We tend to ignore our tone and how we communicate with others, but we shouldn’t because how we communicate is the catalyst and key to respect and trust in our relationships.

Our tone, style and voice for how we communicate is important, because what we say is ingrained and permanent. Conversations aren’t something we can just undo. Our tone shapes not only what we say …

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9 Nov, 2018

Changing ourselves

We know that our personality traits are made up of facets that make up who we are, but it has to depend on what those facets are.

For example, it’s okay for the person who is easy to talk to and is a conversationalist because that works beautifully, but what about someone else who continues to be spiteful, selfish and who has a propensity for …

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5 Nov, 2018

Animal welfare

We should all be concerned about animal welfare. In a cultured and civilised society, it is our responsibility to ensure that their needs are met. I am a passionate advocate for animal welfare. All children should learn about animal values and animal welfare early on in their education.

I remember being taught about the food chain in school but was never encouraged to think about what that really meant in every day life, what that meant for animals, or how we could make a difference to …

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4 Nov, 2018


For us to live a more harmonious life we must make self-improvements, but that starts with self-awareness. When we become self-aware, we become knowledgeable in some or all parts of our lives.

We must continue to work on ourselves, for self-improvement leads to positive, emotional and mental health. We must always be truthful about ourselves because that helps transform our habits …

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1 Nov, 2018

A path to enlightenment

The path that leads to enlightenment is the path we take to better ourselves, better our lives, become better people, and become more spiritually aware.

But in order to attain spiritual awareness, we have to be in touch with truth and continually work on truth. Enlightenment isn’t something that just happens to us, it’s something we need to continue to work …

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28 Oct, 2018

Letting people down

It’s not in our nature to want to let anyone down, but our circumstances have to fit for us to achieve that goal without putting ourselves at emotional or physical risk.

Therefore we must understand our limitations and ask ourselves whether what we’re trying to achieve is something we may achieve at that time. It’s not that given time we won’t achieve our goal, but where others …

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24 Oct, 2018

Taking emotional control

The most important thing about our emotions is how we relate and connect to them. Taking emotional control is vital if we are to manage our emotions and our lives well.

When it comes to our emotions, it’s easy to become distracted elsewhere, particularly if we have more than one thing on our mind, so acknowledging we have distractions helps. Working on distractions will always …

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20 Oct, 2018

Choosing not to hide

I’m proud to say that even with my life and without a diagnosis I never hid behind my physical issues. They were a part of me, but never defined who I was. I certainly made enough noises over the years.

But even if we’re not defining ourselves, others are doing it for us. It’s important we push ourselves into the light so that we don’t continue to hide in corners. Without getting ourselves out there, it’s easy for …

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12 Oct, 2018

We can’t fix everything

In life there are certain things we cannot fix. For example, I cannot fix being born with a disability, I must find ways to accept it. There are also other things we can’t fix. We can’t fix our failings, or our regrets. They simply become part of us.

We may sometimes be consumed with insecurities that plague our thoughts and control how we function in our lives. We may feel overwhelmed by situations we cannot change and the decisions we wish …

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11 Oct, 2018