White or wholegrain bread?

I’ve always been told and gone with the fact that wholegrain has to be better than white bread. For those of us interested in health, the results of a recent new study comparing the health effects of white bread versus wholegrain sourdough bread are very interesting indeed.

The study compared the effects of consuming white bread for one week, followed after a break by consuming wholegrain sourdough for one week, or vice versa. Those taking part in the study …

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19 Oct, 2017

Healthy snacking

Snacking between meals can contribute to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet as long as those snacks are healthy; so it’s equally as important when considering snacks to make sure we also think about the right overall energy intake as part of a varied diet.

Although there isn’t much research out there on the effects of what we eat between meals, particularly when we snack, how we snack and why we snack; it’s important we think about the snacks …

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13 Sep, 2017

Foods containing trans-fats

Trans fats, known as (‘Trans Fatty Acids’) made through the chemical process of hydrogenation of oils, is bad for us. Hydrogenation as it’s known, solidifies liquid oils, increases the flavour stability of oils and foods that contain them and also increases the shelf life of foods. It’s important to avoid trans-fats.

Foods that contain Trans Fatty Acids

In recent years, we have all heard a lot about trans fats, a type of fat that has been shown to lower levels of HDL, or good …

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15 Aug, 2017

Dangers of trans-fats

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, trans fats have been associated with increased risk of numerous diseases, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. They promote inflammation and obesity, raise LDL, or bad, cholesterol levels and lower HDL, or good, cholesterol levels.

What are Monoglycerides and Diglycerides?

Monoglycerides and Diglycerides are food additives used to combine ingredients containing fats with those containing water. Food manufacturers normally use them to extend a product’s shelf …

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10 Jul, 2017

Managing weight loss

If weight were a matter of calories in and calories out, we’d all be the weight we choose. We all know the ‘eat less’ principle, and yet, somehow it isn’t. Perhaps, therefore it’s time to consider the problem through an alternative lens.

Hunger is a motivated state of mind. We all feel hungry before dinner and full after a meal, but those moments are the tip of the iceberg. Hunger is a process that’s always present, always running …

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15 Jun, 2017

10 portions a day

What started as 5 portions, went up to between 6 and 8 portions a day, now we’re being told that we must eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, to cut our risk of early death.

The findings of a study by “Imperial College” London, confirm that eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day is good for you, but eating 10 is much better and could prevent up to 7.8 …

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11 May, 2017

Gut bacteria & mood

We all know the basic steps to keeping a young, healthy brain includes eating a balanced and varied diet, regular exercise, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Research now shows that our brain health may also be influenced by an unexpected source, called our second brain. Within the walls of our digestive system is the gut, or the “second brain …

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4 Apr, 2017

The benefits of watermelon

Although watermelon is a seasonal fruit, it is by far my favourite fruit. It’s also good for us. It contains lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient that is particularly important for cardiovascular health.

They are also packed full of goodness. With every bite, we’re also taking in significant levels of B6, Vitamin A and C, together with antioxidants, lycopene and amino acids. Watermelons also …

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7 Mar, 2017

Natural sugars & health

There has always been a sugar debate, which seems to continually be ongoing. Recently the World Health Organization has recommended taxing sugary drinks, linking them to obesity and diabetes and many now people believe that all sugars (including natural sugar found in fruit juice) are a key reason for the obesity and diabetes epidemics.

In response to the growing concern about the likely scenario that soda drinks are adding to rising obesity levels and diabetes in Europe, France has recently banned unlimited soda drink refills …

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4 Feb, 2017

Nuts for health

Nuts have always courted controversy for their fattening qualities, so we’ve always been told to avoid them, but now research has given them a little bit of a lifeline, because studies now show that healthy fats and fibre in nuts, can reduce our risk of heart disease.

An international group of researchers, publishing in the journal BMC Medicine, analysed 29 studies about nuts and health outcomes to find out if there are wider health benefits from us consuming …

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7 Jan, 2017