Stop comparing yourself to others

Always try to be better today than you were yesterday. Instead of being better, we focus on being worried or concerned that we don’t measure up to others, and fail to recognise that we too have something to give.

Due to a lack of confidence, we spend rather a large chunk of our lives trying to determining whether we stack up, where in reality there should be no ranking measure at all. Instead, we must measure …

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17 Jan, 2020

The cycle of blame

The most obvious of ways of others apportioning blame is us being told we are to blame. Blame isn’t always down to us, but directed at us. It’s their guilt enforced on us. It’s in families, in society, in the wider world.

The expression ‘elephant in the room’ refers to a problem, a topic of conversation in the past that no one wants to talk about, or wants to discuss because it’s uncomfortable, is part of the cycle …

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15 Jan, 2020

Emotional distance

Emotional distance, clearly an indicator of a crisis, isn’t just something that happens within a relationship, it also happens in families. When anyone puts emotional distance between themselves and others, they are ultimately shutting themselves off to what was once a flourishing relationship.

The emotional bond in families and between two people need continual, constant care. We must all pay attention to our relationships, learn to care and pay attention to them so that we can maintain and …

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12 Jan, 2020

Cerebral Palsy and mental health

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects mental health. A disorder that affects your mood, thinking and potential behaviour is never a good thing. Even if cerebral palsy is mild, we still have our mental health to think about. Our mental and physical health are continually deeply interconnected.

Although cerebral palsy can and does increase our risk of developing depression and anxiety, untreated anxiety and depression contributes to poor physical health. It is easy for others to overlook the importance …

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8 Jan, 2020

Trying to be better

For those who believe in spirituality, we know how important it is we try to do better than we did yesterday, we try to be better people.

Generally, we don’t always think about others, we don’t always do right by others, we may hurt people, because we’re hurting, but we must try to be better. In 2020, trying to be better, means us taking out any …

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5 Jan, 2020

We must do better in 2020

Respectfully, we must do better in 2020. We need to be more selfless, think about and put others first and protect animals more. We must want to give back.

We need to think about climate change and global warming. We must think about how we can protect our planet, so making our lives better. We must be more mindful. Think about the change you want to see in …

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3 Jan, 2020

A New Year, old problems

I’m breaking with tradition for the first time in 10 years, to talk about something that concerns us all. With Brexit around the corner, I’m sure like me, others are also struggling to think about anything else.

We’re in this world to be selfless not selfish. What is happening in politics is nothing short of selfish. MPs thinking about themselves, how they can outwit each other, and the back-biting continues. It’s not just a UK …

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1 Jan, 2020

Emotional Neglect

For those of us who aren’t familiar with the terminology, ‘Emotional Neglect,’ it is a parent’s failure to respond to a child’s emotional needs and is the opposite of abuse and mistreatment.

Where abuse and mistreatment are parental acts, emotional neglect is when a parent fails to act. As my case has shown, it is only through internal dialogue that we come to understand that although our emotions …

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26 Dec, 2019

Salt of the Earth

Being the salt of the earth is something we should all be striving for, but not everyone is striving for it. Basic honest and good values should be something we all aspire to, something we must continue to be, as we go about our daily lives. On the whole people are good, they are trustworthy and reliable, they are the salt of the earth.

In some respects, the world is constantly improving. Science is helping put an end to many diseases, but we’re still not getting it right. We’re not improving ourselves. We may be ahead and have scientific, technological …

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23 Dec, 2019

Making decisions

Making decisions may seem easy but without the confidence or ground work, it’s not always easy. A lack of confidence is the biggest reason we fail to make decisions.

Some decisions that are routine we make without giving much thought, but decisions that are more difficult or challenging will demand more thinking and consideration from us. Where life is uncertain, making …

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18 Dec, 2019