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The core theme to my Daily Blogs is life, life in general, my experiences and how I can make certain aspects of my life better. All of my blogs are based on my views, experiences and my perceptions on how I see my life in a less than perfect world.

My Daily Blogs help me understand my experiences and my life, whilst helping me help others come to terms with their issues and what they have to deal with in their own lives.

My rewired brain

24 Jun

Although my brain compensated as I was a baby when I had my stroke, it doesn’t compensate far enough. I still struggle with significant neurological impairments, but with others assuming they know what I deal with, it makes what I deal with so much worse, not to mention stressful.

Sadly, I don’t feel in the same way as others do. The thought processes I have don’t connect to how I physically feel; in other words I can’t feel. Words are just words I don’t have any physical sensations …

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What we don’t know

22 Jun

Although they say, “what we don’t know can’t hurt.” In theory, of course that may be true, but it’s not realistic to think we will never know or get to find out and that when we do it won’t hurt.

Finding out about anything that you didn’t know before, brings with it new understanding, not necessarily in a good way. I believe it very much depends on what we don’t know about and whether …

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How my blogs work

16 Jun

I tend to use reflection to think about everything, even my site, because that helps me decide what I need to write about.

I must admit being let loose on a website such as this, took some working out. Had I have known what I was letting myself in for at the time I probably wouldn’t have started, but I’m so …

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My frontal lobe damage

12 Jun

It has always been important for me to try to understand my Cerebral Palsy symptoms. 8 years after initially finding out I had Cerebral Palsy, I am still finding out things about myself and why I present and act a certain way.

How the emotions work

Emotions can be broken into three categories, primary, secondary, and background emotions. Primary emotions are experienced as a by-product of a stimulus-response chain of events and have been hardwired in our brains over the course of evolution, such as fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and joy.

Secondary …

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No consolation

10 Jun

Sadly, The CP Diary is no consolation for how I found out I had Cerebral Palsy. It doesn’t right a wrong in that way. It simply allows me to have a voice, to express what I feel about my experiences, write a wrong there and helps me turn something so negative into something positive.

The Diary allows me to see that just because that was my life, doesn’t mean I need to allow it to continue. My blogs enable me to compartmentalise my experiences, so that I can understand …

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Overcoming the fear we feel

6 Jun

Walking into a room with people watching me or people walking in behind me, is still be my biggest challenge. Walking in the street with people behind me is also my biggest challenge.

Clamming up also when we’re trying to talk to someone might be hard for us, easy for others. But I still believe that for us to overcome what scares us, we must put ourselves in that scary place …

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Choosing not to forgive

3 Jun

It’s taken me a long time to work this through. I wouldn’t have minded if I had been told that I couldn’t cope, I had issues, I was insecure, I couldn’t bring myself to deal with your having Cerebral Palsy. I had issues with you not being perfect. Those are the words I would have been okay with.

To be the mature adult, to help and nurture when we’re not feeling mature is the right thing to do. We have to get past our issues. It’s okay that we don’t always get some of the parenting thing right …

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Stressful times

31 May

I continue to have my fair share of stress. Sadly, those days are inevitable. We don’t escape them, instead we must endure them.

Although I don’t always have the right resolve on some of my issues, I feel as though I work through my stress reasonably well. I like to think I do. Even though stress is inevitable, we don’t …

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CP Diary upgrade

27 May

I’m in the process of looking in to a makeover for my site. It will look sharper and more defined and as previously mentioned will be accessible on mobile phones and tablets and user friendly for the partially sighted.

I would like to ask whether you think there is anything missing from my site or if you can think of anything that would make your time on my site more enjoyable or make reading of my blogs easier …

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Cerebral Palsy progression

25 May

There are things I’m going to have to deal with. I know that my Cerebral Palsy has become more progressive. I’ve heard the same thing said by others who deal with the same condition.

Where my left side was always fundamentally weaker than my right side, I feel as though I am now more affected by my Cerebral Palsy and although that doesn’t please me, I choose to continue to take it …

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