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Health and Wellbeing

The core theme to my Health and Wellbeing blog, is emotional and physical health.

This category contains advice and support on a wide range of health related topics including tips for emotional and spiritual growth, staying confident, strong and positive and how best to avoid stress and sickness.

Protect, not scar

24 Apr

It’s a parent’s job to protect us, not scar us. From experience, where parents set out to protect their children, they may end up scarring them instead.

Crossed words, raised voices, strong undercurrents and undertones, all create emotional scarring, particularly if they’re continually being used. We use sarcasm, we lash out, use words that attack, undermine, pull downs, unkind comments, being neglectful and the patterns continue.

Scars run deep, but for some children they run deeper. Depending on how severely a child will suffer, …

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Using mediation

21 Apr

Although mediation is usually involved and refers to an intervention in a dispute to resolve that dispute, I also believe there’s a different explanation that works in life too. Mediation is an intervention in a process or relationship and should work in families too.

Families don’t always use mediation as a tool. We offer an opinion, the opinion isn’t accepted then we fall out or walk away, depending on what comes first. Mediation should be used as a tool between two people to bring a discussion or opinion to a conclusion, without having …

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Differing opinions

19 Apr

Because we’re all a product of our own individual experiences and upbringings, it’s only natural that our opinions will differ on a whole range of topics and the more our opinions differ, the less accepting we will be on other people’s opinions.

Of course, there is a train of thought that the world would be a dull place if we were all the same, but it is the incredible diversity that can make our world such a fascinating place, but it’s up to us …

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New opportunities

15 Apr

I’ve previously written a blog about the fact that our lives are mapped out from the minute we’re born. But even so, it’s important to understand that through our lives, we will come across opportunities that will be obvious to those of us who are adept at reading between the lines, but for those of us who aren’t, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn.

Until something happens to change our course, our life is mapped out. We follow a path set out for us, in some cases without being able to digress. We’re also not expected to argue or fall foul of those …

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Support & CP

12 Apr

I have talked briefly in my ‘About Me’ page about the lack of support I received from my family whilst growing up with Cerebral Palsy, but had all the right support mechanisms been in place for me earlier, I am not sure I would have got myself to where I am now with my site, so that is fortunate.

I believe siblings can play their own part in supporting their sibling with the disability, if handled correctly by the parents, but it is inevitable that jealousy and isolation may set in when too much …

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Being unpredictable

9 Apr

There are two types of thought on being unpredictable. The first one is accepted as part of life, the second is too scary to even think about.

We can be unpredictable by going out of our way by doing something kind for someone and because that other someone isn’t expecting it, it becomes unpredictable and that is accepted. When something happens and we don’t foresee it, it’s exciting, welcome and unpredictable.

The other type of unpredictability is abusive and scary at times and can bring with it a sense of foreboding. Let there be no …

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Others’ perceptions

8 Apr

Being a certain way means it’s easy for us others to tar us with their brush, if they’re that way inclined. It would be easier for them to pin the blame on us, even if we weren’t to blame.

Why would that someone choose to see past that when it’s easier for them? But perhaps that’s the point, if it’s easier for them, they won’t see the need for change. We all have access to information …

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History repeating

5 Apr

History has shown and continues to show how things could have been prevented. There have been many events like the tragic loss of life on board theTitanic and the atrocities of World War 11, events that could possibly have been prevented; and if not prevented, at least massively reduced.

The sad reality is that we literally go through life like this. We don’t consciously stop to think about the presenting circumstances and how we can make things right, or even better, or when mistakes …

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Forced relationships

1 Apr

Trying too hard to make any relationship work means the relationship is forced. Forced relationships can be uncomfortable and hard work and yet those are what many of us deal with. No relationship should ever be forced. If you’re having to force something that something will never fit.

But do we think of relationships as being forced? I’m not sure we ever consciously make the connection. All our thinking is done on an unconscious level. Forced relationships aren’t just …

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When people reach out

28 Mar

When anyone reaches out to us for help and we decide not to help them, we’ve already subconsciously decided they don’t need our help, that there’s clearly nothing wrong with them.

People reach out because they need the help. Perhaps it’s us that need the help for not wanting to help them. Everyone deserves an understanding, a listening ear regardless of what we’re dealing …

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