We hurt, we hurt others

We hurt, we hurt others because we’re hurt, but that makes us very much like the people who hurt us. It makes us just like them.

If we are to judge how lovable we are, based on someone else’s inability to love without hurting us, we will eventually acquire an inaccurate view of ourselves. The reflections of love we acquire from …

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16 Jul, 2018

Deeper awareness

Having deep awareness within ourselves is the key to renewal and change. But for that to happen, we must be willing to transform ourselves through our inner thoughts, so that they reflect both our conscious and unconscious beliefs, in order to change the distorted energy patterns that become the cause of disease, ageing and infirmity.

It is our inner thoughts that  influence how we react to situation. But any transformation has to come from the soul. Infinitely, it is the soul that creates the body and the soul that gives us …

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12 Jul, 2018

Your life, your decisions

Although in our early years we may not start out in control of our decisions or our life, we might be too young to do the things we want to do, or too old to do the things we used to do, is it a cultural or family thing or does society seems to dictate its terms?

It should be up to us to decide how we choose to live our life. As the adult, not everyone is going to like or agree with our choices on some of our decisions but they are our decisions for us to make …

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8 Jul, 2018

Keeping the wrong company

There is such a thing as keeping the wrong company. There are good people who get caught up with people they put their faith in who don’t care for them, who believe they have their back. Those are the people they believe will change for the better even though others are telling them they won’t.

Perhaps we’re afraid to be alone that we subconsciously know others are right, but admitting they’re right means we will have to come to terms with our life and that means having to come out of …

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7 Jul, 2018

Our realities in the present

We see what benefits us, what conventional wisdom tells us to see and that can’t help us. We would rather be right than admit we’re wrong, than someone else prove us right. Changing our views would be an admission we’re wrong, or an incomplete understanding of an issue.

When it comes to beliefs, they are tied up in our identities. If changing our beliefs mean changing our identity that may come with disapproval from those we share our identity with. But seeing what …

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3 Jul, 2018

Give and take

There are givers and takers. For those of us who give, we put other people’s interests ahead of our own. Takers work on themselves, believing that taking care of themselves comes first, before the wants and needs of others.

Depending on the situation or circumstances, people will adopt different behaviours through a dominant model that determines which category they will fall into and how their lives will go. We emulate our …

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2 Jul, 2018

Accepting disability

There is information out there now on just how more work needs to be done to bring disability into the 21st century and for it to find a place in society. But for me, disability still doesn’t go far enough. It’s never far from my mind.

In the 1960’s when I was born, there was very little reference to disability. You’d have had to scan very carefully through Britain’s law books to find any mention. Except for mentions around …

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28 Jun, 2018

The value of positive emotions

Having lived through experiences I wouldn’t want others to have experienced and not having the emotional support, I know and understand the beneficial psychological effects of talking about how we feel.

Over the years psychology has turned its attention to researching and looking into negative emotions and negative effects and how those can bring about conditions like depression, anger and stress …

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24 Jun, 2018