Evaluation plays a vital role in our lives, particularly our working lives, but it’s not something we will all use. For us to be fully accountable, we need to have evaluation with full transparency.

Evaluation is critical if we are to promote acceptability and accountability in society, in our homes, in the world. We must evaluate our understanding on what we’re doing right and whether what we’re doing is …

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5 Jun, 2020

Parts we’re afraid to look at

It is usual to shy away from the issues we don’t want to deal with, but what about the parts of us we’re afraid to look at?

What is it we’re running away from and what is it we don’t like about ourselves? We need to ask ourselves why we’re afraid and what are we fearful about? The fear of fear causes us more problems than fear itself …

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1 Jun, 2020

Covid_19, it’s time to change

There are moments in life that are etched into our memories forever. The world grinding to a halt to help slow the spread of COVID-19 is undoubtedly going to be one such moment, and it is precisely moments like these which change how we think about the world and about our place in it.

It is easy to feel invincible in a modern society in which we live longer than ever before and yet, despite all of the technological advancements of the last century, we are still powerless to prevent floods, fires …

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29 May, 2020

Benefits of selflessness

Being able to do anything selflessly means we are helping to expand our sense of who we are, a sense of self. It means we become less mean, jealous and vanity focused.

When we act selfishly, we limit ourselves to a thinking that only benefits ourselves. Where selfish acts hinder emotional and spiritual growth, selfless acts build on emotional and spiritual growth. Being selfless …

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25 May, 2020

Ego and Privilege

The world is full of people with egos, who see themselves as privileged. Ego and privilege, when put together make an explosive combination. Even those who proclaim to be spiritual are getting it wrong.

Take for instance, spiritual retreats. They sound lovely helping people find spiritualism, going beyond egoic thoughts, but often wonder about retreats and the formation of a spiritual ‘elite’ class …

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21 May, 2020

Ways to cultivate patience

Feeling impatient is an automatic emotional response to situations beyond our control that involves our conscious thoughts and beliefs. It is important we find ways to cultivate patience so that we become less irritated by people and things. It is particularly important in these challenging times of world change.

To bring about change around being impatient, it is important we learn to take a look at our circumstances and begin to perceive our thoughts differently, so that we are able to find a way through, without …

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17 May, 2020

Emotional needs

Our emotional needs are met when we feel loved, valued, feel safe, feel we have control and feel we have a purpose. As a child living with a disability, I was aware of just how important it was for me to have my emotional needs met.

When they’re not met, we may become vulnerable to emotional issues and addictive behaviours. Ignoring our feelings means our discomfort will increase and that will dominate our attention, until we feel …

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13 May, 2020

Inner happiness

Inner happiness is a state of ‘being’ one which is rare, not something we all have but something we must continually work on and strive for.

With work on ourselves it’s something we can acquire. As we continue to live our lives, we convince ourselves that if things were different, for example, if we had a new car, or the next tech thing, then we would …

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12 May, 2020

Benefits of patience

Patience is essential to daily life and is the key to us having a happy, more tranquil life. Having patience means being able to wait calmly, it is important we make time to practice. There are many benefits of patience.

Patient people experience less depression, cope better in stressful situations, they will also experience fewer negative emotions. They are more mindful, they have more gratitude and a greater sense of …

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9 May, 2020

Invisible neglect

Invisible neglect is simple in its definition and powerful in its effects. But whatever our experiences growing up with neglect that is invisible, it is important we accept it, and then take back control.

Invisible neglect goes unnoticed, unchecked. It is the most common form of neglect. Unless children live presently and they consciously connect with what’s happening around them, they won’t be aware they …

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5 May, 2020