Best exercises for anger

Anger and stress go hand in hand. As stress levels rise, so do our levels of frustration and tension. When we carry repressed or uncontrolled anger, those will cause us aggravation and stress.

Effectively handling anger requires us to use a combination of stress and management exercises. These techniques may be learned on your own, or for maximum benefits discussed with a …

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21 Sep, 2019

Exercise & better health

We now all know that one of the most important contributors to better health is exercise. Evidence shows exercise can enhance your health and overall well-being. Unfortunately for very many people, desk-based jobs and sedentary pastimes, such as watching TV, going online, or playing computer and video games, have replaced more active lifestyles.

What exercise can do for you

People are simply not physically active enough to meet the minimum threshold for good health – that is, burning at least 700 to 1,000 calories a week through physical pursuits. The benefits of exercise may …

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20 Aug, 2019

Exercise & Blood Circulation

Blood circulation plays an essential role in our overall health, transporting oxygen and nutrients to the brain, skin, and vital organs in the body. When this circulation is reduced, diseases such as kidney disease, and stroke may occur. Exercise plays a vital role in improving blood circulation.

Raise Your Heart Rate

Any type of exercise that increases heart rate improves blood circulation because as the heart muscle contracts at a higher rate, the increased volume of blood moves more rapidly through the arteries and veins …

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25 Jul, 2019

Exercise for mental health

I have often heard it said that as little as 10 minutes of regular exercise can help alleviate depression. But even professionals don’t always make the link between mental and physical health. There are many reasons that physical activity is said to help mental health. It boosts mood, relieves stress and improves sleep.

Although the long-associated stigma attached to mental illness has faded in recent years, the services set up to provide assistance are still stretched and underfunded. With the caveat that exercise alone …

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23 Jun, 2019

Sleep exercises

If sleep is something you struggle with, these relaxation techniques should help you. Try one of the simple exercises below:

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery allows you to focus your attention on a story or image so that you feel you’re there enabling you to let go of your worries. Begin to visualise a memory, story or scene that made you feel …

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22 Apr, 2019

Tai Chi exercise

We know that Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that combines movement and relaxation, which is good for both the body and mind.

Tai Chi, knowing as “meditation in motion” is made up of a series of graceful movements that slowly transition smoothly into the next. It combines slow, deliberate movements and incorporates …

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18 Mar, 2019


Whether you’re looking to increase your confidence, your strength or co-ordination, or you’re looking for a cardio workout, kickboxing is for you.

You’ll find kickboxing classes focus on everything from elements of dance, to self-defence, cardio conditioning and martial arts. Deciding which kind of class to attend is the first step in preparing long term …

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23 Jan, 2019

Benefits of Hiking

Walking is good for us and it’s a good mood motivator. Hiking, is essentially a long walk in the countryside.

Walking for long periods outdoors has many benefits and offers much more that nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature. Hiking is really good for us, too. While hiking is a powerful cardio …

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22 Dec, 2018