Childhood Rejection

Having experienced childhood rejection, you find a place for, it’s not something you forget. It also depends on how long the rejection goes on for.

Where parental rejection may consist of neglect, abuse, abandonment, or withholding of love and affection, it is important to understand your experiences, because parental rejection can affect you …

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16 Apr, 2021

Unconscious Experiences

Unconscious experiences are the experiences we’ve lived but can’t always recall. The preconscious as it’s called, contains thoughts and feelings that we’re not always aware of, which exist below our level of consciousness.

The conscious is the mental process where we are aware of our thoughts. Without access to our preconscious thoughts those thoughts will remain dormant until we understand how to access them. The unconscious …

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15 Apr, 2021

Personal Failings

However you personally fail, external challenges can be the reason. It could be that what you were trying to do doing isn’t something you would have instigated yourself, therefore the interest isn’t there.

But personal failings aren’t all bad, particularly when we learn from them and we don’t make the same mistakes twice. Failing should be a stepping-stone for us to go on to something better. We seem to take …

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11 Apr, 2021

The general dysfunction cycle

Breaking the cycle of general dysfunction, is important if we are to bring peace into our lives. And unless we choose to break the cycle, we will pass those dysfunctional traits on to our own children.

We have to want to break the cycle. We have to want to change, we have to want to make it happen instead of talking about making it happen. We have to want to unlearn the behaviour patterns we’ve lived …

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8 Apr, 2021

The Dangers of WiFi

We have all come to rely on wireless technology in our homes, at work and in our cars. I have often wondered about the possible health implications of the ways we connect through our phones and wi-fi networks.

Bluetooth systems and wireless routers emit electromagnetic radiation in the low gigahertz frequency. This is a level that some studies consider is dangerous to people. And the danger is, unfortunately, a cumulative …

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4 Apr, 2021

The Easing of Lockdown

On the 1st April shielding in the UK stops, and for those of us who are high-risk, I am sure we have mixed feelings about it. Although it’s not necessarily bad, it’s not a good thing either.

Allowing us out of lockdown means the virus can continue to spread if we’re not careful. We we’re being asked to wear masks in shops when they were open, but we should also be masking up in all public …

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1 Apr, 2021

Forgiving someone

There is no point in forgiving someone, say we have, and we’re still behaving hostile towards that person. That isn’t forgiveness. Forgiving means we literally wipe the slate clean and we start again.

Not forgiving someone doesn’t make us a bad person. It simply depends on whether we feel the other person is worthy of our forgiveness. Forgiving isn’t about forgetting, it’s about finding an acceptance, a place …

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28 Mar, 2021

Looking forwards

Looking forwards means not giving in or up, it’s also telling the universe we’re taking control of our issues, and of our life. It puts us in a healthier head space, as long as we’re not looking forwards to ignore the past on the things we have to deal with.

It means we’re mentally and emotionally in tune with ourselves. When we presently live life, it’s showing others our life matters and we count. It means we’re looking at the distance in the direction we’re intending …

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24 Mar, 2021

Stop caring what others think

The thing that holds us back the most, is our concern of what others think; instead of thinking about ourselves and whether what we’re doing is right.

Other people’s opinions have everything to do with them, their past, their judgments, and their expectations. Your truth is your truth. No matter what you do, others may always have an opinion, but that has …

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22 Mar, 2021