Coping with Covid_19

The autism in me has struggled to recognise Covid_19 or connect with its facts. The pandemic isn’t going away, but we all have to live alongside it. We must take care and be responsible for ourselves.

The life we had isn’t the life we have now. Times have changed and we must change with it. There will be times when we have to go out, in those times mask and glove up and when you’re not gloved up, use hand …

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8 Jul, 2020

Living your dreams

We all think about living the dream, but realistically how many of us actually get to live our dreams? Since our dreams are a discussion with the universe, our intentions must be both honourable and selfless.

The less honourable and selfless we are, the more we will struggle to achieve our dreams, the less we will achieve or live our dreams. Everything we do must be done in good faith with the best of intentions …

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3 Jul, 2020

When we fail to cope

Abuse is invisible and because it’s invisible, it’s not always easy to understand or equate that what you are experiencing is abuse.

No one holds back on what they think any more. It’s okay to say how you feel or what you think, but it’s not okay to inflict anger on others just because you’re hurting, or you’re angry, disappointed, frustrated …

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2 Jul, 2020

How to develop Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing attention to our experiences, occurring in the present moment without judgment.

Mindfulness can be developed through the practice of meditation, or just spending time quietly in thought. It’s something we must have if we are going to have peace in our lives. We must start, or continue to …

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29 Jun, 2020

Respect others

Although respect is an overall evaluation we give to others, we must respect others. We don’t have to agree, but it is important we are respectful.

Uniquely, we are different and individual. Most of us will have a moral compass guided by our own values, but that doesn’t mean others will be guided by the same standards. Although respect is not …

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26 Jun, 2020

We must be happy for others

The world would look and feel different if we were happy for others. Not everyone is happy for themselves, therefore they will be less happy for you. They may also be jealous. It is only when jealousy eats away at us that jealousy comes out.

If you believe in the universe, you know there will be checkpoints along the way for us all to work through. As we continue to live our lives, our thoughts and feelings will come under scrutiny, as the universe …

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16 Jun, 2020

Mental fortitude

Mental fortitude is what we need in difficult times. It is our ability to focus on and execute solutions when faced with adverse or uncertain situations.

It requires patience, exploration, creativity and execution. When we are able to develop the mental fortitude necessary to stay strong when faced with adversity, we put an end to the fear of being in it …

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10 Jun, 2020

Change or be changed

We can be forgiven for not quite understanding everything we need to know about the coronavirus, primarily because governments aren’t giving us the information we need or seeking to look or take advice from independent scientists.

We can also be forgiven for not understanding how the virus mutates, but we cannot be forgiven for not making lifestyle changes moving forward so that we start to protect ourselves, new generations not …

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8 Jun, 2020


Evaluation plays a vital role in our lives, particularly our working lives, but it’s not something we will all use. For us to be fully accountable, we need to have evaluation with full transparency.

Evaluation is critical if we are to promote acceptability and accountability in society, in our homes, in the world. We must evaluate our understanding on what we’re doing right and whether what we’re doing is …

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5 Jun, 2020