Check your motives

Not all of us will make the connections that our motives behind our deed has an impact on our future success. We may not understand, but the universe is well aware of our motivates, motives play a part in how well our lives will turn out.

You cannot be one way to fit your life with ulterior motives and still expect your life to work out. Motives must be honourable, we must want to be and give of our best, regardless of our past experiences ….

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24 Feb, 2020


Suffering is something we either do with diligence, or do it without. It is based on mental and/or physical pain and can be mild, or intolerable. The intensity of our suffering, will also depend on the duration and frequency of its occurrence. No matter your suffering, it is important you let someone know how you feel.

Suffering happens. Burying how we feel in the hope that what we’re suffering with will go, away doesn’t help. It goes away when we deal with the issue. Don’t let what you’re suffering with, or what you’re …

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20 Feb, 2020

Forms of Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or emotional, the intelligence and the ego to regain balance and bring about our body’s own healing mechanisms.

Therapies that incorporate ‘Energetic Healing’ include Reiki, Reflexology and Acupuncture amongst others. Energetic Healing also encompasses lesser known therapies including aura and chakra …

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17 Feb, 2020

Ego changes ideology

Ego changes ideology, changes our perceptions. The salient point is that the ego changes our ideologies, therefore it changes us and how we live our lives. How we see the world through our egos will never be the same as if we’re going it alone. Without the ego, our lives will be more successful, balanced, and fair.

The more we use our ego, the more it will continue to alienate us from our lives, the more it will make us confrontational. The ego gives us false hope, a false sense of security. If used continually it will …

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12 Feb, 2020

Being mindful of your actions

Being mindful isn’t just about being alerted to something and then being mindful of your actions. It’s about paying attention to your environment and your lives presently.

It’s also not something we will all have in our lifetime, that part is always up to us. But being mindful is something you must hone, and something that can have a positive impact on both your personal …

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9 Feb, 2020

Energetic Healing

Energy healing is defined as an aspect of complementary and alternative medicine. The energy field known as the ‘aura’ comprises a number of layers that not only surround us, but spread or flow throughout our cells and bodies.

The different layers of the aura have a different purpose. Our mind is made up of two parts, the conscious part (the part that in computer terms) is the ‘hardware’ and the aura which is the ‘software.’ They work …

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6 Feb, 2020

Normal is an illusion

So, “what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” Our experience in any given situation will impact how we approach or view a task. Normal is different to each of us. What I consider normal, someone else will consider abnormal.

As individuals, we will always have a different approach, a different opinion, and choose different things, which makes us …

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1 Feb, 2020

An awakening

An awakening is when you become aware of something, you make a connection for the first time, a realisation, a recognition.

If and when you have an awakening, you know it’s there. It may not be something you experience personally, it can be something someone else tells you about, something you come to understand …

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27 Jan, 2020

Treating people equally

Just because we don’t have opportunities doesn’t make us incapable. It is important we treat and see people in the same way. We must treat people equally.

‘Equality is defined as being equal, the same in value, and the same in quality and measure.’ People must change the way they see things. When it comes to equality of the sexes, men and women are just …

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24 Jan, 2020