Bad habits

Anything we repeat in succession or go back to and then continue to repeat is a bad habit. Bad habits are negative behaviour patterns that we continue to play out on a daily basis, such as watching too much television, or using cell, or mobile phones.

But as habits are formed, they can be broken. It all depends on where we are emotionally and how determined we are to change our attitudes and our lifestyle. Part of the problem with a bad habit …

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20 Jul, 2019

Coping with life changes

When something big happens that change our life it can become life changing.In fact anything that changes how we feel about someone or something. Coping with life changes is something we must all learn to do.

Any form of change can take its toll on our mental health. It’s easy for us to become fixated on events that we we feel we have no control over. If you stand back and look at the bigger picture, you will find …

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11 Jul, 2019


Negative people aren’t sociopaths or bullies, so I can understand others when they say they wouldn’t stay away, but having lived a life around negativity, I disagree. Too much negativity is toxic if it’s not nipped in the bud.

For those who actively choose to stay around negativity they need to understand a person’s vulnerability and why they are negative before they decide to make their way to the nearest door. Trying to deal …

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8 Jul, 2019

Live and let live

Each of us will think differently, will have our own identities. We will have our own opinions and attitudes and yet we insist others behave and be like us.

We may also expect others to follow our values. We call ourselves open-minded and yet there’s nothing open-minded about the way we expect others to fall into line with us, our values, and the way we …

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3 Jul, 2019


While we feel bitter at the injustice, unless we deal with and move on from that feeling, it can turn into anger. We must decide how best to handle ourselves and our situation.

Bitterness is something we dwell on. It’s worse than anger, because being bitter means we’re helpless to do anything about feeling bitter. But we can be bitter and still have control. We must get past …

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30 Jun, 2019


When we feel the need to have self-importance we’ve given up on the spiritual life. It exists in our communities and in politics. Self-importance is usually about two things; money and power. Politicians who enter politics, have either already made their fortune or inherited it.

What drives self-importance is status, prestige, power and authority, together with an oversized ego brought about through others’ lust for power and their sense of entitlement that can spill over into …

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26 Jun, 2019

Why we need humility

Humility is the act of being modest, it is the opposite of being arrogant and aggressive. We will never successfully forge ahead without it.

Since everything we do is based on how we act and react, we must always act and react with humility. It makes what we put out there real. Humility helps build trust between people, in families, in society …

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21 Jun, 2019