Projecting our insecurities

“Relationships fail when people take their own insecurities and project them as their partner’s flaws.” – Steve Maraboli

Quotes will either make us think about things, or will resonate with us in some way, either because we’ve seen it happen, or it’s been our own experience. Perhaps, therefore we need to ask the question …

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16 Sep, 2018

Dealing with narcissists

My experiences are never far away. When it comes to dealing with, living with, or having narcissists in our midst, it’s important we stop thinking we could have done things differently.

Instead, it’s important we come to terms with the fact that our lives will never work out differently, or that we in some way could have changed our lives. That can never happen. If it did, we wouldn’t be dealing …

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9 Sep, 2018

A lack of civility

The lack of civility in society means something is seriously wrong. We must want to bring ourselves closer together. We must want to show concern, we must have tolerance and be tolerant, be caring, empathetic, patient and understanding.

We must learn to take judgment and criticism out of everyday conversations, particularly where the ego is concerned. The ego is the reason for most of our difficulties, when it’s played out on …

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6 Sep, 2018

Anger turns to bitterness

Although emotional pain is formed from anger, we tend to direct it at those who have nothing to do with how we feel. Instead, we unconsciously carry the issues long after they’re finished and become bitter.

When continued, anger turns corrosive, and that causes us to become embroiled in our own personal battle, as we begin to shift our angry internal thoughts, on to others. It’s the most destructive and toxic …

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2 Sep, 2018

We need to surrender

If something is happening, good or bad, it’s important we unconsciously acknowledge it, even if we then consciously choose to ignore it. Ignoring it can be detrimental to our health.

When we’re unconsciously acknowledging something that the universe is aware of, we’re not completely in denial and that helps with the healing process. An issue or problem will exist and will continue …

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31 Aug, 2018

Look at how far you’ve come

Generally, we tend not to look, see or think about how far we’ve come. That usually only happens when we consciously look back at our life and we can see how far we’ve come.

But looking back is important and something we need to think about. Perhaps it’s also got something to do with our past, a past we’d rather forget, or a past we’re stuck in and that’s the reason we can’t move on …

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28 Aug, 2018

Stay humble

In a world where you’re encouraged to be anything but humble, choose to be humble. Being humble in a world that is fast changing makes you totally unique.

Feel a sense of humility and judge no one. In a world where we’re expected to prove ourselves, the only test is to ourselves. When we place two feet firmly on the ground we become grounded in that moment …

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24 Aug, 2018

More on mental health

Whilst it’s true that in the course of our lifetime, not everyone will experience or struggle with a mental illness, but everyone will struggle or have challenges with their mental wellbeing (mental health) in the same way we may have challenges from time to time, with our physical wellbeing.

The sad reality is we don’t stop to consciously question our thinking. Instead we subconsciously accept our experiences, and those become the catalyst for our mental health issues. This is the reason why we struggle …

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19 Aug, 2018

Make gratitude your default

In spite of my childhood, I still came through feeling gratitude. Make gratitude your default. It can change your life in more ways than you’ll know.

Gratitude is something we ignore, but something we need to adopt if our lives are to become more peaceful, if we’re going to become more successful, or give ourselves the chance or opportunity to meet with …

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16 Aug, 2018

Is the glass half empty?

‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’ Do you see life as a reason to celebrate, or has your life become an everyday chore? But there is no doubt, we will achieve very little with a half empty glass.

No matter the experience, it’s important we look for and think about opportunities as well as constraints to try to balance the glass being half empty or half full. Our perceptions and how we see and …

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12 Aug, 2018