Emotionally distressed

Sadly, some emotionally distressed people may infect our emotions within moments of us being in their company. After some exposure, everyone around those people may begin to feel sick.

Emotionally distressed people may sometimes prefer to remain distressed, particularly if it means them having to deal with their emotions. Our emotions aren’t the easiest thing to deal …

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17 Aug, 2017

Never admitting fault

Sadly, those who will never admit they’re at fault, are usually the ones who are at fault. We all know of someone who will constantly blame their past, their experiences and their failings on everything and everyone but themselves.

There are those who also don’t think there’s anything wrong with them and will spend a lifetime, outwardly blaming others and things and yet they won’t admit that is exactly what they do …

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12 Aug, 2017

Cerebral Palsy & families

I have talked about lessening the impact for those living with Cerebral Palsy, but the biggest challenge living with someone with Cerebral Palsy in the family is how the child with Cerebral Palsy can succeed around those in the family who are able-bodied.

Apparently 90% of families who have a child that lives with Cerebral Palsy consider the experiences helpful as the family grow closer, but that doesn’t happen in all families. It is true that the …

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9 Aug, 2017

Toxic parenting

Children won’t always equate that they may have been subjected to parenting that was toxic or even how the toxic parenting works. But there is always a dividing line between criticism and continual over criticism towards a child, by a parent.

Most parents genuinely want to do their best to provide their children with a healthy and happy upbringing, but sadly some parents’ mistakes can result in future therapy sessions. Toxic behaviour …

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8 Aug, 2017

The past is the past

No one can escape their past, but we get to deal with it. We must somehow try to put past experiences into context and learn how to prepare for the times when our experiences, which aren’t always in our mind, totally blindside us when they come back in from nowhere.

Although we may not always be able to escape the misery of things that happen in our past, we can choose to change the way we see and deal with the misery. Sadly, the past can sometimes intensify and …

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4 Aug, 2017

The silent treatment

It’s not that what we’ve said is wrong, but then the silent treatment happens. When one person says something, whether it’s a request, complaint or something constructive and the other person responds with emotional distance and silence.

Although, it’s not about what we’ve said, we’re just communicating, it’s how they are in their own emotional and personal space, yet it’s something we’re made to endure. Sadly, the silent treatment is a way …

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1 Aug, 2017

Saying what we feel

It’s because we care that we say what we feel, but it’s usually the act, rather than the deed that gets us into trouble. Although we may get to say what we feel, others won’t always admit they could have handled themselves better.

It’s also a shame that others aren’t always honest with us when it comes to us saying what we feel. When the other person goes on the defensive and makes the issue about us, getting where we want to be will …

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28 Jul, 2017

Questioning our baggage

To discover the root cause of what we’re dealing with; to free ourselves from baggage requires honest introspection. Not knowing what the root causes are, steals our energy and growth from the many positive influences we will then fail to recognise.

As is life, the build-up of what we carry or deal with lies heavily sometimes. Over time the weight of our baggage …

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25 Jul, 2017

Ungrateful & privileged

Sadly, we live in a society and culture that encourages a sense of entitlement from some children, but not all. Even if we raise a grateful child, children may still go through the sense of entitlement, ungrateful stage. Although that doesn’t indicate whether they will stay ungrateful or entitled forever, parents still need to have control over their attitudes.

As a child, I was grateful for the roof over my head, the food on the table. I was grateful for just about everything. I never stopped to question anything. It’s just the way I was. It’s only later on that …

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22 Jul, 2017