Meat Proteins & Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition usually associated with ageing in which bone density decreases, making us more susceptible to breaks and fractures.

Researchers from Cornell University have found that reducing the amount of meat in the diet may do more to reduce the risk of osteoporosis than increasing calcium intake. A series of studies conclude that …

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24 Aug, 2019

We need actions, not words

It’s not enough just to talk about things. We must act on the things we talk about. Actions must manifest our words. If we hurt someone it’s not enough for us to say sorry. We need to show people we’re genuinely sorry.

When it comes to an apology, how we apologise is how we will put things right. All apologies must clear the path for emotional …

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21 Aug, 2019

Silent treatment manipulation

When someone actively chooses to ignore you by resorting to silence as a means of expressing their contempt or disapproval at something you’ve said or done, you know you’re on a temporary collision course. It’s ironic because not talking about something that affects two people, simply adds to the drama and doesn’t sort the problem out.

But anyone who ignores and chooses not to talk to someone has a complete disregard for their relationship, for someone else’s feelings. When anyone uses the silent treatment, it’s telling the other person …

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18 Aug, 2019

It’s okay not to forgive

If you’ve experienced trauma or neglect, you will understand when you hear someone say, you are supposed to forgive the perpetrator, but you’ve not quite got there.

We forgive because we’re guilt tripped into thinking we must. We’re afraid others may think we’re bad or unkind if we don’t, but not forgiving someone has nothing to do with us being bad or unkind, it’s not …

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10 Aug, 2019

Cycle to Work Day

Today is Cycle to Work Day. This is the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event held every year since 2012. It is a day when people cycle to work to promote the government’s Cycle to Work Scheme.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a UK government scheme that lets you hire up to £1,000 worth of bike and safety equipment through your employer. The scheme is usually over a 12/18-month period …

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8 Aug, 2019

Tobacco & Alcohol

Both tobacco and alcohol are highly addictive and have long-ranging health consequences. The effects of mixing tobacco and alcohol may include a shortened life span, interpersonal problems and respiratory problems.

This is because both substances can be dangerous on their own and because tobacco is a mild stimulant, while alcohol is a depressant. Both tobacco and alcohol are legal and widely available, making them …

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5 Aug, 2019

Consequences of our actions

Every action causes a consequence, a consequence that will either make our lives easier, or will make our lives more difficult. Some of the consequences may be reversible, other consequences set in concrete, that changes our lives forever.

We live the consequences of our actions and other people’s actions every day. Our lives are the result of our actions, and of our actions of other people. That’s something we must all think about …

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2 Aug, 2019

World Friendship Day

Tomorrow is World Friendship Day, also known as International Day of Friendship, takes place annually on 30th July. It is a day in several, mostly Latin American and Asian, countries for celebrating friendships.

The original idea for a day of friendship came from Hallmark cards in the 1930’s. Originally celebrated on 2nd August the day was largely viewed by the public as a money-making exercise. Sales of friendship …

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29 Jul, 2019