Knowing brings understanding

Not everyone will agree with what a non-fiction author writes, but we all have a right to know about our life and talk about how we feel.

The truth is that without knowing, exploring or understanding our experiences, we may never feel whole or comfortable with ourselves, or our life. Being able to talk about what we deal with means we can …

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1 May, 2021

The old life I had is gone

Even though we are now officially out of lockdown, I am still staying home. When I go out for a walk, I shall continue to wear a mask. The old life I had is gone. Whilst people are now going about their lives, I hope they will give a thought for those who are still high risk and vulnerable to Covid-19.

The truth is that whilst we think we’re okay, scientists say we can still have Covid-19, even though we may have no symptoms. As of the 3rd January 2021, with 127,620 deaths in the UK having been reported to the WHO, Covid-19 is still continuing …

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25 Apr, 2021

The odd one out

“The odd one out is a person or thing is different from or kept apart from others that form a group or set.” – Cambridge Dictionary

It is because I have autism that I am considered different and sigmatised and seen as ‘the odd one out.’  I have always struggled to fit in. My nemesis is autism, but anyone who is different may often be seen as …

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21 Apr, 2021

Autism and Emotional Immaturity

What is emotional immaturity? I ask that because people like me with autism are affected by this. I differ from the way neuro-typicals understand emotional maturity. Through autism I see and navigate the world differently.

Being on the spectrum, means my emotions have developed differently, the same as my responses and perceptions lead me to view the world differently. It means others don’t understand, but being in the majority …

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13 Apr, 2021

A weight off my shoulders

Finding out about cerebral palsy at 46 and autism at 56, means the weight off my shoulders has finally been lifted. Learning about my disabilities, my symptoms and my challenges has literally been life-changing.

Anything we struggle with that we get to know about, ‘is a’ weight off our shoulders. It’s my truth, knowing my truth is a relief. Even if I had been able to place my disability as a child, I would still have needed to understand ‘me.’

Learning about myself and writing about my experiences has not only brought about clarity, but it …

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9 Apr, 2021

Getting to grips with Autism

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror growing up and you can’t see the animation in your eyes or your smile, and you don’t understand why.

And as you clean your face daily, and as you look in the mirror, you keep going back to the same thought process, and every time you see your eyes and your reflection in the mirror, you know you’re dealing …

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5 Apr, 2021

The thing about truth

From an early age I have always lived with my own truth. It was also important others told me the truth. I would rather have heard the truth and it feel uncomfortable than have to work through the consequences of being told a lie.

No matter how hard it was for me to face the truth, it was right that I came to know about my disability. Where we may try to …

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3 Apr, 2021

Two Sides of Me

There have always been two sides to me, the side where I write with ease and the part that makes sense, then there’s the side of me that lives with continual struggles around anxiety and autism that never goes away.

Through my writing, I make things look easy, but my life and what I have to deal with around anxiety and autism are far from easy. Even if I had been given a name as a child, I still wouldn’t have had the tools to …

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31 Mar, 2021

Covid-19, my pre-existing conditions

Whilst we may all be home right now, once we’re out of lockdown and the country begins to open up again, I will be more vulnerable to catching Covid-19 because I deal with a pre-existing condition.

The realities of living through the pandemic has been impossible at times, and although I haven’t been able to prevent emotional storms from cropping up, I am learning how to relate skilfully to each …

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27 Mar, 2021