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Health and Wellbeing

The core theme to my Health and Wellbeing blog, is emotional and physical health.

This category contains advice and support on a wide range of health related topics including tips for emotional and spiritual growth, staying confident, strong and positive and how best to avoid stress and sickness.

Not enough listening

23 May

Not enough listening and too much talking. Our job isn’t so much to give our opinion, but to listen instead, or better still, allow the other person to ask for an opinion, without us thinking it’s our right to give one, let alone stand in judgment.

Perhaps that’s where we’re going wrong. We assume we have a right, rather than think about what’s right or what the other person wants. To assume is to limit the mind. To assume is to accept …

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When souls connect

19 May

The soul is what we have in common and yet we spend a lifetime in relationships thinking we have nothing in common with the people we share our lives with, but perhaps that’s not altogether true. If we’re with the right person, our souls will connect.

We tend to think relationships won’t work because we have nothing in common with the other person, but relationships aren’t always about us having to have things in common. Relationships and …

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Admitting our guilt

18 May

There would be no need for us to feel guilty, unless of course we’ve got something to feel guilty about and if we’ve got something to feel guilty about, then perhaps we should deal with it.

For those of us who carry guilt or choose to live in denial over that guilt, perhaps it’s time for us to do some soul searching and deal with our guilt. Perhaps we think that not being in a good head …

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Parents’ perceptions

13 May

Our parents’ perceptions of us and how they see and behave towards us, will be the same way we see and behave towards our own children.

When it comes to parenting, it’s easy for parents to judge. Whether it’s part of a twin scenario or not, it’s important children are parented individually. Times have changed, but through formed …

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Stop drawing comparisons

9 May

We must stop comparing our show reel to another person’s. Their show reel isn’t ours, so it would be wrong to compare ourselves, as if it were.

Our lives may not start out perfectly and as a result we may live with insecurities, but as we continue to compare, we will continue to spend a lifetime drawing comparisons and whilst we’re doing …

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Our basic needs

6 May

As human beings, we have basic needs. Basic needs are what we need to have to function well in our lives. We all need access to the basic needs, including shelter, food and clothing, which is necessary for our individual self-sufficiency.

We also have emotional needs that will differ throughout our life and depending on whether we’re the child or the adult …

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People & their actions

3 May

When someone does something that hurts us, it’s easy to see why we would hate that person. Perhaps what we should be solely thinking is, ‘I hate what you’ve done.’

We can hate what someone does, particularly if what they’ve done leaves us in a bad emotional space, but it’s important we don’t come to hate, because we will spend a lifetime notching up hate …

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Modelling behaviour

2 May

We model our behaviour on others and expect them to be as we are, but that’s neither realistic, nor how things should be.

We are as we are, they are as they are. Unfortunately, we anticipate and come to expect them to be like we are, to fit into how we see them, wishful thinking on our part, easier in some respects …

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Bringing understanding

29 Apr

We don’t erase the memories, but through our understanding and finding a place for those memories, we free ourselves of the bitterness. The memories brought about through other people’s actions are then remembered as a valuable lesson.

Letting go will never cancel out another person’s actions, or the frustrations we have as a consequence, but freeing ourselves of the bitterness attached to those actions, often allows us to bring about an …

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Look to change

25 Apr

Throughout our lives, we may emotionally struggle. My site is testament to my experiences and my life, how I’ve coped, what my reasoning and understandings are and how I’ve chosen to deal with them.

We all get the insecurity thing, the low self-esteem thing, the lack of confidence thing and why we all probably have had those at one time or another, but we should still want to put things right …

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