Confronting those who abuse

Abuse is abuse, whichever form it takes, but no matter how it presents, it has become so common place, we don’t even think or see it as abuse. But unless we’re speaking with compassion, empathy and understanding, everything else is abuse.

Sadly, we would rather walk on egg-shells and tip-toe around people, than confront those who abuse. We have our reasons, but what we must do, is inform those who abuse us that we’re …

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15 May, 2018

As in life, in death

I always like to bring meaning to my writing, by finding explanations about different things in life. Sadly, when we talk about death it strikes the fear of god into us and into our hearts.

As a child I found the concept of death scary because nothing was ever explained and I was hidden from it, but as my spiritual beliefs began to blossom, understanding death didn’t seem so scary …

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12 May, 2018

We live our karma

If like me you believe in karma, you will know that however we choose to live our life, we will also get to deal with karma. You will also know that where Karma is concerned, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Karma is energy, therefore the energy we create by an action must be returned. It cannot be avoided. Karma doesn’t wait until we pass over to spirit. It is present in our daily lives that what we …

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7 May, 2018

Health & working long hours

A study recently published in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’ identifies a link between working hours and our health. It is thought that the stress of long hours can trigger biological changes in the body, which leads to disease.

The study found that working just one extra hour a day, increases the chance of suffering a stroke over the next eight and a half years by 10 per cent, while people who work in excess …

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4 May, 2018

Emotionally balanced

Being emotionally balanced being ’emotionally stable’ is something we all need to be, but it’s not something we think about unless we’re struggling, but without it we will begin to struggle.

Emotional stability is the equivalent of us being grounded and not panicking when things go awry. The other side of emotional stability is resilience, both needed by us to withstand hardships …

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3 May, 2018

Personality characteristics

According to ‘personality type theories,’ the individual’s type is inborn and doesn’t change, but as individuals we can develop habits and personality traits that can contradict the description of our type. That’s accepted.

The environment we grow up in shapes our personality in a certain way that forces us to develop certain personality traits that may contradict our type. By taking ourselves out of our environment …

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30 Apr, 2018

Our emotional hurt

Common sense would suggest that we’re motivated to preserve our wellbeing, avoiding harm to ourselves and yet whilst our subconscious, unresolved issues remain issues, we will always hurt ourselves, to the point of possible serious harm.

It’s not that we mean to because we will always want to start out with the best of intentions. But if we could try to at least understand our emotions and our lives, we’d learn more about how …

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23 Apr, 2018

Being rude to nice people

Why is that we’re rude to people who are nice? We know they’re nice and yet we can’t stop ourselves. It’s as though we hate that they’re nice, that they have their emotions together and we don’t.

Perhaps it’s because others haven’t been nice to us and we’re passing that hurt on to nice people, because we want them to hurt too. Perhaps it’s because we’re dealing with dark thoughts and feelings …

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18 Apr, 2018