanding or knowledge about around my …

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Out of my hands

7 May

I know hand on heart that if it wasn’t for my thoughts and bringing clarity on those thoughts, I’d be in a worse off emotional place. My thoughts on my experiences, together with my writing and my Diary have kept me grounded.

I was swept along by a crust of a wave, with decisions that were made for me. Those decisions weren’t the run of the mill small decisions either that served to change nothing. The decisions that …

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The CP Diary upgrade

5 May

Because the site has been so successful, I also wanted others to have an opportunity to have access to The CP Dairy.

The site will shortly be more accessible for people with disabilities including physical, visual and hearing impairment …

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Living in the dark

1 May

I liken not knowing that I had Cerebral Palsy for 46 years, to living in a darkened room during that time, only seeing the world beyond those four walls, when I finally found out that I had Cerebral Palsy.

That was an incredibly difficult period in my life. I’m not sure I’ll ever come to terms with that fact and although I make light of it and have turned my life around through my site and my …

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Some early memories

27 Apr

I am lucky that I when I look back I remember conversations and experiences as if they happened yesterday, which is why the Diary works. My father walking behind me when we went out for walks telling me to stop dragging my leg and to pick my foot up.

All our walks seemed to be conducted in this way. It amazes me how I managed to brush the whole thing off with just a shrug and a comment, but that wasn’t without its difficulties. I remember …

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The use of quotes

23 Apr

I’m no stranger to quotes. I use them on the Diary and on social media too. I love quotes because they incorporate people’s truth and make others think about their lives, where they are in their lives.

They resonate with us, they’re fantastic at bringing our thoughts into focus, allowing us to continue to think about our wants and needs. They also help shape our thinking and bring clarity and …

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Helping change attitudes

20 Apr

The CP Diary will be 7 on the 17th May 2017, into its 8th year. I hope that in 7 years, my blogs and my experiences are helping to change attitudes, attitudes on how we choose to deal with ourselves, attitudes towards each other and attitudes towards our lives.

I hope that through my blog, I have shown that attitudes can change, that we can all help change attitudes. That we can come full circle. That just because we start off in one place, doesn’t mean we have …

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