Others’ understanding Autism

Autism must be explored by others, so that others may understand how we present. For those of us with autism, we may get a bad press because others either don’t understand us, or don’t like our behaviour.

Having just been diagnosed with Autism, I spent my life trying to adapt into a normal life, in effect with a disability I didn’t know I had. My life could never be normal, but when it comes to a disability …

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25 Jan, 2019

My experiences with Autism

I grew up only knowing about a bad leg and foot, so having an autism diagnosis is the biggest thing that’s happened to me. Since I found out about cerebral palsy, it has taken me an additional 9 years of research to understand all my presenting neurological symptoms and to find out those were Autism.

But with my Autism diagnosis brings understanding. It is the reason why I struggled, why I would continually start something and not finish it, and why over the years I was labelled for being lazy. It is also …

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20 Jan, 2019

My autistic thinking brain

Now that I have had autism confirmed, I need to understand the whole autism thing. My writing and what I write are part of an autistic thinking brain. It’s taken me a lot of years to work that out.

The reason I struggle with anxiety and why I have autism, is because the frontal lobe and right parietal lobe, which are responsible for keeping my emotions, my perceptions and reasoning under control …

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19 Jan, 2019

We miss the signs

Since my autism diagnosis was confirmed on the 11th January, I have been thinking about my experiences more. I believe that with or without autism it is important we question our thinking around our experiences so that we have an understanding.

In a way I find it easy because I work with black and white scenarios. Something either works or it doesn’t, someone is kind or they’re not, they want to help me, or they don’t. The grey area is the area where …

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16 Jan, 2019

My feelings on autism

It’s another back to back blog. Having just come away with a confirmed diagnosis for autism means I must now accept the diagnosis and live my life with a new thinking around my symptoms. It’s taken 9 years since the original cerebral palsy diagnosis for me to work everything out.

I suppose in a way I’m lucky, because my autism symptoms are mild. Over the years I have taught myself to adapt into my life, but it’s something I need to continue to do. When it comes to anxiety, new unfamiliar …

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13 Jan, 2019

It was autism all along

It frustrates the hell out of me to know that it was autism all along, particularly because a diagnosis as a child will have made my life easier.

Questions were being asked by my consultants and ignored. Autism is the reason I failed in school. It is also the reason I carried guilt for 25 years, because academically I felt I’d let myself down. For years those …

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12 Jan, 2019

Ignorance around autism

I always try to work through and understand what I deal with. Learning more about the fact that I have autism, helps me understand myself, but that only works if others want to understand me also. Yesterday I spent most of the day watching experts talk about autism on ‘YouTube.’

Because there is little understanding about the different degrees of autism and how we may present, it’s easy for others to judge us. On our part because we deal with autism and all we want is support …

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9 Jan, 2019

Fighting the flu

I finished 2018 the same way I started 2019, fighting the flu. I never take my health for granted, and it only takes one thing and the balance of the scales are tipped against me.

Christmas Day was fine. Being around a family member who was under the weather was all it took for me to get sick. As a result, I have been battling flu made more complicated because I deal with respiratory …

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4 Jan, 2019

Welcome to 2019

“The lack of a silver spoon has set you on a certain path, but you needn’t stay on it.” – Kingsman

Not every child is born with a silver spoon in their mouths. We have to make our lives work no matter how life starts out for us. A silver spoon scenario isn’t just a monetary thing, that if you’re born into …

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1 Jan, 2019