A positive slant on my life

Living through trauma isn’t easy, but how we see our experiences through the other end is important. No matter how negative my experiences or life was, it was important I didn’t sugar coat those, in terms of my mental health; it was important I was able to stay present and positive.

A Positive Mental Attitude allows you to assert yourself positively, so that no matter the situation your positive disposition …

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27 Sep, 2020

Political Suicide

In 10 years of writing, the political landscape has changed. Through autism and so I feel comfortable with what is happening in the political landscape, I feel I am left with little choice but to write about what is happening. I need to feel better.

I am sorry these kind of blogs don’t make for comfortable reading, but the truth doesn’t not exist because we don’t talk about it. The truth is out there whether we accept it, or not. The political landscape …

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22 Sep, 2020

Push through it

Push through it, push through the emotional pain. I pushed through the pain of not knowing about my disability, or what that even meant, how it played out day to day. I pushed through the pain of not being able to talk about it in the early days.

It’s easy to ignore what we don’t know about, we don’t know so we don’t have to think about it right? Not true, because we will always have to deal with what is meant for us, even if it’s not obvious in the …

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18 Sep, 2020

My autism woes

I was convinced I had something going on as a child, it was in my eyes, it was in my smile, my smile didn’t seem animated and where my siblings’ smiles were animated, my smile didn’t fit. It was something I kept going back to.

It is because I have autism. I have no problem with autism, I recognise it has given me a life through my writing, but I have an autistic look and I hate that. Knowing about it at the age of 56 has made it impossible …

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12 Sep, 2020

Independent thinking

My father would often say I was the most independent thinking. Being on the autism spectrum means I am alone with my thoughts 24/7 it’s easy to see why.

But even though in my mind I am independent thinking, I deal with predictive and sequential thinking, because I am on the autism spectrum. It is essential for me to use predictive thinking in a whole range …

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10 Sep, 2020

Anxiety and Depression

I have always known I mentally struggle. Having been diagnosed with autism in January, 2019 confirmed I deal with anxiety and depression.

My book: Cerebral Palsy ‘A Story’ changed all that when a reviewer of my book observed that I had been dealing with anxiety and depression. She opened my eyes to something else that has never been aired …

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7 Sep, 2020

Covid common sense

It has been 11 years since my cerebral palsy diagnosis, but now I know I’m living with respiratory issues and a pre-existing condition through the pandemic, it’s not resting easy. I am more susceptible than most to catching Covid.

Going out for walks I feel more comfortable masking up, but I also need common sense to be applied by all governments in what they’re asking us to do. Trying to kick start the economy without dealing with the …

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3 Sep, 2020

My family finally together

Having been in lockdown for the last 5 months, being ‘high risk’ and with covid procedures in place, finally my family came home for the weekend. It was the first time we had come together since last Christmas.

Not being able to see my family for the last 5 months, I was desperate to see my children. With autism, it’s been impossible to navigate and manaoeuvre my thinking around the virus; I needed something to …

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31 Aug, 2020

The same underneath

I am the same underneath as everyone else, but because I deal with a disability, how I got to this place tells an altogether different story.

I behave differently because I deal with a mental and emotional disability and that impacts my relationships, how I communicate, and how others get to communicate with me.

Any disability is difficult, even more so when the disability you deal with is invisible. I don’t look disabled but I am autistic, a disability in itself.

Even as a small child, I was aware something about me was different, in …

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26 Aug, 2020

My Birth Injury

I have never gone into detail around the issues surrounding my birth and why I sustained a brain injury, so perhaps now is a good time to talk about it.

Before my father passed, he mentioned he was at home when my mum went into labour. Although when I was born, fathers weren’t present when their wives were giving birth, mine was a multiple birth …

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23 Aug, 2020