What would it take to let go?

What would it take to let go? What if what you have known for years didn’t change from someone living, or someone who has already passed? How would you accept knowing, if a parent hadn’t changed his or her opinion, then what?

So, what would it take, courage, truth, understanding? Desperate for a new life, change away from a dysfunctional family? It takes a lot to change mental and emotional patterns, things we’ve always done …

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15 Jan, 2021

Misplaced Loyalty and its dangers

Misplaced loyalty which is based on guilt, will always come at a cost to our own personal, mental and emotional health. When anyone becomes biased towards a person or institution for the wrong reasons that loyalty becomes misplaced.

It can also happen out of personal feelings of guilt, though there is often no reason why that person should feel guilt, but loyalty if allowed to continue to be misplaced is dangerous, because not only will it leave …

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11 Jan, 2021

Using setbacks as stepping stones

What is going on in the world with the pandemic is showing us a different way to think. It has highlighted that no matter the outcome, through self-care there are things we can do to change how we deal with losing our liberty.

We must take time to think about our own needs. It is important we concentrate on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Using setbacks as stepping-stones can help us move forward mentally. I go back to spirituality …

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8 Jan, 2021

People doing as they please

Taking a trip out in the car recently before lockdown, sadly it was evident and clear to see that society hasn’t changed at all, the streets were full.

With no social distancing going on or masks being worn, it is obvious why the infection rate is going up and why the virus is still spreading. There must have been around 200 people out and only three …

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6 Jan, 2021

The UK out of Europe

So, now the UK has left the EU, the country has rejected 48 years in the European customs union, also called the Common Market, and 28 years in the Single Market, the brainchild of well-known Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

The Single Market expanded the market available for British exporters without tariff or non-tariff barriers, to 500 million Europeans. Ironic then that the negotiations of the past four years were all the more difficult …

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3 Jan, 2021

Being cruel

It is important we are open with ourselves about our experiences and vulnerabilities. When we work on acceptance, we avoid being cruel to others.When we feel mentally or emotionally hurt, we will back off and start to live a life in denial on the facts, which means running away from our truth. It is only through us being open and honest that our own emotional …

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26 Dec, 2020

Brexit food shortages

I talk about the things that affect me in my blog. It has become necessary for my mental health. It is because I deal with autism that I struggle more.

With a week and a half to go to Brexit, this particular blog is current, Brexit shortages is something we all need to know about, it will affect us all. Personally, I am struggling to comprehend what has …

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22 Dec, 2020

Relationship Dynamics

Relationships can be very confusing primarily because we fail to understand the relationship dynamics and just how our relationships need to work and ignore the very things that can make our relationships better.

We make our relationships complex and complicated. If we learned to open up and talk about things and communicate more; we wouldn’t get caught up in petty and hurtful dialogue that may often follow …

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18 Dec, 2020

More aspects of Karma

Karma and lessons come back to us whether we’re this side or the other side of life. Which side you’re on is immaterial.

It is more helpful if you learn your lessons this side of life by doing what’s right, what the universe expects. Karma is the luggage our soul carries from past lives to this one. Unfortunately, this luggage never gets lost …

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15 Dec, 2020

Covid and Brexit Divide

Covid and Brexit is karma and with issues bubbling away under the surface, many of us are struggling to deal with both simultaneously.

Different choices could have been made with handling both by the government, and now they’re being urged to deliver on their promise to ‘level up’ to reduce the divide North and South. The karma I talk about …

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12 Dec, 2020