Taking emotional control

The most important thing about our emotions is how we relate and connect to them. Taking emotional control is vital if we are to manage our emotions and our lives well.

When it comes to our emotions, it’s easy to become distracted elsewhere, particularly if we have more than one thing on our mind, so acknowledging we have distractions helps. Working on distractions will always …

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20 Oct, 2018

Choosing not to hide

I’m proud to say that even with my life and without a diagnosis I never hid behind my physical issues. They were a part of me, but never defined who I was. I certainly made enough noises over the years.

But even if we’re not defining ourselves, others are doing it for us. It’s important we push ourselves into the light so that we don’t continue to hide in corners. Without getting ourselves out there, it’s easy for …

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12 Oct, 2018

We can’t fix everything

In life there are certain things we cannot fix. For example, I cannot fix being born with a disability, I must find ways to accept it. There are also other things we can’t fix. We can’t fix our failings, or our regrets. They simply become part of us.

We may sometimes be consumed with insecurities that plague our thoughts and control how we function in our lives. We may feel overwhelmed by situations we cannot change and the decisions we wish …

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11 Oct, 2018

The teenage years

The teenage years are the years we begin to notice and learn things about ourselves, a time when we begin to question ourselves, our existence and who we are.

It’s also a time when we’re our worst critic. But where life depends on how well we do as a teenager and it is a contributing factor to our success, it is primarily our attitude that will determine how well we cope …

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8 Oct, 2018

Be responsible, not serious

To get through life’s challenges we need to be responsible, not take ourselves too seriously and learn to lighten up.

Lightening up means changing our attitude to things so that we can react differently, becoming less serious and more detached from issues that can begin to weigh us down. Not being able to lighten up is …

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7 Oct, 2018

Living a lie

When we live our lives knowing something that we choose to keep, and deny it to someone even though we know it will affect that person’s life, we consciously make that choice. For those like myself on the receiving end and who spend years wondering, you eventually begin to read between the lines for your answers.

But when it comes to any form of lie, it requires a lot more effort to continue the facade, than it does to tell the truth. When we tell the truth, we remember what happens in the way it happens. Lying means …


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4 Oct, 2018

Mental health crisis

I recently watched a ‘Panorama’ documentary entitled ‘Kids in Crisis’ and my first thought was that could have been me. Through brain damage resulting in impaired emotions, I continually dealt with anxiety and bad thoughts as a child, around a disability I didn’t know I had.

The documentary was centred around children with mental health issues and the problems around services provided by the National Health Service in the UK. One parent who agreed to go in front of …

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2 Oct, 2018

Valuing sanity above greed

I have always valued sanity above greed. Unconsciously, I was already laying down the foundations to a more spiritual life, but I didn’t know that’s what it was.

In the early years, family are the most important until we begin to ‘dip our toes and spread our wings.’ The more our parents do for us and the more we’re given, the more we want. Equally, the more contact …

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26 Sep, 2018

Prisoners of our perception

We interpret our life based on events of the past. Set in our subconscious and often out of reach we continue to judge and compare every thought that comes through our conscious that took place, days weeks, months or even years ago.

We perceive our thinking through realities taken from our past, based around a distorted version of how we see that experience. As we live our lives we continue to perceive our life through distorted realities …

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22 Sep, 2018