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Health and Wellbeing

The core theme to my Health and Wellbeing blog, is emotional and physical health.

This category contains advice and support on a wide range of health related topics including tips for emotional and spiritual growth, staying confident, strong and positive and how best to avoid stress and sickness.

Trust & doing what’s right

26 Jun

We’re taught from an early age and for some of us it’s drilled into us that we’re supposed to do the right thing, what’s right that even if others don’t do what’s right, we must.

And karma teaches us that we’re not only accountable for ourselves but we’re accountable to others too, how we behave, therefore it’s important we do the right thing, even if others fail to do the right thing by us. We must do right by others, as we would want others to do right by us.

Doing what’s right is also about trust. When someone puts their trust …

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Being nice

23 Jun

Sometimes we’re better off staying away from people who almost make not being nice an art form. They’re mean.

They’re also not the people you would choose to spend time with. As a nation, we’ve become more self-centred, more aloof, less patient, more selfish. We’re emotionally distracted. We don’t take the time …

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Adapt & change

19 Jun

Adapt and change or stagnate and get left behind. Sadly, this is how it works. The capacity to adapt comes through our ability to deal with the mental, emotional and physical challenges.

How we manage to incorporate a new mind set and our subsequent behaviour, determines how successful our new mind-set and behaviour pattern will be. The key implications of change are necessary …

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Education -v- being worldly

18 Jun

Education opens the mind to new and exciting possibilities, but education isn’t necessarily about formal education. I didn’t quite tick the box on a formal education through no fault of mine, but still believe that just by living, failing and finding an understanding on living we educate ourselves.

The more we open our mind to life and its possibilities, the more open we will be to learning. A worldly education allows us to see the world and understand the concept of life, in the way a book education …

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Dealing with change

14 Jun

We’re born, we grow and we change. Although change comes from a multitude of places, it’s how we change and come through change that matters.

Change initially comes through institutions such as school, through peer pressure, culture and society, as we’re expected to fit in and then conform. Moving away from home also changes …

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The art of resisting

11 Jun

We resist the very things that will help us grow and move forward with our lives. We control and box the things we don’t want to deal with in the hope that those things will stay boxed. It’s almost become an art form because we do it so well.

We resist, to attempt to control anything painful, but all that does is reinforce what we know we’ll have to deal with in the longer term. As we start to exhibit signs of anxiety from resisting the very …

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Family that fall out

8 Jun

Families either work or they don’t work at all. There seems to be no half measures. It’s important how children get to interact with their parents, how individually parents interact with their children, how children interact with their siblings and why sometimes those relationships don’t work.

According to research, jealousy is cited as one of the main reasons family fall out. You’re also twice as likely to have had a family feud if you live in the North of England. When it comes to parent and …

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Thoughts for positive change

7 Jun

By the time we’re 7 years old our characters are fully formed. If we’re lucky enough to have had love and support up to that point, we should continue to thrive emotionally.

But what happens when we’ve had no support, when that voice in our head belittles our very existence, comparisons are drawn with other people and we become convinced by the things we …

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Social stress & blood pressure

4 Jun

There are suggestions that short-term stress-related spikes in blood pressure add up over time and may be putting us at risk of developing long-term high blood pressure. The jury is still out on this one and more research is needed.

When we’re in stressful situations or we’re constantly being exposed to stress, the body can produce a surge of hormones that temporarily increase our blood pressure, by causing the heart to beat …

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Malicious undertones

2 Jun

With any form of undertone comes an undercurrent of feelings, bubbling under the surface and that can bring with it malicious intent.

And through that malicious intent, through hurting and struggling with something will emotionally lash out at the ones we love, spend the most time with. The nature of an undercurrent will …

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