Child Obesity

Among younger children, the rates of obesity are alarming, with one in ten children aged four to five years now classed as obese.

National records have been kept in the UK since the mid 1990’s and these show that one in five 10 to 11-year olds are obese. If overweight children are also included, the figures show that around one in three children …

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28 Sep, 2020

Looking after Nature

Bringing nature into our everyday lives will help us connect with ourselves and each other as well as think about and value nature, encouraging us to incorporate more sustainable behaviours.

It is desperately needed. Nature is struggling to survive and need our help. Nature and the human species share the same eco-system, therefore it is important we look after nature and start to experience nature …

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24 Sep, 2020

No support

“I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Not everyone wants to understand what we deal with or what we do, particularly if those don’t concur with their own thinking, but if those are your own experiences, it important you learn how not to care so much …

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20 Sep, 2020

Biodiversity Loss

The way we live our lives is sending biodiversity into decline. Thank you Sir David Attenborough for continuing to bring Biodiversity issues to our attention.

Biodiversity loss is real, it’s scary and it’s all of our responsibilities. It is not good enough for us to talk about it and then just ignore it. We must all now change our living habits to ensure we reverse the …

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15 Sep, 2020


Sarcasm is a sharp, and cutting expression or remark, a bitter taunt or gibe and can when used, employ ambivalence.

Sarcasm isn’t right, made worse if you’re continually on the receiving end of someone’s taunts. It is a satirical remark tempered by humour, used by people to say the opposite of what’s true and to make …

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11 Sep, 2020

Anger Management

Anger is as a result of feeling blocked, a frustration that arises often out of desperation. It is a defensive response to underlying feelings or fear, around vulnerability and a certain powerlessness to be able to help ourselves.

Anger management is a psycho-therapeutic programme that helps, prevent and control anger. When it comes to anger management programmes, those running the course consider anger to be the motivator …

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8 Sep, 2020

Japanese Covid Study

This blog is the missing link and why Covid has become a ‘world pandemic.’ It is also something governments must think about and use to enable countries to plan and move forward to help dissipate the virus.

To date scientists have considered the two main routes of transmission of coronavirus are infection by coming into contact with something that has the virus on it and infection through droplets expelled in sneezes and coughs.

A new study by scientists in Japan have found a third transmission route for the virus. According to the president …

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4 Sep, 2020

Social skills

We’re born, we grow and we learn. When it comes to social skills, we also learn; they aren’t inherent. We don’t just know or understand how or what it means for us to have social skills, but as we grow up, it’s something we must all practice.

Social skills are the skills we use to communicate, the skills we use to interact with each other, verbally and non-verbally through body language, gestures and through personal appearance. They are important …

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2 Sep, 2020